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1997-98 Season Memorabilia ...

Pocket Guide : West Ham

mirr052a - Pocket Guide

Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd

Pocket guide published by Bookman Projects Ltd

adid001 - Cole youth


Player Promotional Card

merlin015 - Kick Off

Merlin Publishing Ltd

Kick Off Sticker Collection

Coloured, numbered series of 180 self-adhesive stickers.

Sizes 68x54mm and 45x42mm


166. Julian Dicks (foil)

167. John Hartson (foil)

168. Paul Kitson (foil)

169. Tim Breacker

170. John Moncur

171. Rio Ferdinand

172. Hugo Porfirio

173. Ludek Miklosko

merlin016 - Premier Gold 98 merlin017 - Premier 98

Merlin Publishing Ltd

Premier Gold 98

Coloured, numbered series of 180 cards. Series consists of player portraits, engraved foils and rainbow foil hotshots.

Size 89x64mm


B19 Club Badge (foil)

139 Julian Dicks

140 John Hartson

141 Paul Kitson

142 Marc Rieper

143 Hugo Porfirio

144 Ludek Miklosko

Merlin Publishing Ltd

Premier League 98

Coloured, numbered series of 504 self-adhesive stickers.

Sizes 68x54 and 85x61mm


258. John Hartson - Merlin's Collector's Awards

457. Club Badge

458. Club Strip

459. Team Group (Part 1)

460. Team Group (Part 2)

461. Paul Kitson (Top Scorer)

462. Ludek Miklosko

463. Craig Forrest

464. Tim Breacker

465. Steve Potts

466. David Unsworth

467. Ian Pearce

468. Rio Ferdinand

469. Steve Lomas

470. John Moncur

471. Stan Lazaridis

472. Frank Lampard

473. Andy Impey

474. Eyal Berkovic

475. Paul Kitson (Top Scorer)

476. John Hartson

477. Iain Dowie

478. Eyal Berkovic (Overseas Player)

479. Rio Ferdinand (Superstar - foil)

480. John Hartson (Hotshot - foil)

kappa001 - Frank Lampard


Promotional Postcard

News of the World

notw001 - Window Sticker

Coloured, unnumbered series of 20 Carling Premiership "Window Stickers". Given free with copies of "The News of the World" newspaper.

Size: 295x64mm


Window Sticker

lcc001 - Greeting Card lcc001 - Greeting Card back

L.C.C. Ltd

The London Scene : Greeting Card

1998-99 Season 1996-97 Season

Adidas and Puma are among the most recognised sporting brands in the world, but neither might exist if not for a bitter rivalry between two brothers from Herzogenaurach a little-known village in Germany. In the 1920s, Adi and Rudolf Dassler started a small shoemaking business focusing primarily on hand-sewn athletic footwear. As their business began to flourish, the two brothers grew increasingly frustrated with each other and disagreed on everything including the future direction of the company. The feuding brothers spawned two of the biggest brands in global sport when Rudolf left to form Puma whilst Adi remained to rename his company Adidas.

Adi and Adidas went on to produce the 'Predator' a football boot based on a prototype concept from the former Liverpool and Australian footballer Craig Johnston, the revolutionary footwear introduced rubber patches to the top of the boot, designed to increase friction between the boot and ball.

Rudolf and Puma went on to establish the modern practice of player sponsorship with his company issuing promotional player postcards, they also pioneered some of the greatest boot technology to grace a pitch, including 'Puma King' which is steeped in almost four decades of history and is arguably the first football boot to become a household name.

Rivalling both Puma and Adidas for their share in the celebrity promotional boot market is Nike with their Mercurial Vapor, the boot favoured by many players for whom speed is a very important part of their game because of its lightweight design.

Germany flag

Kappa was founded as a sock and underwear company in 1916 in the Italian city Turin. Kappa had become a consolidated brand in Italy the undisputed leader in the socks and underwear sector. It was during a photo shoot for swimwear in 1969 that a photo of a man and a woman, sitting back-to-back, becomes the brands logo. By 1979 the company had branched out into football kit by suppyling the Italian national team.

Italy flag


150 Years of Football


Guernsey Post enjoys worldwide renown for its regular new issues of Guernsey and Alderney stamps. In May 1998 to celebrate 150 years of football they released a 2 stamp mini sheet. Bobby Moore is depicted holding the World Cup.

Size: 110x80mm