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Banner Hammers Logo theyflysohigh cpa002 Puzzle 1990-91

1990-01 Season Memorabilia ...

B.A.C Ltd (Club Sponsors)

BAC001 - Geoff Hurst

Complimentary Postcard

Promotional postcard signed by Geoff Hurst, given BAC guests



Presentation Pack cover Presentation Pack inside Mercurycard £5 value Mercurycard £2 value

The West Ham United Mercurycards Presentation pack was advertised for sale in the popular “90 minutes” football magazine. Fusilatelist is the name given to collectors of Telephone Cards. The craze to collect these magnetically encoded pieces of plastic first started in Japan and quickly spread to Europe with some cards worth many times their face value.

Mercurycards were first issued in July 1988 when Mercury Communications Ltd launched its payphone service with an extravaganza at Waterloo Station in London. The Hammers featured in this 1990-91 Football League season first edition set,  limited to just 4,000 packs and retailed at £7.99 which contained the clubs’ £2 and £5 Mercurycards. Individual cards can be purchased at specialist dealer fairs today at their original face value, £30 if you resisted the temptation not to open the pack.

Coloured, series of 84 telephone cards. Cards featuring Football League teams groups and club crests for the 1990-91 season. value of cards £2 and £5.

Inscribed to reverse "PAYTELCO"

Size: 86x54mm

CPA (UK) Ltd

Jigsaw Puzzle : 1990-91 Season


ClubCall Information Card

Coloured, unnumbered series of Clubcall cards. Front depicts team group for the 1990-91 season with special "0898" number to dial for the latest news and interviews from the club.

Size of card 86x55mm  PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

ClubCall Card

brit004 - Team group clubcall 1991-92 Season 1989-90 Season


Promotion Postcard

Black and white postcard celebrating the clubs promotion back to the Football Legaue First Division.

whuas001 - Postcard