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1991-92 Season Memorabilia ...


Shooting Stars

Numbered series of 396 cards, including action portraits, managers and team groups. Anonymous, inscribed on reverse "Shooting Stars 1991-92 season".

Size 88x63mm

299. Ludek Miklosko

300. Steve Potts

301. Colin Foster

302. Kevin Keen

303. Ian Bishop

304. Frank McAvennie

305. Stuart Slater

306. Martin Allen

307. Trevor Morley

308. Jimmy Quinn

309. George Parris

310. Tony Gale

311. Chris Hugton

312. Iain Dowie

395. Billy Bonds (Manager)

merlin002 kikk001 - Cards


George Keeling Caricatures

Coloured, numbered series of 16 caricature cards. Features the 1991-92 playing squad. These examples are autographed by the players.

Size 106x75mm


1. Steve Potts

2. Billy Bonds

3. Ludek Miklosko

4. Tim Breacker

5. Mitchell Thomas

6. Tony Gale

7. Colin Foster

8. George Parris

9. Mike Small

10. Julian Dicks

11. Ian Bishop

12. Martin Allen

13. Stuart Slater

14. Trevor Morley

15. Frank McAvennie

16. Kevin Keen

WSC May 1992


When Saturday Comes

May 1992


Official Fixture Cards

Coloured, numbered series of 100 cards. Inscribed to front "Pro Set". Player or manager portraits, club fixture list on reveerse.

Size 90x64mm


pros006a Wrapper pros006 - Ludek Miklosko

21. Ludek Miklosko


To A West Ham Fan on your Birthday

arts001 - Birthday Card worl001

The World Cup Collection

25th Anniversary - England 1966 Winners

Original autographs by Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters. A special World Cup stamp, which was approved both by the British Post Office and the Football Association, was banned by the Foreign Office. It showed the flags of the 16 participating nations which included North Korea, a country the British government did not recognise, resulting in the banning of the issue.

This special commemorative issue was quickly changed and a set of three stamps was issued.

Following England's success, one value was overprinted with the words "ENGLAND WINNERS"


Coloured, unnumbered series of Clubcall cards. Front depicts team group for the 1991-92 season with special "0898" number to dial for the latest news and interviews from the club. Reverse of card features the clubs fixture list.

Size of card 86x55mm

brit005 - Team group clubcall brit005 - Team Group back 1992-93 Season 1990-91 Season

ClubCall Fixture List


MATCH Magazine

Trail Blaziers

Coloured, numbered series of 16 cards. Given free with 'Match' magazine, issued in 2 strips of 8 players.

Size when cut 90x64mm