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Were you a Youth, Reserve or First team player, a family member or collector and would like to contribute an image from your collection. Please, please get in touch, all that's required is to send a reasonable image of your medal, trophy or memento for inclusion into the 'Virtual Trophy Cabinet'.

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John Morton


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Contrary to popular belief, West Ham United Football Club and its players have received over ONE THOUSAND items of memorabilia, including trophies and medals. This is an ongoing project to bring together as many Hammers' related mementos as possible to this website.


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Ted Hufton

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War Cup Final

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Steve Milton

AC Davis (Director)

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West Ham Juniors

Pelly Cup Final

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Stephen Gill


Are you an Ex-Hammer or family member of a former Hammer?

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Danny Shea

Malcolm Pyke

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Charlie Paynter

Syd Bishop

Dan Woodards

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Johnny Byrne

Morton John Portrait
SP 02
AIK Stockholm gift
Martin Peters Enschede
Michele Cara Tournament
Washington - Miners Safety Lamp 01
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1910 medals
Shea frame
Boxed medals website
Gill Frame
Pelly Cup frame
AC Davis West Ham United
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HUFTON Picture frame
1900 Tray
TIW Building Frame
Frame Milton
Pyke frame
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