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Tony Cottee - Independent UK (1995)

One of the most precocious talents in the British game, Tony Cottee exploded onto the football scene in 1983, when he scored for West Ham United against Tottenham Hotspur on his first team debut at the age of 17. And since then he has never stopped scoring. The dynamic striker etched his name permanently into /hammers’ history – he is currently their fifth highest all-time goalscorer – by topping the scorechart in four of his five seasons in his first spell with the East London club he has supported since childhood. In 1988 ‘TC’ became Britain’s most expensive footballer when he joined Everton in a record-breaking £2.05 million deal. But despite reaching the FA Cup Final in his first season, finishing top scorer in five of his six full seasons on Merseyside and winning seven full England caps, he returned to Upton Park in September 1994 seeking a new challenge after years of frustration.

In his revealing book, Claret & Blues, Tony recalls the highs and lows of his eventful career and talks with refreshing honesty about his own experiences as well as many other key aspects of life as a professional in modern-day football – tackling controversial issues such as drugs, drink, bribes and bungs.

An intelligent 30 year-old who grew up supporting the Hammers from the terraces, Cottee has witnessed the threat of hooliganism at first hand, and he had forthright views on how he believes the authorities should deal with the problems that beset the game in last year’s so-called ‘Season of Sleaze’ Claret & Blues is much more than a star striker’s autobiography. It provides a fascinating insight into the professional game today.

Size 240x170mm - 368 pages


book044 - Claret & Blues book044 - Claret & Blues Signed

Covers the period 1995 - 1999


Tony Hogg & Tony McDonald - Independent UK (1995)

A multitude of books have been published about West Ham United FC, the homely Hammers from London's East End.

But not many have been compiled with the same dilligence and insight as this combined effort from Tony Hogg and Tony McDonald. Drawing on their in-depth knowledge of the club they have supported man and boy, they have put together a fascinating pictorial and written account of the 100 years history of this world famous club.

In '1895-1995 Hammers 100 Years of Football', they have raided the archives and the recesses of their own rich memories to produce a book that will delight the club's thousands of loyal supporters and, we suspect, interest many more fans whose allegiances lie elsewhere.

This book represents a celebration of a century of soccer in London's East End. from the Victorian endeavours of the early Thames Ironworks pioneers, whose pounding Hammers rang out across the River Thames to give this famous club its unique identity, to the pomp and splendour of the new Bobby Moore South Stand and Centenary Stand,

A claret and blue kaleidoscope designed to create a visual picture of a great football club, reflecting the changes in fashion, as well as football, in 100 years of humour, heartbreak and heroes.

The somewhat unusual design conveys the different atmospheres engendered by each decade. This is not an ordinary football book. But then West Ham United is not an ordinary football club.


Size 280x245mm - 148 pages


book045 - 100 Years


Robert Banks - Independent Sports (1995)

Robert Banks was born in Beckenham in 1968. Educated at his local secondary modern and later at South Bank University. Robert graduated with a degree in Estate Management and has spent 10 years in Property Management and Valuation. Naturally, he now works as an insurance agent for the Co-op. Running parallel to such noble academic and professional pursuits, Robert also gradated with honours from the South Bank, upton Park.

He first supported the Hammers as an impressionable six year-old. They quickly became his first love, despite the distractions of Suzi Quatro, Olivia Newton-John and the blond bird from Abba. After a very close shave that almost resulted in marriage and termination of his literary ambitions, he escaped to write a regular column in the top West Ham fanzine, Over LAnd & Sea, and currently features in Hammers News Magazine. He has written for numerous (three) other publications on non-footballing subjects. A prolific fiction writer, he has also written a novel and a book of short stories.


"The thing that keeps me going is the thought that, one day, West Ham United will win the Premiership. It sounds daft, but then so does the idea that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin mother - and there are more people believing that than there are wiaiting for silverware at Upton Park".



book046 - An Irrational Hatred of Luton book047 - Whos Who

WHO's WHO 1985-1995 Centenary Edition

Tony Hogg & Tony McDonald - Independent Sports (1995)

When the original Who's Who of West Ham United was written by Tony Hogg and Jack Helliar back in 1986, there were very few books of its type in circulation. The intervening years have witnessed a huge output by club historians and satisticians, however, resulting in a publishing boom which has given football fans a far clearer insight into the history and playing staff of their particular club.

Many gaps stil exist, although despite the fact that invaluable records were lost in the blitz of the last war, Hammers have fared better than most in this field - thanks to a small, though very enthusiastic, group of people who have painstakingly, 're-researched' the 100-year history of West Ham United Football Club. without claiming to have covered every detail, this special centenary edition of the Who's Who includes a biographical account of every player to have pulled on a claret and blue shirt since West Ham united was formed in 1900, in addition to many of the even earlier pioneers of the Thames Ironworks team which began life in 1895. Also included a number of players who, although they did not make an official first team appearance, went on to establish themselves in the game, either in another capacity at Upton Park or as a player with another club. Tony Carr and Harry Cripps are two typical examples.


Size 305x215mm - 256 pages



"We would like to thank Steve Marsh for providing pictures, drawing cartoon caricatures and giving us unlimited access to his incredible collection of memorabilia accumulated in his years as founder of the West Ham United Autograph Society (hence the signed pics in this book!)".


Tony Hogg and Tony McDonald

book047a - Alvin Martin Stretch


Alvin Martin with Colin Benson - Morgan Print Graphics Ltd (1995)

Alvin Martin was born in Bootle, Liverpool on July 29, 1958. He left his family in 1974 to sign as an apprentice for the West Ham United, who were then under the leadership of former England boss, Ron Greenwood. Indeed, it was Mr. Greenwood - as Alvin regerred to him - who supported the young scouser through his early days at the club.

In March 1978 Alvin made his league debut for the Hammers, as a subdtitute against Aston Villa in a 4-1 defeat at Villa Park. Nevertheless, it was to be the start of an illustrious career that would span 21 years in the claret and blue. However, it weasn't until halfway through the next season that Alvin established himself in the number five shirt, building a formidable defensive partnership with his future manager Billy Bonds.

Alvin, now 37 years old, tells the story from the first day he walked into Upton Park until the present day. The many highlights and disappointments are all included. Cup final triumph, England caps, relegation battles, some horrific injuries and four changes in management. Indeed, this Upton Park legend has experienced some of the club's most turbulent years. This is Alvin Martin's story in words and pictures - a unique insight into one of West Ham's all time greats and one of the game's true professionals


Size 296x209mm - 78 pages


MY WEST HAM by Trevor Brooking

Speaking Books Ltd (1995)

book047b - My West Ham

Trevor Brooking only ever played for one club. Despite the attentions of others, he spent his whole career at West Ham through the good times, winning two Cup Finals, and the bad times, when the Hammers were relegated. This is the inside story of his time at the club they call the Academy.


On these cassettes, you’ll hear Trevor talk about West Ham’s managers, famous team mates like Bobby Moore, and his long career as an England international.


Running time 2 Hours

book048 - Terminator


The Authorised Julian Dicks Story

Kirk Blows - Polar Publishing (1996)

Many football journalists have no doubt pondered the possibility of writing a book about the life and times of Julian Dicks, probably in order to capitalise on the player’s public profile and exploit his notorious reputation and image. Hang the story on his numerous sending-offs and sensationalise the many controversial moments of his career and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got a cut-and-paste biography that meets minimal expectations.

But that wouldn’t be telling the whole Julian Dicks story. So, intrigued by the challenge of discovering what really makes the man tick, Kirk Blows set about making contact with as many people associated with his life as possible, not just to talk about his career as a player but to find out who the REAL Julian Dicks is.

The objective was not to attempt to repackage or represent him as a player or person, or apologise for any areas of his past, simply to probe Julian’s background and reveal more about his true character and personality.



 “I used to kick shit out of Lou. But he always used to come back for more”


“I wanted to sue Mellor’s bollocks off”


“If they’re picking people on their hairstyles then it’s a bit pointless playing for England at all”


Size 210x148mm - 320 pages

COVER PRICE Soft back: £9.99

book048a - CD Audio - Hurst Peters CD


Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters - Cherry Red Records Ltd (1996)

This unique 2 cassette recording brings together two of England’s greatest ever sporting heroes. Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. This double cassette gives a fascinating insight into England’s most famous sporting achievement with Geoff and Martin talking candidly about the build-up to the World Cup Finals the progress through the early rounds plus of course the final itself and the celebrations afterwards. The two goalscorers reveal their own personal feelings about the tournament and funny anecdotes from behind the scenes inside the England camp.

Geoff and Martin also talk honestly about the disappointment and pressures of being World Champions going into World Cup Mexico 70 and their European adventures with West Ham.


Approximate running time: 1hr 45 mins


Phil Daniels - Goal Publications (1997)

book049 - Moore than a Legend

The world of football was united in grief on February 24, 1993, when Bobby Moore - arguably England's greatest-ever footballer - died of cancer, aged 51.

A comprehensive tribute to the memory of our legendary World Cup winning captain, this book contains a unique collection of over 100 interviews and tributes from Moore's family, friends, team-mates at West Ham United and Fulham, rivals, managers, directors, celebrities, business associates, the media and fans.

Contributions include: Pele, franz beckenbauer, George Best, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks and all the Boys of '66, Michael Caine, Henry cooper, Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson, Terry Venables and many more.


25p from the sale of the book was donated to the Bobby Moore Fund for Imperial Cancer Research.


Size 210x150mm - 256 pages


"I once spent an entire 90 minutes plucking up the courage to ask Bobby Moore for his signature and during all that time in never occured to me that I didn't have a pen! To this day, that very first autograph I so nervously asked for remains the only one signed in pencil - albeit a pencil owned by the great man"


Steve Marsh - West Ham United Autograph Society

book050 Youth Soccer Coaching


Tony Carr - Cassel (1997)

The coaching ideas… portrayed in this manual will be both imformative and useful for any coach dealing with young footballers, from schoolboy to young professional leavel.

Creating a winning team takes time, effort and skill. But most od all it requires good practices. West Ham United has a reputation for playing entertaining football, but the skill and ability needed to play in the team style begin at youth level.

In this book, Tony Carr, manager of West Ham United’s Youth Team, details the best practices to help you develop individual and team skills in the players you coach. The drills cover a wide range of play, from basic ball control such as turning, heading and striking, to team moves such as third man running, one-on-one marking, accurate passing and intelligent movement. This collection of practices makes up the basic training for any young player but no matter what age or ability level of the team you coach, this book – together with your own ideas and enthusiasm – will help you to create a successful side.



book051 Bubbles, Hammers & Dreams


Brian Belton - Breedon Books (1997)

Players, managers, directors and now even grounds come and go, but football supporters are always there. As such, football clubs do not belong to boards, shareholders or chairmen, they are the fans’. So it is from their point of view, and their moment in time, from the Boxer Uprising in China, through two World Wars, the Fifties and CND, Sixties London, the slump of the Eighties and into the future – the Irons of 2095, their second centenary year – that Bubbles, Hammers & Dreams looks at the growth of West Ham United Football Club.


Arthur Hopcroft, in his classic work The Football man, wrote: ‘Football has not been a sideshow of this century. What happens on the football field matters, not in the way that food matters, but as poetry does to some people and alcohol does to others; it engages the personality.’


In Bubbles, Hammers & Dreams this is essentially what Brian Belton has captured. Across the decades and generations, his book looks at West Ham United through the lens of historical events and the eyes of the past.


And this is not just a book for West Ham supporters, It should be read by anyone who has an interest in football and who seeks to understand how passion, loyalty and love for a football club are transported over thousands of miles, down the years and across entire communities.




Colm Kerrigan - Football Lives (1997)

Early in the century first-class football in London was largely dominated by professional players recruited in Scotland and the North of England and, to a lesser extent, by payers from the Midlands, Wales and Ireland… until the arrival of George Hilsdon.


Born in London’s East End, Hilsdon’s progress from a talented schoolboy player to become Chelsea and England’s centre forward provided an inspiration for the many Londoners that were to follow him in seeking fame and fortune in the national game.



book052 - Gatlin Gun George Hilsdon


Jason Tomas - Mainstream Sport (1997)

Some of the greatest names in English football have worn the claret and blue of West Ham with pride. None of the Hammers' post-war stars shone more brightly than those 1966 World Cup winners Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. More recently, others who have stood out include trevor Brooking, Billy Bonds, Tony Cottee, Julian dicks, Joe Cole, Paolo Di Canio and Rio Ferdinand. In The Hammers, 11 of West Ham's best players recall the greatest games they ever played.

From the esctasy of winning the European Cup Winners' Cup to the glory of the FA Cup success, all the players' favourite goals, classic local derbies, cup upsets and league triumphs have been gathered together in this book. It makes an enthralling read, essential for any true fan of the Hammers.


Size198x129mm - 175 pages


book053 - The Dream Team book053a - The Dream Team


From Greenwood to Redknapp

Clive Leatherdale - Desert Island Books (1998)

Football thrives on memories, and for supporters of West Ham United those memories are both bitter and sweet. Bitter, when the club sank into the old Second Division. Sweet, when the FA Cup and European Cup-winners’ Cup were won at Wembley’s hallowed stadium.

Memories fade, but this book restores them. Look up any particular match, in any particular season, and the games comes alive on the page – the players, the goals, the action, and even the referee.

There are so many ways to tell a story – in words, in pictures, or with facts and figures. West Ham: From Greenwood to Redknapp uses words and figures to recall the turbulent recent history of the Hammers in unprecedented detail. This book breathes life into almost 2,000 matches played since Ron Greenwood was appointed manager in 1961, settling some arguments and starting others.



book054 - Match By Match


Steve Bradley and others - Dempsey Parr (1998)

This was one of 101 titles in this series covering all the clubs in the F.A. Premier League, Scottish Premier League, English League Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

A unique compendium for the upcoming season ahead, featuring 1998 and 1999 diary, full – season yearbook. All the league fixtures for all the club’s in 1998/99 season, club and player statistics, club history. Also included is the 1996/97 and 1997/98 season summaries, essential information for home and away supporters


Size 208x236mm – 96 pages


book055 - Superclub book056 - Upton Park Encyclopedia


Dean Hayes - Mainstream (1998)

West Ham United are widely considered to be one of the giants of English football. Originally known as the Thames Ironworks, the renamed club took the Second Division title in 1958 and 1981 and soared to victory again in 1964, 1975 and 1980 when they won the FA Cup. They also achieved victory in the prestigious European Cup-Winners’ Cup in 1965.


In terms of players, West Ham can boast of many of the greatest names in the history of the game. Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters (all of whom played in England’s World Cup winning side of 1966), Trevor Brooking, Frank Lampard and Billy Bonds are just some of the stars who feature in this book.


The Upton Park Encyclopaedia is the ultimate guide to West Ham United Football Club. Covering everything from their most acclaimed players to their unsung heroes, from the quickest goal to the FA Cup, this is a mine of information. It is a must for every Hammers fan and, with its easy alphabetical format, every fact is available at the turn of a page.


Size 234x156mm - 190 pages


book057 - WHU 25 Year Record


The 25 Year Record 1973-1998

David Powter - Soccer Books (1998)

This title in the 25 Year Record Series covers West Ham United FC during the seasons 1973-74 to 1997-98. With full line-ups and statistics as well as all the cup results. Also includes brief season-by-season write-ups.


Size: 149mm x 210mm – 72 pages.

COVER PRICE Soft back: £4.99


A Photographic Record Over Three Decades

Steve Bacon - Hallamshire Press (1998)

Steve Beacon has been an unmissable figure at football grounds the length and breadth of the country for over twenty years. Wherever West Ham United are playing you will find him photographing the action from the touchlines. Steve, the son of a Billingsgate fish porter, is proud of his East End roots and still lives just a long free-kick from the Boleyn Ground where he has covered matches fro both the Newham recorder and the club programme since 1976. ‘Having supported the Hammers since I was a youngster,’ says Steve, ‘it was a dream come true to be asked to photograph their matches, and since 1976 I’ve missed only a handful of games.’ Steve left East Ham Grammar School in 1968 keen to find a job in photography but, with no success in that direction, took a job as a clerical assistant in the Civil Service, a position that would last all of six months. A series of good-fortuned contacts finally led Steve to a meeting with Arthur Edwards, now the much-respected Sun royal photographer. Arthur was rapidly becoming more and more involved at the Sun and needed somebody to handle his local agency work around the East End. One thing led to another and, after serving my “apprenticeship” covering non-league football and then the likes of Orient and Millwall, I progressed to covering the Hammers on a permanent basis. Steve was soon invited to become the club’s official photographer. ‘John Lyall asked me if I could take the job on, and I jumped at the chance. My first official team group was for the 1980-81 season with the newly-won FA Cup proudly on display.

This collection of over 200 photographs, selected and captioned by Steve himself is testament to the skill and versatility of one of football’s most colourful characters, recognised by both players and supporters alike at football grounds all over the country.                    

Trevor Smith – Newham Recorder July 1998


book058 - Hammers in Focus


Harry Redknapp - Harper Collins (1998)

Harry Redknapp soccer’s Mr Indestructible has spent his life defying the odds, ever since the late 1960s when he gate crashed the ‘little England’ club at West Ham to become a firm favourite alongside World Cup winners Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters.

Broke in the 1980s after falling prey to an outrageous con-man, he suffered a soul-destroying season alongside old pal Moore in the twilight world of non-league football, before a spell riding the Dave Webb roller-coaster at Bournemouth saw him take the first steps on the road to management. His very first result as a fully-fledged boss? A 9-0 defeat.

There were further heartaches ahead. On a dream trip to Italy for the 1990 World Cup Redknapp was seriously hurt in a car crash that claimed the life of a close friend. His injuries were so horrific that a hospital attendant, believing he was dead covered his head with a blanket, but not before someone had removed his watch and rifled his pockets.

book059 - Harry Redknapp book064 - Arry

When he returned to his spiritual home at West Ham some years later, it was to replace manager and Hammers legend Billy Bonds in the most controversial of circumstances. He struggled to win over the Upton Park faithful as the West Ham team he inherited plunged from one relegation crisis to another. Now Redknapp is among the safest managers in the dog-eat-dog world of the Premiership, having turned West Ham from relegation fodder to European contenders.

In this fascinating book he recounts his colourful life: his close relationship with soccer star son Jamie: his catastrophic foreign policy which turned the East End brotherhood at West Ham into a back-biting League of Nations: and the pressures he faces in carrying out one of the most demanding jobs in sport.


Size 240x160mm - 223 pages


Updated Softback version


Brian Belton - Breedon Books (1998)

The young men who made their way up to collect their winners' medals following West Ham's FA Cup Final victory over Preston North End in 1964 were all born and raised in England, a feat which has never been repeated.


A year later West Ham fielded another all-English team to win the European Cup-winners' Cup. Although Tottenham Hotspur had become the first British club to win a European trophy the previous season, Spur's side, Danny Blanchflower at its heart, was a truly British team.


Thus, West Ham players of 1964 and 1965 were The First And Last Englishmen, and this is their story. It is a tale told partly from a point of view of Alan Sealey, who was right in the middle of the action, and his team-mates. But the voice of the supporters is just as important in this epic.


West Ham's rise to European glory is portrayed through the memories of those who played and of those who watched. It is a compelling book about a unique time in English football.



book060 - First & Last Englishman


A Ward - Hamlyn (1999)

1895 – 1999

The official history of West Ham United from the early days to the end of the 1998-99 season. Includes full details of:


* The Thames Ironworks team

 * The White Horse Cup Final

 * The Academy of the 1950s

 * Three Cup Finals in three Years

 * Moore, Hurst and Peters

 * European Glory in 1965

 * John Lyall’s Cup winners

 * The Redknapp revolution


Includes a complete statistical record and in-depth features on: The Academy of football; and the Club’s incredible record of youth success.


Size 287x246  - 176 pages


book061 - Official History book062 - IMAGE livewire


book062 - IMAGE livewire back 1999

Sarah Blackmore - Hodder & Stroughton (1999)

This Real Lives book tells the story of the famous football club, West Ham United. It has photographs of players and of major events in the histiory of the club.


The book was produced in association with The Basic Skills Agency and used as a reading aid to school children.


Size 220x168mm - 28 pages


West Ham United from the Inside

Kirk Blows - Mainstream (1999)

With Harry Redknapp holding the management reins at West Ham United, there’s hardly been a dull moment at Upton Park since the club were promoted to the Premiership in 1993. As editor of Hammers News Magazine for five years, Kirk Blows has seen 80 players come and go and is in a unique position to reflect on a period in which the team has established itself as one of the most exciting in the top flight.


Featuring the likes of Wright, Dicks, Hartson, Di Canio and many others, Fortune’s Always Hiding? Provides a revealing insight into life behind the scenes at Upton Park during a rollercoaster five seasons.


The real story of the Hammers in the ‘90s, it addresses numerous controversies and analyses the true personalities of the star names. Packed with candid conversations, amusing anecdotes and forthright opinion, this is a fascinating story that makes for essential reading for all Hammers fans.


Kirk Blows is a lifelong West Ham United supporter and is the author of the controversial and highly acclaimed Terminator, the authorised biography of Julian Dicks.


Size 234x156mm – 205 pages


book063 - Fortunes Always Hiding


Neil Ruddock - Harper Collins (1999)

Tough, Uncompromising. Not to be messed with. That's Neil Ruddock


One League Cup winners' medal and a solitary England cap are not much to show for his wholeharted efforts for his five clubs to date - Millwall, Tottenham, Southampton, Liverpool and West Ham. Yet Ruddock has gained the respect of managers and fans of all his former clubs for his never-say-die attitude and the fact that he has never given less than one hundred percent.


There have been occasions, of course, when this level of commitment has taken him over the edge. From the moment he was involved in a drunken brawl as a young Millwall player to his arrest after a Christmas party at West Ham, controversy has never been far away. In between times he has given his detractors plenty of ammunition: like whenhe ran fifty yards to headbutt an opponent; when he broke both Andy Cole's legs in a reserve game for Liverpool; or the time he took the law into his own hands when team-mate Robbie Fowler 'got a bit tippy and needed a slap'.


But beneath this tough exterior and uncompromising attitude is a player who lives life to the full and then beyond. Ruddock has played under some of the greatest managers in George Graham, Terry Venables and Kenny Dalglish, and with some of England's finest footballers - Glenn Hoddle, Alan Shearer, Michael Owen and Ian Wright. And he has plenty of stories to tell about them all... and much more.


Now fully established at West Ham as a senior pro, Razor Ruddock continues to extract every ounce of enjoyment from a career that has straddled both the highs and the lows. It's a story that makes for fascinating reading.



book065 - Hell Razor book063 - Days of Iron book063 - Days of Iron Signed


The Story of West Ham United in the Fifties

Brian Belton - Breedon Books (1999)

In 1958 West Ham United emerged from a 26-year hibernation outside top flight football, storming back as Second Division champions with 101 goals. In their second game back they beat mighty Wolves, the eventual champions. In the same month they overpowered Manchester United, who would be runners-up. And in the spring of 1959 they shook fortress Highbury with a glorious 2-1 victory over the team that would take third place. West Ham finished sixth and although the Irons had reached the same position in 1927 - and were to emulate the feat in 1973 - in 1958-59, with 48 points the Hammers had never done better. And no Upton Park side did do better until 1986 when Cottee, Parkes, Alvin Martin and Co finished third in the old Division One. Throughout a decade when the East End of London still struggled to shrug off the cloak of World War Two, manager Ted Fenton built a formidable team. From 1956 to 1959 West Ham fielded six full internationals. In 1958 the young Bobby Moore came into the side and by 1959 Geoff Hurst was emerging. The championship side was full of talent with the likes of Ernie Gregory, John Bond, Noel Cantwell, John Dick and Vic Keeble. But the foundation had been laid earlier in the Fifties, a bedrock made up of sweat and effort of lesser-known players like Doug Wragg and Gerry Gazzard, and the football intellect of Frank O'Farrell and the inimitable Malcolm Allison, leading members of the Hammers' famed 'Football Academy'. This is a story of those days, and all the days of the Fifties, through the eyes of those who played - it is the story of West Ham's Days of the Fifties, through the eyes of those who played - it is the story of West Ham's Days of Iron.

Size 248x175mm - 228 pages   COVER PRICE: £14.99

book066a - West Ham (Sweden Supporters) book066b - West Ham (Sweden Supporters)

WEST HAM 1999 - 2000

Gjermund Holt, Stein Roar Olsen & Terje Berg (1999)

This soft-back book was published in 1999 by members of the Scandinavian Supporters Club.  


The book is entirely written in Norwegian and has 128 pages.


Robbie Slater - Harper Collins (1999)

book067 - The Hard Way

Robbie Slater was the heart and soull of the Socceroos for over a decade of international football and the first Australian player to win a Championship medal in the English Premier League.


Gutsy, determined, tenacious, uncompromising… these are just some of the words used to describe a footballer who played the game, and made it to the top, the hard way. From his junior days playing backyard cricket with Steve and Mark Waugh in the suburbs of Sydney to sharing the field with Diego Maradona in Buenos Aires’s River Plate Stadium, Robbie Slater made the most of his humble beginnings. His fighting spirit, on-the-ball skills and superb fitness saw him play close to forty internationals for his country and forge a distinguisged career in Europe for club such as Lens, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United and Southampton alonside – and against – some of the greats of modern football: Alan Shearer, Eric Cantona, Jean-Pierre Papin, Ryan Giggs, Mark Bosnich, Zinedine Zidane, Dennis Bergkamp. But with the glory came the pain: Australia’s heartbreaking exit from the 1998 World Cup qualifiers at the hands of Iran shattered his dream of playing on football’s ultimate stage.


Co-written with Matthew Hall. The Hard Way is the no-hilds-barred story of one of Australian’s soccer’s true legends – a man who always put his body and heart on the line, no matter what the odds.

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