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1964 FA Cup Parade MOORE Bobby Dressing room J - Hat band

A Grand Day Out ...

F.A. Cup Final Memorabilia Timeline

On a glorious May day back in 1964 West Ham’s Bobby Moore lifted the world's most famous piece of silverware! An unforgettable moment in the clubs history which has been well documented. This feature traces 1964's triumph in an unusual and unique way.  We recall how the day itself and the celebrations unfolded on a path of memorabilia.


The journey commences when referee Ken Stokes blew the final whistle at Hillsborough after the 3-1 semi-final victory over Manchester United and finishes with the civic reception hosted by the West and East Ham Councils on Friday May 8th.  

FA Cup Final Day – Saturday May 2, 1964

Manchester United


West Ham United

F.A. Cup Semi-Final Hillsborough

14th March 1964


John Bond celebrates victory

Got any Tickets C - Ballot Card A - Lining up for a Cup Final ticket

Season ticket holders were entitled to apply in person for a ticket

The remaining allocation was by means of a lucky Ballot Card number. The club were inundated with requests for tickets that far exceeded their allocation which prompted Club secretary Eddie Chapman to place this ‘Good morning! Got any Cup-final tickets’ drawing within the pages of the club programme.

by Roger Hillier and Steve Marsh

B - Cup Final Ticket S - Cup Final Programme

The ‘Grand Day Out’ started for one West Ham fan at Sheffield’s Midland station using this 2nd class excursion rail ticket to Wembley Central. The return journey would be all the more sweeter knowing European football would be coming to the Boleyn Ground the following season.

E - Train ticket

The Evening News and Star newspaper gave the low down on the two teams, one feature describes how the footballing strength of the Cockney club from London would measure up against Preston the pride of Lancashire.

F - Evening News newspaper dail002 - Favour

Sunday Express


Souvenir Cup Final programme and match ticket

G - Coach Ticket

The Hammers party, players and officials travelled by coach to Wembley Stadium from the Boleyn Ground, however we are not sure what would have happen if one of the players had lost his coach ticket, only holders were permitted to travel and it was required afterwards for the return journey to the London Hilton.

K - Programme of arrangements

The Football Association’s Programme of Arrangements reveals the Londoners had occupied the lucky South Dressing Room, so the omens at least favoured the Hammers.

Fans from both sides singing old time favourites like ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’, ‘Underneath the Arches’, interspersed with “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and ‘Waltzing Matilda’ to the Band of the Welsh Guards. Community singing was primarily a form of entertaining the fans at FA Cup Finals from the mid 1920's through to the early 1970's, culminating in the rendition of the hymn ‘Abide with me’.

H - Daily Express Community Songsheet Crossed Hammer outline Crossed Hammer outline



Crossed Hammer outline Crossed Hammer outline


Crossed Hammer outline

Players and Officials depart the Boleyn Ground

Crossed Hammer outline

Cup Final ticket queues the week before the Cup Final

Crossed Hammer outline


1:30 to 2:30pm

Daily Express Community Singing

All together now...

Crossed Hammer outline Crossed Hammer outline Crossed Hammer outline

British Rail return train ticket

Ballot Card

Morning newspaper

Programme of


West Ham supporters were also given a paper hat band to wear, bet you wished you had kept yours, as this particular piece a headgear now commands £30

Crossed Hammer outline


Bobby Moore introduces his team-mates to the

Earl of Harewood

WHU v Preston handshake

Bobby Moore and Nobby Lawton meet at centre circle for toss of coin. Referee Arthur Holland

Captains Handshake

64 FAC Final Royalty Crossed Hammer outline


The two teams leave the dressing room

Crossed Hammer outline


By Royal Appointment

The players must be ready to leave the dressing rooms. A member of the F.A. Staff – Mr. H.N. Bird – will inform the players referee and linesmen, when to leave, and will conduct them to the entrance to the playing arena. They will enter the arena side by side on receipt of a signal from Mr. Stanton at the arena end of the Royal Tunnel, and will proceed across the field of play and take up their positions at the flags opposite the Royal Tunnel in two lines facing each other for presentation to the Earl of Harewood, the Preston North End team at the white flag, and the West Ham United team at the red flag. The referee and linesmen will take up their positions as indicated in the diagram below. Mr. H.N. Bird will supervise these arrangements.

Layout of players

Photographers must wait until after the teams are in position before they enter the playing field.


After the presentation the National Anthem will be played. The bands master will receive a signal from Mr. Follows. The players may then “kick-about” until the referee calls the Captains together to begin the game. The Referee must not start the match until the Earl of Harewood is seated in the Royal Box.


Crossed Hammer outline


The Earl has taken his seat : Kick-off


West Ham United  0  

Preston North End  1

Goal by Doug Holden

Crossed Hammer outline

11:00 am

Referee and Linesmen

The Referee and Linesmen are asked to be at the Offices of The Football Association, 22 Lancaster Gate, W.2, at 11 am. On the day of the match.

From Lancaster Gate, a car will be placed at the disposal of the three match officials. They must wear outfits of a colour distinguishing them from the players. (N.B. – As the Preston North End team will play in white shirts and blue shorts, and the West Ham United team in claret and blue shirts and white shorts, a black uniform will be suitable.)

Mr Bird will see that the refreshments are provided for the three officials in their dressing room at half-time and at the end of the match. Flags for the Linesmen will be provided by The Football Association.


A member of the F.A. Staff will deliver the Cup and Medals to Mr. Sutton on arrival at Wembley

The official Concessionaires appointed by Wembley Stadium to print the programmes are Messrs. McCorquodale. The price of the programme is 1/-. A complimentary programme will be handed to members of The Football Association Council and their guests either at lunch or when taking their seats.

Crossed Hammer outline



At half-time the players will leave the field as usual, but the interval must not exceed 10 minutes.


Interval Entertainment

Immediately the Referee signals half-time, the Arena will be occupied by the Massed Bands of the Brigade of Guards who will give a marching display for ten minutes.

Bands and Community Singing

Mr. W. Stanton will be in charge of the bands. From 1:30pm to 2:30pm the Massed Bands of the brigade of Guards will play a selection of music, and from 2:30pm to 2:50pm will accompany the community singing.

The bands will take up a suitable position before the presentation of the players and match officials to The Earl of Harewood, and be ready to play the National Anthem after the presentation at a signal from Mr. D. Follows.

Crossed Hammer outline


The Reception and Presentation of Officials and Teams

At 2:45pm the following will assemble for presentation to the Earl of Harewood and Countess of Harewood in the Royal Box Retiring Room.

Mr. J.H.W. Mears (Chairman of the Football Association), Major J. Stewart (Vice-Chairman and Vice-President of the Football Association), Mr. S.A. Donaldson (Hon. Treasurer of the Football Association), Mr. D.F. Wiseman (Chairman of the Challenge Cup Committee), M. D. Follows (Secretary of the Footbal Association), Sir Bracewell Smith (Chairman of Wembley Stadium Ltd), Alderman C.E. Molyneux (Mayor of Preston), Alderman Mrs. Margaret Scott, J.P. (Mayor of West Ham), Alderman L.L. Griffiths (Mayor of East Ham), Mr. R.H. Pratt, J.P. (Chairman of West Ham United F.C.), Mr. A. Harrison, B.E.M. (Chairman of Preston North End F.C.)

Immediately the match is over the players and the three match officials will assemble in front of the Royal Tunnel. The winning team, headed by the Captain, will then walk up the steps on the right facing the Royal Box to receive the Cup and Medals, followed by the Captain and members of the losing team and the Referee and Linesmen. As each player and official returns to the field he must form a line facing the Royal Box. A member of the F.A. Staff, Mr. Bird, with the Wembley Officials detailed to be responsible for the ground arrangements, will direct these movements.


SPECIAL NOTE – If the match should end in a Draw after extra time, the players and match officials will be presented to The Earl of Harewood as though they were to receive their medals.


The replay if neccessary would be scheduled for next Monday evening at Goodison Park.

Crossed Hammer outline



Crossed Hammer outline


Cup and Medals

Crossed Hammer outline


Royal Box Guests

A welcome will be extended to the Guests by members of The Football Association. The Secretary will see that the seating is in accordance with the approved plan and arrange for a copy of the programme to be handed to each guest.

The Earl of Harewood will proceed to the playing area, where the two teams and match officials will be lined up for presentation. He will be accompanied by Mr Mears who will present the Captains of the two teams, and the Captain will in turn, present their players. The Referee and two linesmen will then be presented. Immediately after the last presentation the National Anthem wil be played, after which the Earl will be conducted to the Royal Box.

1964 FA Cup Luncheon 01 Crossed Hammer outline

1:00 to 2:40pm


Table plan and List of Guests at the Luncheon given by the Chairman and Directors of Wembley Stadium Limited


West Ham United  1  

Preston North End  1

Goal by John Sissons


West Ham United  1  

Preston North End  2

Goal by Alex Dawson


West Ham United  2  

Preston North End  2

Goal by Geoff Hurst


West Ham United  3  

Preston North End  2

Goal by Ron Boyce

Dawson heads a goal

Brabrook’s right wing corner falls 15 yards from the goal, where Ken Brown out jumps Dawson to head the ball to Geoff Hurst. Hurst’s looping header from nine yards hits the underside of the crossbar before rebounding off prostrate keeper Kelly to roll into the far corner of the net.

Extra time looms when West Ham’s “Ticker” Boyce heads the winner. Jim Standen’s goal kick is picked up by Hurst just inside the Preston half.  Hurst moves diagonally across the pitch before he passes to Brabrook. From the edge of the Preston penalty area Brabrook sends over a perfect cross to the far post.  Ronnie Boyce times his run to perfection to rise and heads the ball into the goal from seven yards.

SISSONS John 1964 Final Football 2 Football 2 Football 2 Football 2 Football 2

Sissons plays a one-two with Budgie Byrne. Collecting the return pass and moving forward a few steps into Preston’s penalty area, Sissons drills a low left foot shot across goal keeper Alan Kelly and just inside the post from 12 yards.

SISSONS and Kendall MOORE Bobby captain

After ten minutes Preston North End took a deserved lead. In a short passing move through the centre between Kendall and Lawton before Alex Dawson sent in a low, arkward volley from the edge of the area which Jim Standen fumbled allowing left winger Doug Holden to poke home.

Shortly before half time, Preston North End regained their advantage. Wilson sent over a corner from the right for Dawson to attack. Both keeper Standen and centre half Brown slipped as the it came and Preston's bull of a centre forward needed no second invitation, sending a downwards header into the corner of the net.

John Sissons and Howard Kendall

MOORE Bobby FA Cup 03 Crossed Hammer outline


Cup presented to Bobby Moore

Crossed Hammer outline


Victorious West Ham United team

parade the cup

Moore with Cup Coleman HURST header BOYCE Ron a BobbyMoore1964 Three goalscorers MOORE kisses Cup TV set L - Bobby Moore winners medal M - Miniature replica FA Cup Crossed Hammer outline

This Football Association Challenge Cup medal was awarded to captain Bobby Moore

West Ham United  received a more permanent reminder of a grand day out with this miniature replica of the FA Cup.

Cup in hand, tickets checked and all players safely aboard, the coach headed off to The London Hilton which hosted the evenings banquet, guests and dignitaries tucking into Fillet of Sole Marguery and danced the night away to Chappie D’Amato and his Orchestra.

Crossed Hammer outline N - Banquet Crossed Hammer outline


Banquet at The London Hilton

Sunday 3rd May belong to the supporters, the players open-top coach parade started at the teams hotel in Park Lane and meandered towards east London, taking in the Mile End Road before travelling towards Plaistow, Barking Road and High Street North before heading towards Green Street and the Boleyn Ground.

Crossed Hammer outline


Open top coach parade

P - Coach Parade Coach celebration 03


R - Pennant


Crossed Hammer outline

A Civic Reception

East Ham Town Hall


Q - Civic Reception

A week after the Cup Final a Civic Reception to the winning team was given at East Ham Town Hall by the two Civic authorities at that time The Councils of East Ham and West Ham who presented the club with a joint pennant. The Councils were shortly to be joined under the name of Newham.

Crossed Hammer outline

The events surrounding the 1964 FA Cup Final at Wembley turned out to be a dress rehearsal, the Hammers returned to Wembley Stadium a year later to do it all again, this time against TSV Munchen 1860 in the European Cup Winners Cup Final.    But that's another story....

Wembley Stadium timetable of events courtesy of John Northcutt

Steward 1964

At 4:30pm Wembley officials will bring the Cup and medals to the Royal Box

The Earl of Harewood will present the Cup and medal to the Captain. The next player will then take the plinth and receive his medal. Immediately the second linesmen has joined the players, the National Anthem will be played – Mr. D. Follows, who will be standing beside The Earl of Harewood, will give the signal to the Bandmaster. The teams and officials will then return to their dressing rooms. The ball will be brought from the field by the Referee or a Linesmen. After returning to the dressing rooms, the ball will be handed to the Captain of the winning team if he wishes to have it.

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