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Go The Hammers

How much do you really now about West Ham United Foot Ball Club? If you consider yourself a true West Ham supporter, then you must know everything there is about the team, the current roster of players and the statistics.

That is well and good. But how much do you know of their team history? About their forerunners, the Thames Iron Works Football Club? About their bitter rivalry with Millwall FC? Did you even know that West Ham and its supporters were featured in a movie?

If you are curious about all these things and if you really wish to learn about how The Hammers came to be they are now, you don’t have to look any further. This book is all that you will ever need as it traces the team's history from its conception to its present incarnation.


What’s Inside?


Included in this book aside from the team's history are discussions about Boleyn Ground Stadium, West Ham Crest and Colours, their club legends, its owners, financers, supporters and rivals. There is also a chapter on the movie "Green Street Hooligans" where the club and its supporters were featured.

GO the HAMMERS! : The Story of the West Ham Warriors

Charlton Best

John Lyall

JOHN LYALL : West Ham Legend

Philip Stevens

A short biography of the life of a West Ham Legend.


John Lyall was one of the most successful managers in English football in the 1980s. The former West Ham full-back, forced out of the game by a horrific knee injury at the age of 23, showed immense courage and determination to transform himself into a top coach. Lyall led West Ham United to their highest-ever top-flight league position, won the FA Cup against the mighty Arsenal and took the club to the final of the European Cup-Winners’ Cup. He was revered by the Upton Park faithful who loved him, not just for his success, but for encouraging his teams to play football the Hammers way.


Cruelly sacked by West Ham in 1989, Lyall was soon snapped up by Ipswich Town, then languishing in the lower half of the old 2nd Division. Lyall achieved a minor miracle with the Tractor Boys winning promotion to the Premier League in only his second season at Portman Road.


In this fascinating insight into English football in the 1980s, Philip Stevens recalls how England managers, Sir Bobby Robson and Terry Venables regularly turned to the former West Ham coach for advice. The story of how these three top football brains worked together will make interesting reading for all football lovers.


In researching this ebook the author was privileged to have access to the Lyall family. The pride they have in John’s career is recalled here through a wealth of anecdotes and stories. The family’s involvement in the ebook provides a unique insight into the life of one of the most loved and respected figures in professional football in the past 40 years.

Thames Ironworks

WEST HAM UNITED The FIRST SEASON : Thames Iron Works FC 1895-96

Brian Belton

The football team that represented the Thames Iron Works and carried its name was the precursor of West Ham United, a club that was to become one of the most enigmatic of top professional sides in the English game. In fact, it would not be too farfetched to say that West Ham carries, as part of its culture, echoes of the Iron Works it grew out of. If you like, the contemporary business could be thought of as being in part constituted on an archaeological ethos that is grounded in the great ship building company that for a time dominated the district of West Ham as an enterprise, while shaping British and world maritime history.


A great deal of ink has been used on trying to describe the nature of West Ham as a football club. It is said to have a ‘way’, which brings to mind a sort of Zen-like persona. West Ham has been called a ‘family club’ and a ‘community club’, but quite what such expressions mean has never been clearly articulated. Perhaps these titles express something of a sense of ‘belonging’ or a clear ‘identity’ that is imbrued through the club’s location in the East End of London.


However, the deeper, more concrete roots of the sporting institution probably gives us stronger clues about its foundational nature, both its qualities and shortcomings. This pedigree was set in the complexities of Victorian class politics, industrial commercialism, philanthropy, paternalistic entrepreneurialism and the religious and humanitarian conscience of a society premised on the exploitation of the poor by the rich.


This book explores this heritage looking at the very first season in the journey of seasons that brings us to today; the modern 'Irons', the London Stadium and the international phenomenon that is West Ham United. But to know today, we need to an idea of what yesterday was like, else our future is destined to be just a shadow of the present. Here, Brian Belton, West Ham's most prolific and published historian, opens a vista on the start of things for what has become an East London odyssey; the history of the Hammers.


Chris Carpenter

Quiz book

Are you a true fan of the Hammers? Do you know everything there is to know about West Ham? Then this is the perfect quiz book for you. Test your knowledge on all things West Ham United and see how good a West Ham supporter you really are.


Totally revised and updated for the 2017/18 season complete with many new questions, including on the new stadium, this book contains one hundred and one trivia questions with multiple choice answers for you.


With 101 questions, some easy, some more challenging, this entertaining book will test your knowledge and memory of the club’s long and successful history. The book is packed with information and is a must-have for all loyal West Ham supporters.

Over Land

OVER LAND and Sea... and AIR : The Story of West Ham's matches in Europe

Michael Miles

Covers West Ham's matches in European competitions, including the 1965 European Cup Winners Cup win, two further campaigns in that tournament, and later matches in the UEFA Europa League and other tournaments.

Football by Numbers

FOOTBALL by NUMBERS : A Miscellany About West Ham United

Richard Burke

Special thanks to John Northcutt

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