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Play Up - Thames Ironworks (1896)

Thames Ironworks Badge


J. BAINS Ltd – The Football Card King

The earliest known memorabilia card to feature a Hammers connection is from the Bradford based company J. Bains Ltd. series of football cards and depicts Henry Hird of Thames Ironworks and dates from 1897. The Ironworks were the predecessors of West Ham United. Sold in packets of six and avidly collected by generations of schoolboys of the day. Bains encouraged the obsession by offering prizes to the person who returned the largest number of cards to his North Parade base. The vast majority of Baines cards which were released from the 1880’s to the end of the First World War in 1919 are regularly found in very poor condition, often with rough edges and very tatty. How on earth can this happen to cards in almost every collection ?

One of the cards that Baines issued told its own story: According to this card the children of the era played a game called "Who's nearest", with....yes you've guessed it.....Baines Cards. The picture clearly shows the children of the day throwing the Baines card against a wall and then bouncing back onto the pavement. The card is rough with all the edges damaged like so many that turn up in auction houses and dealers tables. Even the West Ham United card illustrated show children playing a game with the cards.



1900/01 - 1909/10

Henry Hird

Made 19 appearances, scoring 3 goals in the 1898-99 season when the Irons won the Southern League Second Division Championship.