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1981-82 Season Memorabilia ...

MARTIN Alvin WHU Postcard

Annoymous Issues


Beer Mat

smit001 - Beer Mat

UPEC Matches Ltd

Football League Club Series

upec001 - Matches

Coloured series of 92 Match Box labels. Represented by the teams in the Football League for this season.

Size: 49x33mm


Top Trumps British Strikers

Coloured, anonymous series of Top Trumps game cards. Reverse depicts two players in action in shades of blue, rounded corners. Same card issued in previous sets but with updated statistics.

Size: 93x60mm

Trevor Brooking:

League appearances 397

Waddington 06

Quiz Card Games - Football

Coloured, series of 48 Question Cards and 2 Answer cards. Issued in playing card box, ROUNDED CORNERS

Size: 107x66mm

Waddington 08 1982-83 Season 1980-81 Season

Ron Greenwood (England Manager)


1982 World Cup

IPC Magazines (Shoot)

Top 20 All Stars

Series or 20 cards. Issued by "Shoot" magazine as 5 shets of 4 cards over a five-week period. The David Cross card was issued in week 4 with the magazine dated 4 November 1981

Size: 70x38mm

ipc011 - David Cross

3. David Cross


Football 1981-82

Series of 50 cards. Portraits and action shots of famous footballers. Blue text on reverse.

Album issued to accompany the series.

Size: 66x35mm

bass023 - Alvin Martin bass024 - Alan Devonshire bass025 - Phil Parkes

9. Alvin Martin

36. Alan Devonshire

46. Phil Parkes

anoy033 - Bobby Moore Portugal

Newspaper Cut-out (Portugal)


Portugal flag