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Gunners Outgunned! ...

by Roger Hillier

West Ham 83 – 69 Arsenal.

No, this is not a rugby points score! It is the total of each team’s individual player’s marks out of ten for a Division One game on November 5, 1960.  Average marks per player for each team were 7.5 for West Ham and 6.2 for Arsenal. The difference in the total and average player marks provides a strong indicator of how the Hammers outmanoeuvred the Gunners on that Guy Fawkes Day.  


The result of this league match was a surprise as prior to the kick-off Arsenal were in 8th place in Division One three points and two places above West Ham, and the Hammers’ recent form had been mixed.


But on that November Saturday afternoon West Ham played some brilliant football to completely out fox their North London rivals. Fifty four years later the Hammers will be hoping for a similar result as the two teams face each other in the Premiership on December 28, 2014.    

Phil Woosnam “Man of the Match”

Going back to the November 1960 game.....reading the headlines of the match reports it is clear that Phil Woosnam was “man of the match” as he scored nine out of 10 for his individual performance that autumn afternoon. But he wasn’t the only high performing Hammer. Another five West Ham players were credited with eight.

Goalkeeper Brian Rhodes who had a blinder, full back John Bond, half backs Andy Malcolm & Ken Brown, and centre forward Dave Dunmore all gained marks of eight. Dave Dunmore reportedly had his best ever game in claret and blue as he helped himself to a hat-trick which contributed to his consecutive game scoring run which equalled John Dick’s post-war club record.


The appendix lists the Hammers’ consecutive game scoring performances.


The game was not completely one-sided as Arsenal created several chances which were either missed or saved by Brian Rhodes.  


The goals rained in as follows:

First goal 3 mins:

Mike Grice was fouled on the left hand side of the pitch. Bobby Moore hits a quick free kick across the goal and Arsenal’s McCullough kindly squared the ball neatly back for Dunmore to boot into the back of the net from a few yards out.

HT 2-0

Arsenal was still playing strongly with no hint of the impending avalanche of second half goals.  



Third goal 71 mins:

The third goal was from a Woosnam inspired move which saw a shot beat fellow Wales international, Jack Kelsey, but the ball stuck in the mud in front of the goal. The ball was quickly hooked away only for Grice to return it to Woosnam who in turn put John Dick through to score.  The Gunners were expecting an offside decision to no avail.



Moments later Arsenal actually got the ball in the net but Haverty was well off-side.


Dave Dunmore’s Hat-Trick

Sixth goal 89 mins:

There was just sufficient time for one more goal and for Dave Dunmore to complete his treble. Malcolm’s throw in to Grice sent him racing over to the right and from his pass Dunmore scored with a low shot which struck Kelsey on its way in.


Strangely, despite shipping in six goals without reply, the Arsenal goalkeeper Jack Kelsey’s performance was judged to be the best of the Arsenal’s team.


Match reports raved about Phil Woosnam’s performance and how he scored one goal and contributed to four more, but the whole team was firing well. A quote from one national newspaper’s match report succinctly summed it up:  


West Ham were good. No, they were great. Any team which puts six goals past Jack Kelsey must be that.  Impressive display stemmed from that magnificent half back line.  In defence Bobby Moore and Andy Malcolm showed flashes of world class.  And Dunmore has never played so well since he moved to West Ham (in March 1960 as part of an exchange transfer involving John Smith).

West Ham will hold high hopes for maintaining 2014-15’s fantastic start to the Premiership.

Three points from Sunday December 28, 2014’s game will suffice....


dave dunmore 60_11_05 WHU v. Arsenal

West Ham United 6 - 0 Arsenal (HT 2-0)

Upton Park

Saturday November 5, 1960

West Ham United:

Dunmore (3, 33 & 89 mins), Dick (71 mins), Woosnam (78 mins), Malcolm (84 mins)


Attendance: 29,275

West Ham United:

Brian Rhodes 8, John Bond 8, John Lyall 7, Andy Malcolm 8, Ken Brown 8, Bobby Moore 7, Derek Woodley 6, Phil Woosnam 9, Dave Dunmore 8, John Dick 7, Mike Grice 7.




Jack Kelsey 8, Len Willis 7, Billy McCullough 6, Tom Docherty 5, John Sneddon 6, Vic Groves 7, Geoff Strong 6, John Barnwell 7, Mel Charles 6, David Herd 5, Joe Haverty 6.  


WOOSNAM Phil Arsenal 02

Whoops! McCullough (3) with no danger at hand tries to steer the ball behind – and kicks it to the waiting Dave Dunmore for Hammers first goal

Second goal 33 mins:  

Woosnam and John Dick combined to exchange passes on the edge of the penalty area, for Woosnam to push the ball up to Dunmore who ran across the face of the goal to fire in a great shot.

Arsenal 03 Arsenal 04 Arsenal 05 Arsenal 07

John Dick (10) challenges Kelsey with Derek Woodley and Phil Woosnam watching for a half chance

Fourth goal 78 mins:

Another Woosnam effort leads to the fourth goal. His pass was met by Dunmore who hammered it at the goal. The shot was blocked for Grice to have two further shots beaten out before the ball reached Woosnam, who placed it high past goalkeeper Kelsey’s left hand.


Fifth goal 84 mins:

The fifth was probably the best of the afternoon. Woosnam held on to the ball until the tireless Andy Malcolm had raced up on the outside of the right wing to meet a perfect pass and smash home a brilliant goal as Tom Docherty crash tackled him.

Following the tackle Malcolm had to leave the field to receive treatment before returning to the game but reduced to limping badly. This goal was Andy Malcolm’s first since April 12, 1958 against Cardiff City three seasons earlier.

Arsenal 08

Andy Malcolm

injured when scoring

Ken Brown covers as Brian Rhodes clears from Mel Charles

Arsenal 09

The Arsenal defence is caught in a tangle as Mike Grice shoots

the winning margin doesn’t

have to be six goals.

Arsenal 10

Arsenal’s Docherty finds himself sandwiched as Kelsey punches clear from John Dick



West Ham’s Consecutive Football League

Game Scoring Performances

Ranking    Player


League games scored in


Cartoon from

Stratford Express

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Newspaper coverage courtesy of Richard Miller


Stanley Earle scored in 5 consecutive League games on two occasions, the first came at the tail-end of the 1924-25 campaign when he recorded 4 goals in 3 games, his scoring bout continued when he notched a further two goals in the opening two matches of the 1925-26 campaign.

The second occasion came in the 1927-28 season when he scored 6 goals in 5 games (September - October 1927).

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