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1973-74 Season Memorabilia ...

PANINI (Italy)

campioni dello sport 1973

Campioni dello Sport 1973-74

113. Bobby Moore

barr047 - Bobby Moore


Coloured, numbered series of 50 of hand drawn portraits of famous footballers. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size 66x35mm   PRICE GUIDE: £3.00

Soccer Stars

43. Bobby Moore

Bobby led England side to victory in the 1966 World Cup, took them near in the 1970 series and should again lead them in Munich. A certainly to set up a new record for the number of England caps. Perhaps the best reader of the game. Never seems to have a poor match, and is still improving.


This same image was first used for the series "Goldflake Famous Sportsmen" issued in 1971


Coffer 1973-74 Team Group

Large Team Group Poster

idea001d idea001c

IDEAL TOY Company Ltd

Star Maker - Hall of Fame

1974-75 Season 1972-73 Season 1974 World Cup

The Star Maker box contained plastic moulds for casting your own football head out of plaster of Paris

Italy flag Italy flag pani005 - Moore VIP

Italian issue. Coloured, numbered series of caricatures of which only a few relate to football. Special album issued to accompany the series. Inscribed on reverse "Pinted in Italy by Edizioni Panini - Modena"

"OK VIP" Collection

PANINI (Italy)

161. Bobby Moore

pani005b - Album