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Euro 2008 : Austria and Switzerland ...

The 2008 UEFA European Football Championship took place in Austria and Switzerland from the 7th June 2008 to 29th June 2008. The second jointly-hosted edition in the competition's history, the tournament was eventually won by Spain, defeating Germany 1–0 in the final; becoming only the second nation to win all their group stage fixtures and win the European Championship itself; a milestone also achieved by France in 1984. Spain were also the first team since Germany in 1996 to win the tournament undefeated.


Panini Publishing Ltd

Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland

Coloured, numbered series of 535 stickers.

Size 68x50mm


pani050c - Wrapper pani050a - Fredrik Ljungberg pani050b - Fredrik Ljungberg

403. Fredrik Ljungberg                                                497. Fredrik Ljungberg - In Action

pani051b - Wrapper pani051a - Fredrik Ljungberg pani051c - Veron Behrami

Panini Publishing Ltd

Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland

Coloured, numbered series of ?? stickers. This was a special promotion given free with McDonald's "Happy Meal"




Official Sticker Album

Valon Behrami joined the Hammers shortly after EURO 2008

Panini Publishing Ltd

Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland

Coloured, numbered series of ??? cards.



pani052b - Wrapper pani052a - Fredrik Ljungberg pani052a - Fredrik Ljungberg back

Fredrik Ljungberg



147. Fredrik Ljungberg

Official Trading Card Game Collector's Binder

pani053b - Wrapper Japan pani053a - Fredrik Ljungberg pani053a - Fredrik Ljungberg back

Coloured, number series of cards. This set was only issued in Japan.

Size: 89x63mm


Panini Publishing Ltd (Japan)

Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland

180. Fredrik Ljungberg

Coloured, number series of 193 stickers. This set was only issued in Serbia.

Size: 68x48mm


Luxor Pubishing (Serbia)

Football Life 2008

Luxor002 - Wrapper Luxor001 - Fredrik Ljungerg Luxor001 - Fredrik Ljungerg back

149. Fredrik Ljungberg

Mother London

mother010 - Losers 2008 Box mother009 - Wrapper

Losers 2008

England's footballing losers get their own sticker album

Created by an enterprising Advertising agency Mother London has created the sticker book to illustrate the kind of riveting activities we can expect the England players to be getting up to while Europe’s foot-balling elite get on with their day jobs at Euro 2008.


Losers 2008 lets us collect and swap the likenesses of our favourite England players (available in packs of six from participating outlets) as they take part in their alternative summer activities.Goalkeepers Robert Green and Scott Carson are both in the ‘DIY’ section while Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole and their various Wags are obviously off to the shops.


Kieron Dyer, Michael Owen and Ashley Cole’s dignity occupy the ‘Recovering from Injury’ section while Joey Barton is the solitary inmate of the ‘Banged Up’ pages.


And the only section empty? The ‘Training’ section of course.


BBVA Bancomer

Futbol Total Mi Once Ideal

Coloured number series of 100? "Futbol Total" Mexican  Magazine card which translates to "My 11 Ideal Team Series"

Size 50mm x 92mm  PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

bbva001 - Fredrik Ljungberg Euro 2012 Euro 2004