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The collecting of Football Badges is not a recent phenomenon; however it is only in the last few years that they have received the attention they deserve. Football Badges offer a modestly priced collecting field for anyone interested in sport and social history.


Badges can be displayed relatively easily and decoratively without taking too much room. Enamel badges were not only manufactured for sporting events, indeed their association with sport was probably influenced by their introduction in the workplace and political arena. This is borne out by the earliest badge associated with the Hammers and relates to the Thames Iron Works Federated Club.


The collector of enamel football badge pins, or pin badges as they are also known might be surprised to hear that the renowned name of “COFFER” did not make badges themselves rather they sub-contracted the work out. “COFFER” only commissioned badges from firms in Birmingham's jewellery quarter and distributed them to traders across the UK. Around 1985 COFFER went into liquidation and it appears that some of the dies were sold and used by other people to make badges, usually in soft enamel.


If you would like to keep-up-to-date with all the latest designs featuring West Ham United Enamel Badges then I would highly recommend you check-out Big Al's Badges. Excellent service and prices to match.



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