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Season 1980-81 Memorabilia ...

DAILY STAR (Newspaper)

Daily Star Football

dailystar001 dailystar002 dailystar003 dailystar004 Album


Football 81

pani014j - Greece version pani014j - Greece version back

PANINI (Greece)

Football 81

pani014g - Wrapper pani014 Alan Devonshire

355. Top-half:

356. Bottom-half:

West Ham's Alan Devonshire powers his way past Willie Young

pani014a Victorious Hammers

357. Top Left:                                                             358. Top Right:

359. Bottom Left:                                                        360. Bottom Right:

The victorious Hammers group for the photographers after their lap of honour

pani014b - David Cross pani014f - Paul Allan pani014e Team Group pani014c - Liam Brady


David Cross on the ball for West Ham, shadowed by Arsenal skiper Pat Rice

362. Left-hand:                                       363. Right-hand:

Liam Brady weaves his way through the West Ham defence in one of his last domestic games for the Gunners

426. Left-hand:                                              427. Right-hand:


The youngest-ever Cup finalist, Paul Allen,

with Liam Brady closing in

qual003 - Wrapper qual002 - Photo Pose qual001 - Action Pose


Football Figures


Caricatures of Famous Footballers

durling06 - Archie Macaulay durling02 - Bobby Moore durling03 - Tommy Moroney durling04 - Harry Medhurst

Blue caricature drawings, drawn by Mickey Durning in the 1960,s but were unissued until the early 1980's. Unknown number of subjects, all West Ham United players are recorded below. Anonymous plain backs.

Size : 71x45mm


durling05 - Richard Walker durling01 - Eric Parsons durling07 - Malcolm Allison durling08 - Norman Corbett durling09 - Gerry Gazzard durling10 - Harry Hooper Waddington 05


Top Trumps British Strikers

Stuart Pearson:

League appearances 288

Anonymous series of Top Trumps game cards. Reverse depicts two players in action in shades of blue, rounded corners.

Size: 93x60mm

Trevor Brooking:

League appearances 367

EMAP Pursuit Publishing Ltd

(Match Weekly)

1981-82 Season 1979-80 Season

Kevin Keegan's Match Makers

emap003a - Album emap002 - Alan Devonshire emap003 - Trevor Brooking

Coloured, series of 72 stickers. Issued as 6 sheets given free with Match magazine in the issues dated from 16 August 1980 to 20 September 1980.

Sheet 6 - 20 September 1980

Sheet 2 - ???? 1980

Numbered series of 412 stickers. Most of the stickers were issue as pairs and a few are on sheets of four stickers (including all of the West Ham players).

358. Billy Bonds

360. Paul Brush

361. David Cross

364. Alvin Martin

363. Frank Lampard

365. Phil Parkes

367. Geoff Pike

368. Ray Stewart

357. Paul Allen

359. Trevor Brooking

362. Alan Devonshire

366. Stuart Pearson


Soccer 81

Numbered series of 450 stickers. An additional section included USA Star Players.

The Hammers were in the second tier of the Football League and only Trevor Brooking featured in the Second Division Star Players section.

Size 64x45mm.

fks (80-81) 04 Album fks (80-81) 01 Trevor Brooking

327. Trevor Brooking

328. Club Emblem

panini (80-81) 15 Album

Sticker Album


Numbered series of 558 stickers. The Hammers were a Second Division side at the time and the stickers that are featured in the set all relate to winning the 1980 FA Cup Final against Arsenal at Wembley Stadium.

Size 64x45mm.

403 and 404. West Ham United Team Group

West Ham United Metal Football Figures

Greece falg


Kevin Keegan's Waddingtons Quiz Cards

Coloured, series of 6 sheets, each sheet is perforated into 9 segments with Keegsn at the centre and surround by 8 Quiz cards.

Size when cut 41x24mm   PRICE GUIDE: £1.00


Nabisco010a - Sheet Nabisco010 - Hurst Question

Enlarged version of the Geoff Hurst Question


Facsimile Autographs 1980-81