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1994-95 Season Memorabilia ...


Footballers 1994-95

ritc001 - Michael Hughes ritc001 - back


Premier League 95 Sticker Collection

Numbered series of 529 self-adhesive stickers. Head & shoulder portraits, team group and club crest.

Size 68x54mm & 85x62mm

482. Club Crest (foil)

483. Team Group

484. Lee Chapman

485. Ludek Miklosko

486. Tim Breacker

487. Steve Potts

488. Alvin Martin

489. Adrian Whitbread

490. Keith Rowland

491. John Moncur

492. Martin Allen

493. Peter Butler

494. Ian Bishop

495. Matthew Rush

496. Mike Marsh

497. Trevor Morley

498. Matt Holmes

499. Tony Cottee

500. Julian Dicks

501. Lee Chapman

502. Don Hutchison


503. Alvin Martin / Alan Smith

  Left - Super Sticker


504. Alvin Martin / Alan Smith  

  Right - Super Sticker


505. Team Strip


Premier League 95 Magicaps

Numbered series of 264 Magicaps and 22 Check list cards

Size 42mm dia.

21/22. West Ham United Checklist

241. Club Crest (foil)

242. Ludek Miklosko

243. Tim Breacker

244. Steve Potts

245. Alvin Martin

246. Martin Allen

247. Ian Bishop

248. Trevor Morley

249. Matt Holmes

250. Tony Cottee

251. Julian Dicks

252. Don Hutchison

quad001 - stadium postcard


Coloured stadium postcard, showing the new Bobby Moore Stand with Ground location map. Inscribed on reverse "Quadrant 081-669 1114"

Size 212x108mm

Stadium Postcard

ANCO Ltd (Playtime Games)

Baddiel & Skinner Fantasy Manager

Unnumbered series of 12 West Ham United related game cards

Size 70x50mm

Miklosko £1.0m

Potts £1.2m

Breacker £1.2m

Rowland £1.0m

Gale £0.2m

Martin £0.1m

Marsh £1.3m

Bishop £1.3m

Allen £0.7m

Butler £1.0m

Chapman £0.5m

Morley £0.5m


Birthday Greeting Card

blac001 - Bobby Moore anco001 - Ludek Miklosko back anco001 - Ludek Miklosko

Fantasy football fever gripped the nation at the beginning of the 1990’s. The original concept was created by Andrew Wainstein in England. Fantasy football is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of real life footballers and score points based on those players' actual statistical performance or their perceived contribution on the field of play.

Comedian’s David Baddiel and Frank Skinner brought the popular newspaper game to the television screen in their programme ‘Fantasy Football League’ which was first aired in January 1994.

The format of the show was reliant on an actual fantasy football league, made up of teams picked by guest celebrities. A year later Baddiel & Skinner brought out a board game version by Playtime Games. Twelve player game cards were issued for each of the 20 Premiership teams for the 1994-95 season. Players take the role of football manager and receives an initial fund of 25 million pounds to assemble a squad of players. The combined West Ham United’s squad valued at that time totalled £10 million. My namesake Mike Marsh was valued at £1.3m. What price the Hammers squad today? The game cards however can be snapped up for a mere 25 pence each.

anco002 Steve Potts anco003 Tim Breacker anco004 - Keith Rowland anco005 Tony Gale anco006 Alvin Martin anco007 - Mike Marsh anco008 Ian Bishop anco009 Martin Allen anco010 Peter Butler anco011 Lee Chapman anco012 Trevor Morley whu9495junior whu9495junior inside


Junior Hammer Birthday Card

Coloured birthday card given to members of the Junior Hammers. Sponsored by supermarket Savacentre and designed by Stuart Lewin. Players facsimile autographs inside

Size: 210x148mm


Player Promotional Card

puma001 - Julian Dicks 94-95


Mini Leaguers - Art of Sport

Series of cold-cast porcelain figurines, hand-painted in your clubs 1994 strip but came with your choice of name and number on the shirt.

Size: 15cm  PRICE GUIDE: £15.99

endu005 - Marsh front endu005 - Marsh back 1995-96 Season 1993-94 Season merlin006b merlin006r merlin006a merlin006q merlin006c merlin006d merlin006e merlin006f merlin006g merlin006h merlin006j merlin006k merlin006m merlin006n merlin006p

Michael Hughes


Premier Players

Coloured, numbered series of 48 cards. Inscribed on reverse "Compiled up to May 1994".

Size 66x35mm

bass050 - Lee Chapman



Coloured, hand drawn postcard by Dirk Bushby, featuring the controversal moment when Alvin Martin falls and is subsequently sent-off.

Size 152x102mm

playersprem001 - Alvin Martin front playersprem001 - Alvin Martin back

The scandalous dismissal of Alvin Martin after only 10 minutes effectively sealed struggling Hammers' fate. Not surprisingly the England veteran's absurd red card for 'serious foul play' stole the tabloid headlines, as Fleet Street stood as one to protest; "Alvin is innocent, okay."

When Pressman foiled Breacker's surge with a hurried punt upfield, there appeared to be little danger in store as Alvin Martin and Mark Bright went in search of the ball. But the 36 year-old lost his footing on the greasy top and, as he floundered on the halfway line, his outstretched arm forced the Owls' goal-getter to join him in the Upton Park mud.

Incredibly referee Danson pointed to the sidelines, and as the crestfallen defensive lynchpin trudged down the tunnel. West Ham's hopes went with him at Sheffield Wednesday went home with a 2-0 win. Alvin' s red card was later Rescinded

Sheffield Wednesday's Mark Bright trips over the fallen West Ham idol Alvin Martin at Upton Park

4. Lee Chapman