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Name is George


I Am a Compulsive Gambler

George Parris - Football World (2010)

Much more than just another ex-footballer's story. This is one man's harrowing journey to hell and back.

GEORGE PARRIS was a fans' favourite at West Ham whose life began to fall apart after he left to join Birmingham City in 1993 and spiralled further out of control when he joined Brighton & Hove Albion, his last professional club, in a career spanning 12 years and 364 games.

He was one of the Hammers' unsung heroes, a full-back/midfielder who never gave less than 100 per cent in every game he played. A shy, likeable and very modest man, few know much about George Parris, the person. Until now.


In this double DVD produced by his good friend and EXmagazine editor Tony McDonald. George opens his heart and reveals the shocking truth behind a gambling addiction that saw him blow "at least £100,000".


With admirable honesty, he faces up to his demons as he talks from the heart about:

•  Contemplating suicide when he found himself heavily in debt and had no money left.

•  His shame in secretly taking cash from his young son's savings account to fund another reckless gambling spree.

•  Borrowings, bounced cheques, lies and deception.

•  Confessing to fellow pro's that he had used their money to gamble again.

•  In the 'real world', working as a gardener and two years spent as a milkman on the streets of Brighton.

•  As a loving father of two, the heartache of being thrown out of the family home by his long-suffering wife.

•  The rehab process - attending Gamblers Anonymous and why it took him years to finally admit his real name to fellow addicts.

We talk to George's counsellor at the Sporting Chance clinic about his ongoing day-to-day battle to stay 'clean'. As well as action footage from his playing days and previously unpublished family photos, we present the woman's view - George's fiancee Sue Upton talks of the challenge of living with a compulsive gambler.


Running time: 4 Hours

26th November 2010

EX magazine announce they have suspended production of the DVD after it was brought to their attention, by solicitors representing George’s ex-wife, that George had allegedly breached a written confidentiality agreement made between them when they were divorced two years earlier.