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1979-80 Season Memorabilia ...

Team Group with Facsimile Autographs

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Football 79-80

Coloured, numbered series of 528 adhesive stickers with descriptive backs. Individual players and teams. Album issued to accompany the series.

Various sizes 49x34mm (double pictures 68x49mm)

tran002 - Wrapper

329. West Ham United


edit004 - Trevor Brooking edit005 - West Ham United edit008 - Preston North End edit006 - The 1966 World Cup edit007 - Football CM1966


FA Cup Collectors Series

Coloured and Black & White unnumbered series of 25 cards depicting past F.A. Cup Finals.

Given free with "Match Weekly" over a 4 week period (November - December 1979) on the outside of the magazine. Each issue contained either 6 or 7 images for insertion into special album issued to accompany the series.

Anonymous plain back when cut.

Sizes: Various

emap001 - 1975 FA Cup Final


Top Trumps British Strikers

Waddington 03 Waddington 04

Coloured, anonymous series of Top Trumps game cards. Reverse depicts two players in action in shades of blue, rounded corners.

Size: 93x60mm

1923 Corporation Tram



Cup Final Celebration 1923

Postcard features one of the most famous tramcars in the history of public transport, and one possibly unique in its connection with the world of soccer. There must be a multitude of West Ham United supporters who have heard about it, but only those who are approaching their Centenary will remember it really well. Over 89 years have elapsed since this vehicle traversed the tramway routes of East London, the tram was decorated in 1923 to celebrate the Hammers reaching the first F.A. Cup Final at Wembley.

It was devised and designed by officials of the Tramways Department of the West Ham Corporation, and was based at the Greengate Street depot. From where it made its way around the main streets of the surrounding boroughs, and was a really splendid sight when it was illuminated after darkness had fallen. Shown here on a postcard issued by the London Borough of Newham at the time of the 1980 F.A. Cup Final against Arsenal.

1980-81 Season 1978-79 Season 1980 FA Cup Final

Geo. BASSETT & Co Ltd

bass022 - Box 1979-80 bass021 - Trevor Brooking

Football 1979-80

Coloured, numbered series of 50 cards. Black text on reverse.

Special album issued to accompany the series.

Size 66x35mm

22. Trevor Brooking

F.A. Cup Collector Series - sheet 3 - 22/28 November, 1979

1975 West Ham v. Fulham

F.A. Cup Collector Series - sheet 2 - 15/21 November, 1979

1964 West Ham v. Preston North End


Can you help?

This huge 2,080 card set of which only 118 relate to Soccer covers all aspects of sports including  American Football, Track and Field, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey as well as the Olympic Games. Beyond the sports themes other cards include important places, events and people. These cards were only available on mail order subscription. Issued throughout Europe and North America between 1977 and 1979 they were also used as Educational cards as part of a teaching aid to children.

Sportscaster Cards (Soccer)

Switzerland flag

FKS Publishers Ltd

Soccer Stars 80

Numbered series of 450 stickers. Special album issued to accompany the series.

The Hammers were a Second Division side at the time and therefore just a team group was featured.

Size: 64x45mm

fks (79-80) 03 Album fks (79-80) 02 Wrapper fks (79-80) 01 Team Group fks (79-80) 01 Team Group reverse

Sticker Album

Sticker Wrapper

307. West Ham United

emap001 - 1964 FA Cup Final

Image courtesy of Mark Hughesdon