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036a - Bobby Moore Millennium

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Headliners, ProStars & MicroStars

Corinthian's initial product name was "Headliners". The first ever offering was a set of 16 figurines in England national kit released in October 1995. Following on from the success of the England national Headliners, Corinthian new range was simply called "Collection" these figures hit the shops in January 1996 consisting of players from both the English Premiership (PL collector number) and the Scottish Premier League (SP collector number).


Originally aimed at children and voted "Best New Toy 1996" by the British Association of Toy Retailers they soon appealed to the mature collector who saw them as highly desirable. Corinthian continued to release figures in this range up until the end of the 1997-98 season. Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, Corinthian were forced to change the “Headliners” brand name to the now commonly known ProStars.

001b - Steve Potts Card
001 - Steve Potts Blister
002 - Tony Cottee Blister
002b - Tony Cottee Card
001a - Steve Potts Figure
002a - Tony Cottee Figure


PL39 - Steve Potts

PL59 - Tony Cottee

003a - Ludek Miklosko Figure
003b - Ludek Miklosko Card
003 - Ludek Miklosko Blister

PL79 - Ludek Miklosko

004 - Tim Breacker Blister
004a - Tim Breacker Figure
004b - Tim Breacker Card

PL99 - Tim Breacker


005 - 4 Player Blister
006 - Julian Dicks Blister
006b - Julian Dicks Card


PL19 - Julian Dicks

007a - Ian Bishop Figure
008b - Marc Rieper Card

PL119 - Ian Bishop

PL239 - Marc Rieper

PL248 - Ilie Dumitrescu





Page from the 1996 catalogue which clearly shows five West Ham United players that were not released that season and were withdrawn from production, presumably because all the players in question had moved to other clubs.


Figurines and Cards not Released:

Martin Allen

Marco Boogers

Don Hutchison

Alvin Martin

John Moncur

Robbie Slater


The Robbie Slater card has turned up on Ebay, so others may have escaped the production line?


017 - Miklosko

54. Ludek Miklosko

62. Julian Dicks

179. Iain Dowie


021b - Iain Dowie Card

PL389 - Iain Dowie

PL409 - Slaven Bilic


Originally called International Prostars the Corinthian figures were initially seen as a toy product it was clear by 1998 that they needed to change the strategy for the brand or stop making it. The UK retail trade were increasingly reluctant to stock the brand as the initial huge volumes came down to a more normal level of sales. Corinthian released most of the players from most of the clubs and all of the players from the biggest clubs. They had no more new players to make. They decided to "rest" the product for 6 months in 1998 and come back with a new range, new name and new direction for the product in 1999. At the end of 1998 football season the Headliners products from the high street and toy shops and focus distribution on specialist retailers who understood the product and were prepared to devote time and space to it rather than demand just the star players. By 1999 the ProStars brand was introduced with Series 1. This dramatic change of direction for the brand marked the transition point of the original product from toy to collectible. The range benefited from being made up of genuinely top class international players from most of the biggest teams in the world football. The blister pack series took a little time to move off the shelves as relatively few collectors knew about the range until the advertising started. Once collectors realized they were out there demand went up noticeably. Some


Since 1999 the ProStars range has gone on to produce more than 40 series. In addition to the regular series, special releases including "England 1966 Winners" 12 Player Packs (signed by Sir Geoff Hurst) and Limited Edition ProStars "Elite" double packs of some of the world’s greatest ever players, including Geoff Hurst in England strip.

As before the figures were each assigned a collector number, this time the codes all started with 'PRO' and the last figure Corinthian released in the Prostars range was PRO1825 but only 1750 figures have actually been released, the other 75 are all unreleased figures!

ENGLAND 1966 TEAM (June 1999)

PRO105 - Bobby Moore

PRO108 - Geoff Hurst

PRO109 - Martin Peters

MILLENNIUM Limited Edition XL's (August 1999)

ProStars XL was first introduced in 1998 under the Headliners XL brand name. In fact ProStars XL was the first product designed specifically with the collector in mind. The original range was never the success Corinthian thought it was going to be, possibly because the expectation was that the larger figures should look even more like the players than the smaller ProStars originals. That said, a few hundred die-hard collectors had recognised what they were trying to do with the XL format. The lack of success meant retailers no longer wanted to stock the product so it was withdrawn until the Millennium XL Limited Edition. Bobby Moore is now one of the most sought after figures and can command a high price.

PRO192 - Rio Ferdinand


ENGLAND (October 1999)

PRO123 - Bobby Moore

PRO131 - Geoff Hurst


With the launch of the ProStars Series in January 1999 Corinthian introduced PLATINUM PACKS. These blister packs are packed at the factory in a special Platinum Pack blister card which carries a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees that each Platinum Pack is produced in quantities that do not exceed 360 pieces making them one of the most limited products in the range.

PRO123 Bobby Moore - Platinum Edition of 360

PRO131 Geoff Hurst - Platinum Edition of 360



One of the primary reasons for being a Corinthian Collector Club Member is the exclusive access it affords you to the Club Gold Club Edition range. It is a series of gold base figures and remains one of the most limited edition ranges.

CG124 - Stuart Pearce

corin036 - Bobby Moore

XL003 - Bobby Moore

Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition

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010 - 4 Figures
006a - Julian Dicks Figure
007b - Ian Bishop Card
007 - Ian Bishop Blister
008a - Marc Rieper Figure
009a - Ilie Dumitrescu Figure
009b - Ilie Dumitrescu Card
009 - Ilie Dumitrescu Blister
011 - Catalogue Page
020 - Fold away
019 - Dowie
018 - Dicks
021a - Iain Dowie Figure
022a - Slaven Bilic Figure
022b - Slaven Bilic Card
033b Moore 1966 England Team Card
034b Hurst 1966 England Team Card
035b Peters 1966 England Team Card
038a - Bobby Moore Figure
035a Peters 1966 England Team Figure
038a - Bobby Moore Figure
038b Moore England Legends Card
040a Hurst England Legends Figure
037 - Bobby Moore
corin034a - Geoff Hurst
040b Hurst England Legends Card
040 - Geoff Hurst Platinum
038 - Bobby Moore Platinum
041a - Stuart Pearce Figure
041b - Stuart Pearce Card
041 - Stuart Pearce Box
corin033 Bobby Moore
corin036 - Bobby Moore base
042b - Rio Ferdinand Card