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1993-94 Season Memorabilia ...


Premier League Collection Cards

merlin003 merlin003 box

Numbered series of 120 action portraits depicted on club crests, Issued as a Limited Edition box set of 5,000 by "Square Circle" of behalf of Merlin.

Size 85x64mm


111. Ludek Miklosko

112. Martin Allen

113. Clive Allen

114. Lee Chapman

115. Trevor Morley

Numbered series of 479? self-adhesive stickers.

Size 68x54mm & 85x54mm.


232. West Ham v. Aston Villa

Matchday Programme

238. Clive Allen and Richard Keys

260/261. West Ham - Team Strip (foil)

434. Ludek Miklosko

435. David Burrows

436. Tim Breacker

437. Steve Potts

438. Tony Gale

439. Keith Rowland

440. Martin Allen

441. Peter Butler No.442 Ian Bishop

443. Dale Gordon

444. Mike Marsh

445. Trevor Morley

446. Clive Allen

447. Matt Holmes

448. Lee Chapman

449. Club Crest (foil)

450. Team Group

451. Dale Gordon (Part 1 Top)

452. Dale Gordon (Part 2 Bottom)

TAF001 - Invoice


This Football Game was advertised for sale in a popular football weekly in the autumn of 1993,

I duly sent off my cheque for £4.99 for the Subbuteo type figures.

Over the proceeding weeks and months, and after countless telephone calls to the Lancashire based company to complain about a non-delivery of the football figures they eventually arrived in a plastic bag.


I subsequently found out TAF Sportsgames Ltd had production problems with these figures and the company was dissovled shortly afterwards.

I believe I may have the only ones in existence, unless you know differently!

editservice001 Bobby Moore editservice001 Bobby Moore back


Foot Passion

This Bobby Moore sheet is from a set released between 1993 to 1995 by subscription form only. You had to subscribe to the company and remit payment each month to accumulate more sheets. These sheets were only released in France and the text is in French. The sheet has 3-holes punched for insertion into a special binder to accompany the series.

Size 250x185mm  PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

Reverse of sheet

wpl001 - Bobby Moore postcard


Sports Stars

1994 Bobby Moore Memorial hamm002 Moore Poster

Bobby Moore fold-out poster given free when subscribing to Hammers News

1994-95 Season 1992-93 Season


Football Match Scratch Cards

Coloured, unnumbered series of 10 scratch cards. Scratching the panel on the left will reveal a time and the panel on the right reveals the name of a footballer.

122 footballers are known to be named on the backs of the scratch cards.

Size: 87x61mm

cola001 - Frank McAvennie cola002 - Geoff Pike cola002 - Geoff Pike back

Frank McAvennie

Neil Orr


Premier League 94 Sticker Collection

Bobby Moore



Bobby Moore Poster

merlin004 Album merlin004 Wrapper merlin004



Football Figures