theyflysohigh : Steve Marsh

Welcome to the Private memorabilia collection of 'theyflysohigh'

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Banner Hammers Logo theyflysohigh Scooter 02 SLUG Memorabilia

For the Claret n' Blue ...

Motorbike 01 Motorbike 03 Motorbike 02 Motorbike 04 Motorbike 05

Classic custom sprayed retro style Motorbike

WHU House Crested leg

Traff :

No doubting who Traff supports

Coin Crest Brick Crest Leather Crest Gates

2 colour leather crest made by the best and largest saddlery in Wyoming, USA.

Coin Boleyn Castle made with old coins relevant to the club ie 1895, 1923, 1966, 1975, 1980 etc, made by someone Traff spotted at a craft fair.

Brick crest made by a brickmaking family from Chesham, featuring 6" cast letters.


Crossed Hammers gates made by a blacksmith from Tring

Go Faster

How Do you Show Your Support?

email a photo and it may well be featured on this page.

2ft square Wooden Oak Hammers Crest -

hand carved by a man from Somerset"

Brickwork SLUG Memorabilia Scooter

Steve Richmond England's 1966 World Cup retro style Motorbike

Scooter 2 Scooter 3

Aaron (Mitch) Mitchell's Hammers Lambretta

Scooter 01 Ironworks Cottages

Andrew Harding

Ironworks Cottages topping out: Andrew built a pair of cottages in Sudbury Suffolk

For The Record Tattoos