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First XI : Team Groups 1900-01 to 1909-10 ....

1900-01 2

1900 - 01

Tranter, Monteith, Craig

Bowen, Allen, Dove, McEachrane, Grassam

      Hunt, Corbet, Reid, Kaye, Fenton


1901 - 02

F. King, E.S. King, H. Monteith, C.T. Craig, F. Hunt, A. Norris

        J. Bigden, P. Kyle, W. Kelly, R.J. McEachrane

R. Allan, W. Grassam, J. Corbet, C.W. Ratcliffe, W. Linward


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It's highly unlikely that a team group exists for this season.

If you know different I would love to hear from you

1903-04 Team Group B

 Back row: J. Cearns, G. Fundell, J. Moss, G. Handley, T. Williamson

Second row: G. Eccles, A. Kay, F. Griffiths, C. Cotton, A. Fair

Third row: E.S. King (Sec), J. Bigden, E. Watts, T. Blythe, T. Alison,

W. Johnson (Trainer), T. Tapscott.

Fourth row: J. Grisdale (Chairman), T. Duckworth, H. Lyon, J. Butchart, W. Kirby, C. Satterthwaite, W. Barnes, W. White

Front row: C. Paynter, J. Johnson, W, Ingham, G. Davis, H. Simms

1903 - 04

1904-05 Team Group

1904 - 05

First row: T. Bamlett, A. Fair, M. Kingsley, D. Gardner, S. King (Secretary)

Second row: T. Robinson (Trainer), F. Brunton, T. Allison, F. Piercy, J. Russell, L. Jarvis, F. Mercer, C. Paynter (Assistant Trainer)

Third row: W. McCartney, C. Simmons, W. Bridgeman, J. Fletcher, C. Carrick, J. Flynn

1905-06 Team Group 1906-07 Team Group



Back row: S. Hammond, A. McCartney, G. Kitchen, C. Cotton, D. Gardner

Middle row: W.White, E.S. King, T. Allison, H. Hindle, F. Piercy, L. Jarvis, T. Robinson, C. Paynter

Front row: W. Ford, H. Winterhalder, S. McAllister, C. Mackie, G. Hilsdon, W. Bridgeman, H. Wilkinson, L. Watson, F. Blackburn, A. Winterhalder



Back row: W. Wildman, G. Kitchen, S. Hammond

Middle row: T. Robinson, T. Allison, F. Piercy, D. Jarvis, E.S. King,

Front row: D. Lindsay, W. Grassam, H. Stapley, L. Watson, F. Blackburn



Mr. H. Iggulden, Mr. H. Mattocks, Mr. G. Davis, Mr. T. Williamson, Mr. Halmeroth, Mr. J.E. Johnson,

Mr. G. Frendall, Mr. G. Handley (Director), Mr. H. Sutton (Director) Mr. J. Cearns (Director)

Players: A. Campbell, S. Hammond, W. Wildman, D. Clarke, G. Kitchen,

W. Taylor, D. Gardner, H. Bourne

Middle row: D. Woodard, T. Allison, F. Piercy, J. Blythe, R. Jarvis, J. Horn,

J. Frewin, T. Robinson (Trainer)

Front row: W. Bridgeman, D. Lindsay, W. Grassam, Mr. J. Grisdale (Chairman)

W. Davidson, L. Watson, F. Blackburn

Seated on ground: A. Featherstone, A. Winterhalder



Back row: S. Hammond, W. Wildman, D. Clark, G. Kitchen, C. Simmonds, A. Taylor, J. Gault

Middle row: T. Robinson (Trainer), D. Woodards, T. Allison, F. Piercy, E.S. King (Secretary), L. Jarvis, R. Young, G. Horn, C. Paynter

Front row: D. Lindsay, T. Randall, W. Brown, A. Reed, W. Grassam, H. Stapley, A. Harwood, L. Watson,

F. Blackburn, T. Lee

On ground: A. Featherstone, F. Kemp

1908-09 A


Back row: F. Shreeve, J. Gault, D. Clark, G. Kitchen, A. Taylor, S. Bourne, A. Harwood

Middle row: G. Chalkley, W. Yenson, T. Allison, F. Piercy, Mr. E.S. King (Secretary) R. Young, L. Jarvis, H. Tirrell, T. Randall

Front row: J. Frost, D. Shea, W. Brown, J. Dyer, J. Foster, W. Miller, W. Grassam, J. Burton, D. Waggott, F. Blackburn

Seated on ground: H. Ashton, T. Lee




Back row: S. Hammond, F. Shreeve, C. Dawson, G. Kitchen, R. fairman, H. Bourne

Middle row: C. Paynter (Ass Trainer), R. Whiteman, R. Stanley, W. Lavery, D. Woodards, E.S. King (Secretary) E. Wagstaff, F. Piercy,

T. Randall, F. Rist, T. Robinson (trainer)

Front row: H. Armstrong, H. Ashton, D. Shea, F. Cannon, G. Webb, W.F. White (Chairman) V. Haynes, C. Carvossa, D. Waggott,

F. Blackburn, T. Caldwell, W. Silor.



1906-07 Western League Champions First Team 1910 to 1920