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With such playing riches at their disposal, West Ham would need their ‘full League side’ to keep their opponents at bay. With the threat of an unwanted defeat in mind, manager Charlie Paynter named a strong starting XI including Watson, Morton, Tippett, Landells and England international Jim Barrett.


The big match kicked-off at 3.30pm, unfortunately subsequent programmes of the time did not record the names of the South American goal-scorers in what was an entertaining and keenly-fought 2-2 draw. Vic Watson and Jimmy Wood were the two Hammers goal-scorers.


While the identity of the South American scorers may remain a mystery*, it was clear from the matchday programme report that the game was played in the right spirit and left everybody concerned happy with the outcome – on and off the pitch.

chile_flag Peru_Flag Arturo Fernandez

European Tour of the "Combinado del Pacífico" 1933-34

The team was a combination of Peruvian and Chilean players, mostly internationals. The majority of the squad were Peruvian, and dominated by players from Universitario, with reinforcements from Alianza Lima, Atlético Chalaco, and Colo-Colo.  The European press reported the team under various names, for example "Peru-Chile XI", "South American Team" or "All-Pacific".

The side was captained by the gifted Chilean midfielder Guillermo Subiabre, who had represented his country at the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam and the 1930 FIFA World Cup in Uruguay, where he had scored a group-stage winner against France and also in a 3-1 defeat by Argentina.

Lined up alongside Subiabre were no fewer than six members of Peru’s 1930 World Cup squad – goalkeeper Juan Valdivieso, defenders Arturo Fernandez and Antonio Maquilon, midfielder Eduardo Astengo, Placido Galindo and prolific forward Alejandro Villanueva, known as the ‘Peruvian Dixie Dean’.

Villanueva was such a legend in his homeland, where he is credited with inventing the bicycle kick, that his club Alianza Lima re-named their stadium in his honour following his death from tuberculosis at the age of 35.

West Ham United entertain illustrious visitors from South America

Peru and Flag

West Ham United:

Jack Rutherford, Alfred Chalkley, Albert Walker, Edward Anderson, Jim Barrett, Joe Cockroft, Jimmy Wood, Jack Landells, Vic Watson, Tommy Tippett, Jackie Morton


Peru-Chile XI:

Juan Valdivieso, Arturo Fernandez, Antonio Maquilon, Eduardo Astengo, Vicente Arce, Alberto Denegri, Roberto Luco, Eduardo Schneeberg, Alejandro Villanueva, Lolo Fernandez, Mario Pacheco


Referee: Mr F Ratcliffe

Reception given by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool to the Peru-Chile XI and the presentation of flags

West Ham United had made a decent enough start to the 1933/34 Football League Division Two campaign, winning four and drawing two of their opening nine matches to sit seventh in the table by mid-October.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing about the Hammers’ season so far was the number of goals the team was scoring – 25 in just nine matches up to that point.

At the grand old age of 36, Vic Watson – West Ham’s all-time record goal-scorer – was still banging them in, netting nine, while Tommy Tippett had five to his name. Jackie Morton had scored three times, while Jim Barrett, Len Goulden and Jack Landells had netted twice apiece.

Peru next Peru next 2 Guillermo Stabile

Guillermo Subiabre

Alejandro Villanueva

Alejandro Villanueva


Juan Valdivieso

Arturo Fernandez


Antonio Maquilon

Peru_Flag chile_flag

While promotion to Division One was the priority following a disappointing 20th-place finish in 1932/33, West Ham took time out from league action for a very special challenge match played at the Boleyn Ground on October 16, 1933.

A team called "Combinado del Pacífico" toured Europe from September 1933 to February 1934.


33_10_16 WHU v. Peru-Chile


West Ham United 2 - 2 Peru-Chile XI

Everybody at West Ham was clearly looking forward to welcoming their South American visitors.

In a short article entitled ‘Monday’s attractive game’ printed in the official programme for the London Combination visit of Southend United Reserves two days before the big game.

We understand that our South American visitors intend fielding their strongest side against us next Monday. It is their intention, they say, to make London remember their visit. It seems as if they have saved all their energy for a super-exhibition in the Hub of the World – London.

“For our part, we are taking no chances. British soccer has suffered quite enough shocks (England had lost to Scotland and drawn with Wales in the 1932/33 Home Championship) and our full League side will be turned out to meet them.

“Apart from the competitive and novelty sides of this meeting, there should be much to watch in the methods of this Chile-Peruvian XI and, who knows, perhaps much to learn?”

The article also helpfully revealed that the K Div Met Police Band would be playing the Chilean and Peruvian national anthems before kick-off, while tickets would be priced at five shillings".

The official programme for the friendly match itself featured a welcome in Spanish to ‘our friends’ from South America.

The fixture itself, the programme explained, had been made possible by a Mr Reginald Gubbins, an Irish emigrant who had settled in Peru and even launched an ambitious bid to become the country’s President.

Mr Gubbins’ brother Jack led the party of players and officials on their tour, which began with a 6,000-mile pan-Atlantic voyage from the Peruvian port of Callao to Liverpool.


It was clear the Hammers were anxious to avoid a defeat at the hands of their exotic opponents in a radio-gram sent from on board the steamer “S.S. Alkmaar” of the Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. bound for Liverpool, it read “Expect to arrive at Liverpool on September 26th. Have won games played at Colon by 5-1 and at Curacao by 7-0"

Lolo Fernandez

Lolo Fernandez


From Universitario, Peru:

Juan Criado (GK)

Arturo Fernández (D)

Ricardo Del Río (D)

Eduardo Astengo (M)

Vicente Arce (M)

Alberto Denegri (M)

Plácido Galindo (M)

Enrique Landa (M)

Teodoro 'Lolo' Fernández Meyzán (F)

Carlos Tovar (F)

Pablo Pacheco (F)

Luis Emilio de Souza Ferreyra (F)

Alfredo Alegre (F)


From Alianza, Peru:

Juan Humberto 'Mago' Valdivieso Padilla (GK)

Carlos Alejandro Villanueva Martínez (F)


From Atlético Chalaco, Peru:

Antonio Maquilón (D)

Alfonso Saldarriaga (D)


From Colo-Colo, Chile:

Juan Montero (M)

Roberto Luco (F)

Eduardo Schneberger (F)

Newspaper Sources:

The Times (London), The Manchester Guardian (Manchester), The Scotsman (Edinburgh),

Het Vaderland (Den Haag), El Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona), La Vanguardia (Barcelona),

The New York Times (New York City), Reichspost (Wien), Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad (Rotterdam).

Confirmed results courtesy of Neil Morrison and Eli Schmerler


P39 : W10 : D16 : L13

"Combinado del Pacífico" 1933-34

1933combpac1 1933combpac3








































DATE        VENUE                      OPPONENT                SCORE      NOTES

11/09/1933  Curaçao, Willemstad        Curaçao                  0-7   P.

14/09/1933  Panamá, Colón              Colón Rangers            1-5   P.

01/10/1933  Irish Free State, Dublin   Bohemian FC              1-1   P.

02/10/1933  Northern Ireland, Belfast  Glentoran FC             1-1   P.

04/10/1933  Scotland, Glasgow          The Celtic FC            2-1   P.

09/10/1933  Scotland, Edinburgh        Heart of Midlothian FC   3-0   P.

11/10/1933  England, Newcastle         Newcastle United FC      6-1   P.

16/10/1933  England, Upton Park        West Ham United FC       2-2   P.

25/10/1933  Netherlands, Rotterdam     Sparta Rotterdam         0-3   P.

28/10/1933  Czechoslovakia, Praha      AC Sparta Praha          2-1   P.  (40th anniversary Sparta Praha)

29/10/1933  Czechoslovakia, Praha      SK Slavia Praha          2-2   P.  (40th anniversary Sparta Praha)

01/11/1933  Germany, München           FC Bayern München        2-1   P.

11/11/1933  Germany, Berlin            Berlin XI                3-1   P.

12/11/1933  France, Paris              Club Français            2-2   P.

18/11/1933  France, Montrouge          Paris "Entente" XI       2-2   P.  (Entente = Racing Club de Paris + Club Français)

19/11/1933  France, Montpellier        SO Montpellier           2-1   P.

24/11/1933  France, Nice               OGC Nice                 2-5   P.

30/11/1933  France, Nice               OGC Nice                 4-4   P.

04/12/1933  France, Nice               Côte d'Azur XI           4-4   P.

08/12/1933  Spain, Barcelona           FC Barcelona             4-1   Chile-Peru

08/12/1933  Spain, Madrid              Madrid XI               10-1   All-Pacific

17/12/1933  France, Saint-Étienne      AS Saint-Étienne         DRAW  P.

26/12/1933  Italy, Sanremo             US Pro Vercelli          1-1   P.

06/01/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Marino FC                2-1   P

07/01/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Real Victoria            3-1   P.

13/01/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Real Victoria            2-3   P.

15/01/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Marino FC                0-2   P.

18/01/1934  Spain, Santa Cruz de Ten.  CD Tenerife              3-1   P.

21/01/1934  Spain, Santa Cruz de Ten.  CD Tenerife              2-2   P.

25/01/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  UD Salamanca             2-2   P.

03/02/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Athletic Las Palmas      0-3   P.

09/02/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  CD Gran Canaria          0-1   P.

14/02/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Real Victoria            1-1   P.

17/02/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Marino FC                1-7   P.

??/??/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Sportivo                 1-0   P.

??/??/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Real Victoria            1-2   P.

??/??/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  Real Victoria            0-0   P.

??/??/1934  Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  CD Tenerife              0-0   P.

??/??/1934  Spain, Salamanca           UD Salamanca             0-0   P.


In addition, a fixture was announced in Dresden on 05/11/1933, but no score has been found.

Curaçao, Willemstad      

Panamá, Colón            

Irish Free State, Dublin  

Northern Ireland, Belfast  

Scotland, Glasgow          

Scotland, Edinburgh        

England, Newcastle        

England, Upton Park      

Netherlands, Rotterdam    

Czechoslovakia, Praha      

Czechoslovakia, Praha    

Germany, München          

Germany, Berlin            

France, Paris              

France, Montrouge          

France, Montpellier        

France, Nice              

France, Nice              

France, Nice              

Spain, Barcelona          

Spain, Madrid              

France, Saint-Étienne      

Italy, Sanremo            

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Santa Cruz de Ten.  

Spain, Santa Cruz de Ten.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Las Palmas de G.C.  

Spain, Salamanca          


Colón Rangers            

Bohemian FC              

Glentoran FC            

Celtic FC            

Heart of Midlothian  

Newcastle United      

West Ham United      

Sparta Rotterdam        

AC Sparta Praha          

SK Slavia Praha          

FC Bayern München        

Berlin XI                

Club Français            

Paris "Entente" XI      

SO Montpellier          

OGC Nice                

OGC Nice                

Côte d'Azur XI          

FC Barcelona            

Madrid XI              

AS Saint-Étienne        

US Pro Vercelli        

Marino FC                

Real Victoria            

Real Victoria            

Marino FC                

CD Tenerife              

CD Tenerife              

UD Salamanca            

Athletic Las Palmas      

CD Gran Canaria          

Real Victoria            

Marino FC                


Real Victoria            

Real Victoria            

CD Tenerife              

UD Salamanca            










2-1   40th anniversary Sparta Praha

2-2   40th anniversary Sparta Praha




2-2   Racing Club de Paris & Club Français

























A team called "Combinado del Pacífico" toured Europe from September 1933 to February 1934


DATE           VENUE                             OPPONENT                  SCORE    


South American goal-scorers were  T. Fernández, Luco

Articles Watney Cup Captured in Oils

“We must confess that we did not expect such strong opposition from our South American visitors as that shown here last Monday. “There is no doubt that they are capable of playing very good football. Individually, some of the members of the side are extremely clever.

“It was pleasing to note that, although the winning of the game meant so much to them, and the prevention of their so doing so much to us, it was one of the cleanest possible.

“We were told by Mr Reginald Gubbins that the diplomatic side of the tour was really of much more importance than the football point of view.

“That being the case, we can assure him that as far as we are concerned, we shall retain most pleasant memories of their visit.”

Souvenir Flag presented to John Morton

Image courtesy of Jay Morton