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You have landed on a page that no longer exists

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I know how frustrating it must feel having clicked on a link that don't work.

So imagine how I feel, having spent years creating this website.

So What Went Wrong?

Adobe's "End of Life" support for their 'Flash' software. When they pulled the plug, hundreds of thousands of websites, simply stopped working, including both mine..... 

My present hosting company have tried with limited success to migrate both my websites across to their platform.


Life's too short to have regrets, this current platform offers so much more moving forward. When time allows I will endeavour to recreate many of the 'Collectables' and the 'Retro Articles' pages. 

In the
Meantime ...

The Internet Archive

"The WayBack Machine" is a digital archive of the World Wide Web which allows users to go "back in time" and see how websites looked in the past.

'theyflysohigh' has been captured 158 times. Its not an ideal solution, but its better than nothing at all.

To view an older version of my website click the theyflysohigh logo on the left.

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