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Euro 80 : Italy ...

The 1980 UEFA European Football Championship final tournament was held in Italy. This was the sixth European Football Championship, which is held every four years and endorsed by UEFA. With eight teams competing, the final tournament took place between 11 June and 22 June 1980. Previously, the final tournament of the European Championships were played among four teams.



emap004 - Brooking Factfinder

Red, White and blue rosette shaped factfinder wheel. Featuring the England squad of 22 players for the 1980 European Championships. Given free with "Match Weekly" Spin the wheel to reveal facts and figure about each England player.

Size 225x175mm     PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

EMAP Pursuit Publishing Ltd

European Championship Factfinder

MontyAlbumEC80 Monty Gum - Trevor Brooking Monty80wrapper Monty England Team

MONTY GUM (Netherlands)

Euro-Cup Football

Coloured, unnumbered series of 128 cards. Plain backs. 14 England cards to be inserted into the special album issued to accompany the series.  

Size: 88x65mm      PRICE GUIDE: £10.00

England team card featuring Trevor Brooking

Trevor Brooking

Coloured, numbered series of ?? cards. Plain anonymous backs, given free with "Match Weekly" Issued in blocks of pictures

Size when cut 88x22mm       PRICE GUIDE: £1.50

emap002 - Alan Devonshire emap003 - Trevor Brooking

26. Alan Devonshire                                  38. Trevor Brooking

EMAP Pursuit Publishing Ltd

England Stars

Euro 84 Trade Memorabilia


Coloured paper issue, issued by Giornalino magazine under the Euro 80 series. Designed to be cut and inserted into special album issued to accompany the series. Only available in Italy.

Size 78x60mm


gior001 - Trevor Brooking

29. Trevor Brooking

Italy flag Netherlands flag