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Banner Hammers Logo theyflysohigh 1673 Liverpool 03 1975 1417 Derby County 02 (N) 75-76 Jennings 0856 Liverpool Charity Shield 08 (A) 64-65 1964 Charity Shield Plaque

* Footnote:


The FA Charity Shield was renamed the FA Community Shield in 2002 when the Charity Commission found that the Football Association failed to meet its legal obligations. The Football Association failed to specify what money from ticket sales went to charity, and delayed payments to the charities nominated as required.


West Ham’s Three FA Charity Shield Games

by Roger Hillier

The curtain raiser to the new season traditionally starts with the Football Association Community Shield (*formerly the Football Association Charity Shield). Played between the champions of the previous season’s Premier League and the holders of the FA Cup it seems to be dominated by the Premier League’s top few clubs. But every August’s showcase match is a reminder that if you look carefully at the illustrious list of past winners you will find West Ham United.


Back in the days when it was called the FA Charity Shield and following their three FA Cup triumphs in 1964, 1975 and 1980, the Hammers participated in the season's curtain raiser. Their best result was 1964’s match which ended with Liverpool and West Ham as joint winners after a 2-2 draw. Each club held the shield for 6 months. West Ham’s subsequent Wembley Charity Shield appearances in 1975 and 1980 ended in disappointment.


The rest of this feature takes a look at West Ham United’s three FA Charity Shield games.  

Liverpool 2 – 2 West Ham United (HT 1 – 1)

Saturday August 15, 1964

Attendance: 38,858

Liverpool suffered misfortune as early as the eighth minute when inside forward Alf Arrowsmith went off injured to be replaced by substitute Phil Chisnall. What was unusual about this?  This was a substitution before number 12s were introduced by the Football League, and secondly, Phil Chisnall was in the Manchester United XI which had been beaten by the Hammers in the FA Cup semi-final back in March.

Liverpool 1 - 0 West Ham United

27th mins:


A Bobby Moore error let in Gordon Wallace for a slashing shot which hit the far post and rebounded across the goal to hit the other post before trickling over the line.




Liverpool 1 - 1 West Ham United

41 mins:


With half time approaching the equaliser was no more than the Hammers deserved. Moore started the move deep in midfield.

Derby County 2 -0 West Ham United (HT 2-0)

Saturday August 9,  1975

Attendance: 59,000

Derby’s two goals both fell in the first half. The first in the 20th minute when ex Arsenal forward, Charlie George, turned his pass perfectly and Kevin Hector fired a narrow angled shot beyond Mervyn Day’s right hand.  

Liverpool 1 – 0 West Ham United (HT 1-0)

August 9, 1980

Attendance: 90,000

The Times match report explained that the predictability of Liverpool gave as much pleasure as watching jelly set! Through some good fortune Liverpool took the lead in the 20th minute and then seemed content to sit on their slender lead.


With 20 minutes on the clock the game’s sole net arrived when Liverpool’s two Kennedys combined on the left when Ray released Alan for a shot which Phil Parkes couldn’t hold for it to spill out in front of Terry McDermott who made no mistake.


After West Ham's well executed FA Cup final performance against Arsenal back in May, the Hammers only gave flashes of brilliance. There was certainly no indicators of how they would go on to dominate Division Two and reach Wembley again in 1981’s League Cup final.


West Ham’s starting XI included two changes from the memorable triumph over the Gunners. Paul Brush replaced Frank Lampard and Pat Holland stepped in for an absent Stuart Pearson. The team also included two survivors from the previous FA Charity Shield game: Pat Holland and Trevor Brooking.


Manager John Lyall gave substitute forward Nicky Morgan 18 minutes Wembley experience when he came on for Geoff Pike. Morgan was the only one of five claret and blue subs who came on.

64_08_15 Liverpool v. WHU 64_08_15 Liverpool v. WHU Charity Shield

In the halcyon days of the 1960’s the FA Charity Shield draw with Liverpool is often overlooked. Looking back on the 2-2 draw it was an impressive result which deserves an airing!  Why?


1964’s FA Charity Shield was played against and at the home ground of the previous season’s Football League champions, Liverpool.  To put the draw in perspective, West Ham has only won once at Anfield in the last 55 years. (The 3-0 win at Anfield on Saturday August 29, 2015 was the first victory since September 14, 1963.)  So a draw with Bill Shankly’s Football League champions and on their turf was no mean feat!  

West Ham’s first FA Charity Shield game received very favourable match reports. “For a curtain raiser to the new season it deservedly had the fans roaring their appreciation”.  


West Ham was described as “ultra-continental”. Fielding the same side which lifted the FA Cup three months earlier, they started by delighting the scousers by lining up in the middle of the pitch for a pre-season wave – a habit learned from European grounds. And their game was that cool Continental one of retreating, ever regrouping defenders, and space-making counter-thrusting attackers”.

64_08_15 Liverpool v. WHU Charity Action 01 64_08_15 Liverpool v. WHU Charity Action 02 64_08_15 Liverpool v. WHU Charity Action 03 0856 Liverpool Charity Shield 04 (A) 64-65 1964 Charity Shield Plaque

Despite some rave reviews the Hammers had to twice come from behind to draw level.


A summary of the goals is as follows:

Jim Standen and Ken Brown are helpless as Gordon Wallace puts the Reds 1-0 up

West Ham United: 

Jim Standen

John Bond

Jack Burkett

Eddie Bovington

Ken Brown

Bobby Moore

Peter Brabrook

Ron Boyce

Johnny Byrne

Geoff Hurst

John Sissons  


Unused sub: Martin Peters.

A pass to Ron Boyce who swept the ball to Geoff Hurst, and then on to West Ham’s man of the match, Eddie Bovington. The West Ham wing-half chipped the ball over Liverpool’s Ron Yeats for the quicksilver Johnny Byrne “to meet with the grace of a ballet dancer, taking the ball chest high on his right instep and neatly steering it wide of goalkeeper Lawrence. It was a goal of such perfection, such timing, that it was greeted with an astonished silence!”  

Liverpool 2 – 1 West Ham United

49 mins:


Four minutes into the second half and the other Byrne, the Reds full back Gerry, hit a first time shot from 30 yards out which swerved into Jim Standen’s goal.



Liverpool 2 – 2 West Ham United

84 mins:


Liverpool defenders were caught on the hop when Peter Brabrook’s shot was parried out only for Geoff Hurst to charge in and score.


A draw, with no extra time or penalties in those days, meant the two sides shared the shield – six months each. In the coin toss to decide who would hold the shield for the first six months, Ron Yeats, Liverpool’s captain wrongly called tails. So the Hammers held the shield first which is why it appeared in the club’s early season team and squad pictures.

0856 Liverpool Charity Shield 05 (A) 64-65

Johnny Byrne's goal silences the Anfield Kop

Liverpool: Wallace (27 mins), Byrne G. (49 mins)

West Ham United: Byrne J. (44 mins), Hurst (84 mins)

Derby County: Hector (20 mins), McFarland (44 mins)

75_08_09 Derby County v. WHU 75_08_09 Derby County v. WHU Charity Shield

After the euphoria of 1975’s FA Cup win, the Hammers’ return to Wembley Stadium  three months later was an anti-climax. West Ham was outclassed by the previous season’s Division One champions, Derby County, with the Hammers’ performance described in two of the match report headings as “inept”. Though the show piece game was reported as “clean and honest” on a scorcher of an afternoon.


The West Ham starting line up had one change from the FA Cup victory over Fulham. With Billy Bonds injured the team was reshuffled to bring in the FA Cup final’s unused substitute, Bobby Gould. Captain for the day and the 5th Hammer to captain a West Ham XI at Wembley was Frank Lampard.

West Ham United:

Mervyn Day

John McDowell

Frank Lampard (capt)

Pat Holland

Tommy Taylor

Kevin Lock

Alan Taylor

Graham Paddon

Billy Jennings (Keith Coleman 74 mins)

Trevor Brooking

Bobby Gould (Keith Robson 63 mins)

1417 Derby County 01 (N) 75-76 Jennings 1417 Derby County 04 (N) 75-76 Lampard

Twenty four minutes later and from a Nish corner a Francis Lee header fell to Hector who back healed the ball against Day, leaving man of the match Roy McFarland to shoot in the rebound.  

Despite being outclassed the Hammers had their scoring chances. Trevor Brooking supplied two crosses that nearly bought two Pat Holland headed goals. One of which landed on top of the bar. Plus a Billy Jennings header caused Derby some anxiety.  Derby’s Archie Gemmill also managed a header against his own upright!


In the second half West Ham gave first Wembley appearances to a couple of Keith’s. Robson and Coleman replaced Gould and Jennings respectively.  

Liverpool: McDermott (20 mins)

80_08_09 Liverpool v. WHU 80_08_09 WHU v. Liverpool Charity Shield

West Ham United:

Phil Parkes

Ray Steward

Paul Brush

Billy Bonds (capt)

Alvin Martin

Alan Devonshire

Paul Allen

Pat Holland

David Cross

Trevor Brooking

Geoff Pike (Nicky Morgan 82 mins)


Unused subs:

Bobby Ferguson, Frank Lampard,

Jimmy Neighbour, George Cowie.

Five years to the day after the Derby County FA Charity Shield game, Second Division West Ham returned to Wembley for their third Shield appearance. And it was not going to be third time lucky!


The match was not a particularly inspiring game and on another sultry August afternoon the Hammers wilted.

1673 Liverpool 02 (N) 80-81 Paul Allen 1673 Liverpool 01 (N) 80-81 Martin

Paul Allen battles with Phil Thompson and Tery McDermott

Alvin Martin defensive header

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Shared pride as the captain's parade the Charity Shield

Ron Boyce challenges keeper and defender for the ball

Geoff Hurst aerial challenge

Johnny Byrne's Charity Shield souvenir plaque

Jim Standen leaps to catch the ball

Billy Jennings towers above the Derby County defenders

Anguish for Billy Jennings a his effort goes unrewarded

Captain Frank Lampard seems happy with his memento