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Two main features of the present day West Ham United crest are a pair of crossed hammers and a castle. When the Thames Ironworks club was formed in 1895 the original club crest featured a pair of crossed rivet hammers, being symbolic of tools used in shipbuilding. This is the derivation of the nickname "Hammers," although the team was also known as "The Irons" hence the cry from the terraces “Come on you Irons”.

A castle was added to the crest around 1904. The castle was traditionally believed to be connected with Henry Vlll's second Queen, Anne Boleyn. However, this was not founded on fact, as the castle was indeed a building known as Green Street House and built in 1544, eight years after the execution of Anne Boleyn. A couple of turrets were added to the property two years later "to enhance the beauty of the grounds," and one remained on the Green Street frontage and can often be seen in the background to team group photographs after the Second World War until it was demolished in 1955, a drawing of the turret was also a regular feature on the cover of the club programme between 1921 and 1958.


During the 1950s the team players wore club badges with the ‘crossed hammers’ on their playing kits while the ‘Turrets’ were a prominent feature on the club’s official blazer. Both examples shown here depict Bill Robinson the player (1949-1953) and on his retirement wearing the club blazer as Youth Team Manager (1953-1960).

When West Ham were promoted a champions from the old Football League Second Division in 1958 the club unveiled a major revamp to its crest by incorporating both the castle design with turrets and the symbolic crossed hammers.

Crest - Bill Robinson Player
Crest - Bill Robinson Youth Manager

Bill Robinson

A.G. Products

A.G. Products based in Banbury, Oxfordshire have been producing beautiful, hand-made, wire embroidered Blazer Badges for 30 years. Their Blazer Badges are worn by people throughout the United Kingdom including West Ham United joint Chairman David Gold, often seen with his distinctive "DG" crested design emblazoned on his breast pocket.


The company prides itself on producing single "One off" hand-embroidered Blazer Badge at an amazingly low cost!

West Ham United Blazer Badges in my collection
Blazier Badge 04

As worn by Bill Robinson above

Wire Embroidered Blazer Badges
Blazier Badge 05
Blazier Badge 06
Blazier Badge 03
Blazier Badge 01
Blazier Badge 11
Blazier Badge 07
Blazier Badge 02
Blazier Badge 08
Blazier Badge 10
Blazier Badge 09
detail 01
detail 02

Close-up detail

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