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1977-78 Season Memorabilia ...


Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee

tota002 - Bobby Moore Stamp

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee. Total Oil Great Britain Limited is produced a Souvenir Stamp Album containing a series of 24 commemorative stamps, each depicting a particular aspect of Her Majesty's public or private life during the first 25 years of her reign."

Bobby Moore receives the World Cup from Her Majesty

jace001 - Brooking - Pontoon

JACEY (Lotteries)

Trevor Brooking Testimonial Pontoon Game

Image courtesy of Paul Borg

edit001 - Pele Bobby Moore


Sportscaster Cards

This huge 2,080 card set of which only 118 relate to Soccer covers all aspects of sports including  American Football, Track and Field, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey as well as the Olympic Games. Beyond the sports themes other cards include important places, events and people. These cards were only available on mail order subscription. Issued throughout Europe and North America between 1977 and 1979 they were also used as Educational cards as part of a teaching aid to children.


Pele and Bobby Moore exchange shirts, admiration among equals

Even for grown-ups there are fairy tales beginning with the words "once upon a time". The story of Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the better for being absolutely true. Sometimes, though, fact is stranger than fiction. So, once upon a time there was a poor black boy who lived in Brazil, and like all the other boys his age, he had a passion for the games of "fotebol" which took place in the streets, played barefoot with a ball made out of rags. One day, along came a genie in the shape of Waldemar de Brito (who had been a member of the World Cup team in 1934 in Italy) who divided his time between journalism and coaching the junior team of BAG Bauru. When he saw young Edson play he was immediately impressed by his facility and by the unusual range of his abilities. Pele's career had just begun, but as yet no one except the talent scout Waldemar knew it. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pele (most Brazilian footballers have a nickname by which they become known) wore the Bauru colors until the day when Waldemar telephoned his friend Lula, team manager at Santos to tell him about his new protege. Pele joined Santos, a large seaside club where he found himself among some of the country's best players. Although they started by calling him "the kid" (he was only 1 6 years old) it was not long before he had risen through the ranks to become one of the leading names in international football. Certainly soccer in Brazil is an institution and Pele is the idol of 90 million fellow-countrymen, but that alone does not explain why a road in his native town was named after him, or why a statue has been put up to him, or why he has a free place for life (No. 10, of course, like his number of the football field) in the Belo Horizonte stadium. The fact is that Pele is a football genius, a man who has brought a whole new dimension to the game. He bade farewell to the game on Oct .1, 1977, at the New York Giants Stadium, before a crowd of 77,691. He scored a goal—the 1281st—in a game opposing FC Santos to the Cosmos, the only two clubs for which Pele had played.


Bobby Charlton's World Cup Aces

A4 Bobby Moore

Numbered series of 32 playing cards. Bobby Charlton selects his all-time World Cup greats. Issued in plastic case with a cover card and the rules on the reverse. The cards are numbered from A to H, and 1 to 4. The set is described as 'The Trump Game for Collectors' and made in Western Germany

Size :                        

wigg002 - Bobby Moore

Jean's Fussball

MONTY GUM (Netherlands)

Denim styled football club emblem.

Size: 75x57mm   PRICE GUIDE: £3.00

jean001 - Denim Emblem jean001 - Denim Emblem Wrapper

Wrapper shown from the second "New" Series

Can you help with an image of the wrapper from the original series?

70s Badges 1978-79 Season 1976-77 Season Netherlands flag



Numbered series of 396 cards. "Red backs" with player profile and playing statistics. Series 1 (Nos 1 to 132), Series  2 (Nos 133 to 264), Series 3 (Nos 265 to 396).

Sold in wax wrappers.

Size: 89x63mm

topps (77-78) 01 Taylor T topps (77-78) 02 Cross

46. Tommy Taylor (Series 1)

133. David Cross (Series 2)

topps (77-78) 03 Robson

165. Bryan Robson (Series 2)

topps (77-78) 04 Taylor A

209. Alan Taylor (Series 2)

topps (77-78) 05 Pike topps (77-78) 06 Green topps (77-78) 07 Hales topps (77-78) 08 Otulakowski

213. Geoff PIke (Series 2)

251. Bill Green (Series 2)

276. Derek Hales (Series 3)

282. Anton Otulakowski (Series 3)

topps (77-78) 09 Day topps (77-78) 10 Radford

293. Mervyn Day (Series 3)

312. John Radford (Series 3)

topps (77-78) 11 Lampard topps (77-78) 12 Devonshire

315. Frank Lampard (Series 3)

363. Alan Devonshire (Series 3)

topps (77-78) 13 Coleman topps (77-78) 14 Lock

371. Keith Coleman (Series 3)

376. Kevin Lock (Series 3)

topps (77-78) 15 Holland topps (77-78) 16 McDowell topps (77-78) 17 Jennings topps (77-78) 18 - Bonds topps (77-78) 19 - World Cup

389. Pat Holland (Series 3)

392. John McDowell (Series 3)

385. Billy Jennings (Series 3)

396. Billy Bonds (Series 3)

344. World Cup, 1966 (Series 3)

Wax Wrapper