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2002 FIFA World Cup : Korea Japan ...

The 2002 FIFA World Cup was the 17th staging of the FIFA World Cup, held in South Korea and Japan from 31 May to 30 June. The two countries were chosen as hosts by FIFA in May 1996; it was the first World Cup to be hosted by two countries. It was also the first World Cup held in Asia, and the last in which the golden goal rule was implemented. Brazil won the tournament for a record fifth time, beating Germany 2–0 in the final. Turkey beat South Korea 3–2 in the third place match.


2002 WC Logo
zpl006 - Wrapper
zpl001 - Trevor Sinclair

World Cup 2002 Collection


Teams: 32

Date: 31 May 2002 to 30 June 2002

Final: 30 June 2002

Matches: 64

Goals Scored: 161 (average 2.5 per match)

Attendance: 2,705,197 (average 42,268)

Winner: Brazil

Runners-Up: Germany

Third: Turkey

Fourth: Korea Republic

adidas Golden Ball: Oliver KAHN (Germany)

adidas Golden Shoe: RONALDO (Brazil)

Yashin Award for the Best Goalkeeper: Oliver KAHN (Germany)

FIFA Fair Play award: Belgium

FIFA Award for the Most Entertaining Team: Korea Republic

AKAS (Turkey)

World Cup

Coloured, numbered series of 110 stickers. Anonymous backs given away with sweets. Issued to coincide with the 2002 World Cup Finals.

Size 62x50mm

15. Legends Bobby Moore

akas001 - Bobby Moore

JUEGO DEL 5 (Argentina)

Playing Cards

Coloured set of 35 playing cards issued in Argentina for the 2002 World Cup.

Reverse states Juego Del 5.

Size: 88x59mm    PRICE GUIDE: £1.50

juge001 - Poalo Di Canio

M1. Paolo Di Canio

Panini Card Rigobert Song

PANINI Publishing Ltd

FIFA World Cup 2002

38. Rigobert Song

Coloured numbered series of 250 cards. Including 150 players, trophy card, FIFA card, Japan National players, Mascots, Poster cards, Federation logos, Flag players and 3 checklists.


England 2002 World Cup Series

Coloured series of 32 caricature portraits. Issued for the the World Cup Finals held in Japan and South Korea 2002. A set of 32 postcard-sized cards. The player on the front also appears on the back of one of the other cards in the series. The first named player is the main player on the card and the second named player also features on the back of the card.

Size 148x105mm

auto001 - Michael Carrick
auto002 - Trevor Sinclair
auto002 - Trevor Sinclair back

E26 Michael Carrick


World Cup 2002

henryn001 - Paolo Di Canio
henryn002 - Wrapper


TOP TRUMPS : Budweiser

World Cup Legends from Around the World

trump013 - Bobby Moore back
trump013 - Bobby Moore
trump014 - Geoff Hurst
trump015 - Promotional card

R-311 Rigobert Song

REYAUCA (Venezuela

Campeonato Mundial Futbol 2002

reyauca002 - Album
reyauca001 - Rigobert Song

Coloured numbered series of 528 stickers, plain backs. Issued in Venezuela

Size: 54mm x 78mm

Anonymous (Netherlands)

World Cup Playing Cards 2002

Coloured series of 52 playing cards. Issued in Holland and featuring star players for the 2002 World Cup Finals.


hond001 - Joe Cole - King Diamonds
hond001 - Joe Cole - King Diamonds back
auto001 - David James
auto001 - David James - back
auto002 - Michael Carrick - back

E27 Trevor Sinclair

E21 David James


Mundial Korea Japan 2002

papt001 - Rigobert Song
papt001 - Rigobert Song Back

296. Rigobert Song

THE GUARDIAN (Newspaper)

Top Chumps World Cup Calamities

Colured unnumberered series of 32 cards. issued in six sheets, the seventh sheet is the press-out box to hold the set of cards.

Size: 100x62mm

guar002 - Box
guar001 - Bobby Moore
guar001 - Bobby Moore - back

Press out box

Bobby Moore

Argentina flag
Mexico flag
Venezuela flg
Netherlands flag

Coloured, numbered series of 532 stickers. Special album issued to accomapny the series

papt002 - Album



Joe Cole


Coloured, unnumbered series of 44 postcard size cards. Issued in see-through cellophane wrappers wityh inset card.

Special album issued to accompany the series.

zpl005 - Album
zpl004 - Joe Cole
zpl002 - David James
zpl003 - Michael Carrick


Wrapper inset card

Trevor Sinclair

David James

Michael Carrick

Joe Cole

MERLIN Publishing Ltd

England 2002

Coloured, Numbered series of 278 self-adhesive stickers. Special Album issued to accompany the series.

Sizes 85x61mm, 68x54mm and 61x47mm

MERLIN Publishing Ltd

England 2002

These Merlin Mini stickers were only available inside special packets of "Walker's Snacks" Numbered series of 32 stickers. Special Wallchart issued to accompany the series.

Size 40x40mm

merlin030d - Wallchart
merlin030e - Wrapper
merlin030 - England 2002 Minis



E4. David James

E17. Michael Carrick

E18. Joe Cole

E25. Trevor Sinclair

merlin029j - Album
merlin029k - Wrapper
merlin029 - David James
merlin029a - Michael Carrick
merlin029c - Jermain Defoe
merlin029h - Rigobert Song
merlin029b - Joe Cole
merlin029d - David James
merlin029e - David James
merlin029f - Joe Cole
merlin029g - Joe Cole

38B. Jermain Defoe

214B. Rigobert Song

70. David James (Foil)

110. Joe Cole (Foil)

69. David James

109. Joe Cole

8. David James

21. Michael Carrick

22. Joe Cole