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This web page will reflect some of the rich history as recorded within the pages of the Handbooks from the very begining under the banner of "West Ham United"


1901-02 Handbook
1901 Directors
1901 Ground Committee

1900 - 01 Official Handbook

1901 - 02 Official Handbook


A.C. Davis   G. Handley   C.E. Osborn   G. Hone

J. Grisdale   E. Smith   L. Johnson   J.W.Y. Cearns

Lew Bowen           G.C. Fundell         E.S. King

Fin. Sec and League Delegate   Treasurer               Sec. Manager

Twelve months ago the West Ham United Football Club came into being. A palpable idea was attached to it and it rang in the ears of the West Ham sport-loving public like the old ballad of “Chevy Chase” upon those of Sir Philip Sydney, stirring their hearts as with the sound of the trumpet. Much was expected of it, and when the fever heat of enthusiasm cooled down the people realised that they had been spending their energies in a pursuit that was not in vain but consoling to the hearts of the most sanguine. The desire to have of their own a club capable of the highest quality of football was everywhere spoken of and demanded. The West Ham public had gradually become educated by a long experience of an inferior but improving class of football until a standard of excellence was established, which could only be satisfied by a team possessing merit equal to the best in the kingdom. The popular taste in football, as in other forms of sport, has changed. The play of years ago, somewhat like the pedlar’s razor – showy but useless – capable of cutting and wounding, but not of serving the particular purpose intended, has been forgotten and its existence at any time can only be excused on the ground that it was the seed from which has sprung the higher order apparent in teams like the West Ham United. It is not given to many Clubs to mark during their first season such a marvellous prosperity as that which has attended the West Ham. The first team achieved sixth place in the Southern League, and gave most creditable performances in the English Cup ties. The reserves were equal to the best in the London League, and had the distinction of winning the fifty guinea championship challenge cup of the South Essex League.

A glance at this season’s fixtures will show the wealth of sport which has been provided, and it only remains for the Club’s supporters to do their share. Mr. Arnold F. Hills, who has enthusiastically done so much to assist in securing the results already obtained, has, to mark his satisfaction, kindly placed the memorial Recreation Grounds, second to none in the Country, at the disposal of the Company for a further period of three years, free of rental, thus placing the team beyond any risk of difficulty with regard to suitable quarters. It is ardently hoped that a hearty response will be made to the inducements provided on all sides, and that proofs having been given of the Company’s readiness to maintain the high standard of football now established, the support will be commensurate to the requirements, and that West Ham may once and for all take its place amongst the mightiest and best in the football world. The Club is not the property, nor under the control of any individual; it is the possession of the shareholders, and so its prosperity or otherwise will be necessarily determined by the public support. The fixture list is replete, and the prices of admission will be popular. Season tickets may be had on application to the secretary.

1902 - 03 Official Handbook

In issuing their Third Handbook the Directors look back with pleasure upon the record of last season's play, and they may be pardoned for indulging in a little self satisfaction at the achievement of winning the London Championship Competition, and also obtaining fourth position in the Southern League, in the second year of the Company's existence. Such results are highly encouraging to them and to all interested in the welfare of the Company.

In engaging the team to do duty in the ensuing season the Directors have l»een guided by the experience gained in previous years, and from a glance at the names of the players, the football enthusiast will see that only first-class players of recognised ability and wide spread reputation have been engaged. Various changes from last season were necessary, new faces replace old ones, and the Directors are convinced that it is only by a progressive policy that support of the West Ham enthusiasts can be retained, and thus they have endeavoured to get together a team of players that it is to be hoped will prove equal to any, and superior to most, in the kingdom.


A perusal of the List of Fixtures will show that many attractive matches have been arranged, and it now remains for the sport-loving public of West Ham to accede that support to the Company, which is necessary to maintain a team capable of giving men high-class expositions of the game of football as they, the public, desire.

1902-03 Handbook
1902 Directors
1902 Committee

Ground Committee

T. Williamson,     J.D. Smith,     J.E. Reeves

G. Davis,     H. Sims,     J. Johnson


1903 - 04 Official Handbook

64 pages:

Players featured include:-

Cotton, Griffiths, Eccles, Alec, Kay. Fair, Bigden, Watts, Allison, Blythe,

Duckworth, Kirby, Lyon, Ingham, Butchart, Satterthwaite, Barnes

1903-04 Handbook
1903-04 Page

1904 - 05 Official Handbook

1905 - 06 Official Handbook

1904-05 Handbook
1904 Directors
1904 Player

64 pages:

Players featured include:-

Biggar, Griffiths, Eccles, Dow, Yenson, Bigden, McAteer, Kelly, Blythe, Allan, Campbell, Grassam, Farrell, Jenkinson, Barnes, Linward, Ratcliffe

Unfortunately this Handbook has lost it's outer cover

1906-07 Handbook
1906-07 Directors
1906-07 Player

1906 - 07 Official Handbook

64 pages:

Players featured include:-

Stapley, Kitchen, Clark, Gardner, Wildman, Taylor, Hammond, Allison, Piercy, Blyth, Jarvis, Lindsay, Featherstone, Grassam, Bridgeman, Davidon, Watson, Blackburn, Winterhalder A.

1907 - 08 Official Handbook

1907-08 Player

1908 - 09 Official Handbook

1908-09 Handbook
1908-09 Player

1909 - 10 Official Handbook

1909-10 Handbook

1910 - 11 Official Handbook

1911 - 12 Official Handbook

1912 - 13 Official Handbook

Photocopied version, can you help with a better copy?


1913 - 14 Official Handbook

1914 - 15 Official Handbook

Please Note:

No Handbooks were produced during the 1914-18 World War One period. At the end of hostilities it was to be another two years before the 1920-21 Official Handbook was released. Note also the 600% increase in the cover price from 1d to 6d due mainly to the paper shortage after the War.

1920 - 21 Official Handbook

1921 - 22 Official Handbook

1922 - 23 Official Handbook

1923 - 24 Official Handbook

Covers the period 1900 - 1923/24

Image courtesy of Nigel Turner

1911-12 Cover
1900-01 Handbook Cover
1905-06 Inside
1907 Handbook cover
1909-10 Player
1910-11 Handbook
1910-11 Player
1911 inside
1912-13 inside
1913-14 inside
1914-15 inside
1920-21 inside
1921-22 Cover
1922-23 inside
1923-24 Season Tickets
1900-01 Inside

1924/25 to 1939/40