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1995-96 Season Memorabilia ...


Premier League 96 Sticker Collection

Numbered series of 530 self-adhesive stickers.

Size 68x54mm & 85x61mm.

merlin007 merlin007 Album

349. Harry Redknapp (Manager)

350. Club Crest (foil)

351. Home & Away Strip (foil)

352.Team Group

353. Ludek Miklosko

354. Les Sealey

355. Marc Reiper

356. Alvin Martin

357. Julian Dicks

358. Steve Potts

359. Tim Breacker

360. Keith Rowland

361. Simon Webster

362. Stan Lazaridis

363. Danny Williamson

364. Ian Bishop

365. John Moncur

366. Robbie Slater

367. Michael Hughes

368. Don Hutchison

369. Iain Dowie

370. Tony Cottee

371. Programme

372. 3D Sticker

373. John Moncur (Part 1 Top)

374. John Moncur (Part 2 Bottom)


Ultimate Premier League Cards

Numbered series of 245 cards including metallic and laser-cut cards. Inscribed on front "Merlin Ultimate".

Size 89x64mm


217. West Ham United Badge (foil)

218. Ludek Miklosko

219. Steve Potts

220. Tim Breacker

221. Tony Cottee

222. Ian Bishop

223. John Moncur

224. Julian Dicks

225. Martin Allen

226. Alvin Martin

227. Marc Reiper

228. Don Hutchison

Premier League 96 Magicaps

19/20. West Ham United Checklist

19/20. Club Badge (foil)

83. Julian Dicks

84. Ludek Miklosko

85. Tony Cottee

86. Iain Dowie


Numbered series of 90 Magicaps

kpfo001 - Crisps kpfo001 - Crisps back


The F.A. Priemer League Crisps

Four Four Two Magazine in association with KP Foods ran a series of Premier League Facts and Figures as well as Trivia Questins on the backs of the crisp packets.

West Ham United / Chelsea


Soccer Heroes Postcard

Coloured Postcard. Soccer Heroes by Stuart Marshall.

Inscribed on reverse (J. Hossack Design) printed by the Thought Factory

Size: 148x100mm   PRICE GUIDE: £1.50

hoss001 - Bobby Moore Postcard impe001 - AFC Nicknames


Reproduction of

Ogden's 1933 card

A.F.C. Nicknames

wpl002 - Stadium Postcard


Stadium Postcard

Music - Forever Blowing Bubbles

“Forever Blowing Bubbles” by Cherry Red Records celebrates West Ham’s centenary year with a CD compilation of 20 Hammers hits, including tracks from the 1975 West Ham Cup Final Squad whilst the rest are performed by Hammers supporters.


Most of the hits paying tribute to the club are a delight to the ears including songs from punk rock band Cockney Rejects and ‘Barmy Army’ [Adrian Sherwood] singing Leroy’s Boots, while others made you cringe, including in no particular order ‘Chicken Ron’ with Over Land & Sea, ‘Boleyn Boys’ singing Football Mad, and the never to be forgotten all-time classic “Bobby Moore was Innocent” by Serious Drinking.


Forever Blowing Bubbles

1996-97 Season 1994-95 Season


Coloured, unnumbered anonymous series of 64 stickers with a green border.

Stickers issued as 2 separate sheets of 32 stickers. Size when peeled from backing sheet: 70x50mm


The Royal Mail issued this collection at the same time as the Football Legend stamps.

Special 24-page album issued to accompany the series


Football Legends

royal ALBUM royal BM royal TB royal GH dawn010 - Centenary Cover dawn011 - Centenary Postcard


No.10 West Ham United

West Ham United were formed in 1985 and this painting has been produced for the Club's Centenary. It features the "Centenary" strip for home and away with the background view of the famous Boleyn ground. the supporters are renowned for their rendering of "I'm Forever Blowwing Bubbles" so some important events have been highlighted in "Bubbles".

No.8 West Ham United

A series of paintings featuring different clubs, events and celebrities in Football. The first edition is limited to 5,000 postcards. Artwork by G.S. Cooper

Centenary Postal Cover

Centenary Postcard


Player Promotional Postcards

puma002 - Julian Dicks puma007 - Tony Cottee puma008 - Tony Cottee puma003 - Julian Dicks Germany flag


THE SUN (Newspaper)

Premiership Football Strips

A series of 20 paper inserts cut from the newspaper. The 20 represented teams make up the Premiership in season 1995-96

sun037 Premiership Football Strips