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1972-73 Season Memorabilia ...


New Series Football Stars

(Package Issue)

Black and white, numbered series of 24 International Football Stars. Tea package design.

Size 115x45mm

typh015 - Bobby Moore typh015a - Bobby Moore 2 typh016 - Bobby Moore

Any 12 from the series could be exchanged for one large size Premium Issue

New Series Football Stars

(Premium Issue)

esso010 Advertisment esso011 - Envelope esso011 - Team Badge

ESSO Petroleum Co

Esso Collection of Football Club Badges

Series of 76 anonymous shaped adhesive backed badges. Envelopes 50x43mm given free with every four gallons of petrol. Special folder issued to accompany the series. Starter pack of 26 badges was available for 20p.

Size 32x27mm


bab013 bab015

Straight sides badges with club crest, with gold borders and team nicknames.

Size 64x47mm

Rounded sides

This set is printed with white backs, inscribed on reverse 'FasPrint', Fasson, Leiden, Holland.

Size 60x45mm

BAB Souvenir Company

Soccer Dip Shields

Coloured series of 44 known shield shaped club emblems. Apparently you got these in packets of Soccer Dip, a small, square packet of sherbet. The stickers come with either a white or a brown backing paper, and many different design and colour variations, perhaps suggesting many different sets, issues or years. These stickers are slightly larger than the yellow-topped shields

Size 70x51mm  

bab025 bab026

Colour variation

bab030 - Drawn

Football Clubs


Soccer Parade

Coloured, numbered series of 340 stickers. Stickers came in a bubble-gum packet with 4 pictures for 3p. Special album issued to accompany the series. Americana was a German company, based in Munich, who produced some stickers for the English market in the 1970s.


amer001 album amer001 wrapper amer001a amer001b amer001c amer001d


airf001 BOX airf002 - 1960s Away airf004 - 1978 Home airf005 - 1958 Home airf006 - 1960s Home

Footballers : Sports Series

29 Pieces at 1/32 Scale. Issued as unpainted. The boxed edition were released in shops between 1972 and 1978


fopi001 - WHU Team Set fopi001 - WHU Team Set back

Top Team Sets

Cut out and keep paper inserts, issued on the back-page of "Football Pictorial" magazine during the 1972-73 season.

Size: 283x218mm -  when cut 125x74mm

PRICE GUIDE: Complete page £8.00 - Individual players £1.00

1973-74 Season 1971-72 Season

291. Bobby Moore

292. Geoff Hurst

293. John McDowell

294. Bryan Robson

295. Frank Lampard

296. Trevor Brooking

297. Kevin Lock

298. Billy Bonds

299. Clyde Best

300. Tommy Taylor

301. Johnny Ayris

302. Peter Grotier

303. Bobby Ferguson

BAB Souvenir Company

mone001 - Bobby Moore


Calciatori D'Oro "Golden Footballers"

Il Monello (meaning 'The Brat' in English) was a weekly comic magazine for children and teenagers

published in Italy between 1933 to 1990.


In 1972 the magazine issued a series of 30 paper cut out footballers over several issues.

The title translates to "Golden Footballers". A encylopedia type album was issued to accompany the series.

Italy flag


Germany flag


Football 1972

Printers' proof issue for the Benelux Panini launch. This advance test copy is believed to be the only one in existence. The reverse of card has French and Dutch text over stamped in Dutch red ink with "proof example" .

Benelux flag bene001 - Bobby Moore

326. Bobby Moore

Card image from ''


Famous Football Flags

Series of 40 coloured pastic flags. The flag pole is 7" long and the flags are 5" x 3".

somp001 - West Ham United plastic flag blue


Numbered series of 219 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. ORANGE and RED back.

Issued in 2 Series. Series 1 (1-109), Series 2 (110-219).

Inscribed on reverse "Rub Coin Over Space for Answer".

Size 80x55mm

Footballer 1972-73

abc115 plus



abc120 plus abc125

Scottish Footballer 1972-73

Numbered series of 179 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. BLUE and BLACK back. Issued in 2 series. Series 1 (1-89), Series 2 (90-179).

Inscribed on reverse "Rub Coin Over Space for Answer".

Size 81x56mm

Football Card Game

Numbered series of 22 playing cards with rounded corners. Reverse depicts a black and white football on top of green football playing pitch. Issued with "Footballers 1972/73"

Size 74x49mm

18. Bobby Moore

abc127 abc126 Wrapper 72-73

52. Bobby Ferguson

esso007 Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore West Ham United & England

esso008 - Bobby Moore

Pat Jennings / Bobby Moore

ESSO Petroleum Co

Top Team Photo Disc

Sachets containing one aluminium disc, plus four footballer stamps printed on the inside of the sachet. Series of 22 disc's given free with every three gallons of petrol.

Disc Size 38mm dia

ESSO Petroleum Co

Top Team Stamp Sachets

These are usually found with just one complete pair of footballers. Most seem to be paired in alphabetical order, as there are 22 players you would expect a total of 11 pairs. Bobby Moore is found paired with Pat Jennings (Tottenham Hotspur) and Roy McFarland (Derby County).

Sachet size 75x60mm

Roy McFarland / Bobby Moore

Football League Ladder


Coloured, series of 4 cards, issued inside special pakets of Shredded Wheat ceral packets. Each card has 11 peel-off Football teams for insertion onto the 'league ladder' which was printed on the outside of the ceral box.

Size 98x70mm

Nabisco008a - Packet Nabisco008

Ceral packet

Peel-off Football Teams for insertion onto the

'League Ladder'



Encyclopaedia of Association Football - Club Colours

Paper Trade Cut-out

Size 45x33mm

purnell001 Primrose001


Cup-Tie Quiz

Coloured, series of 25 cards issued inside pakets of sweet cigarettes

Size 64x34mm

Cadbury-Schweppes Foods Ltd

Soccer Star Badges

Coloured, series of 5 circular stickers. Giveaway promotion obtained for sending in 8 'Fudge' or 'Super Mousse' wappers to claim either 5 Soccer Star Badges or 5 Pop Star Badges.

Size 75x75mm - Circlur sticker 69mm dia.

PRICE GUIDE: Extremley rare

cad004a - Advertisment cad004 - Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore


mone001a - Album



18. Bobby Moore

TONIBELL (Ice Cream)

1st Division Football League Club Badges

Coloured, unnumbered series of 24 hexagonal cards. Inscribed on reverse "Presented by Tonibell"

Size 63x55m

toni004 - Crest toni004 - Crest back

CLEVELAND (Petrol Stations)

Golden Goals

Coloured, numbered series of 41 self-adhesive stickers. 1 to 20 different envelopes, which contains a picture or group of pictures. Given free with every 3 gallons or £1.00 worth of petrol. Special hard-back album issued to accompany the series.

Various sizes


clps009 - Album clps009b - Wrapper clps004 - Hurst England clps005 clps006 clps007 - Geoff Hurst clps008

18. Geoff Hurst (England)

9. George Best

41. Geoff Hurst Testimonial

14. One of the Best

3. Geoff Hurst (England)



GOAL Magazine

Goal Special Soccer Chart 1972-73 - Special Colour Strip

Coloued series of 96 cut-outs. Goal magazine gave away a huge A1 size poster with issue number 206 dated 5 August, 1972. For the following 6 weeks the magazine printed 16 football strips that were intended to be cut out and pasted on the poster.

The West Ham United strip was issued with magazine number 208, dated 19 August, 1972.

goal001 - Special Colour Strip goal001a

Famous Football Pennant

prescott004 - Wrapper prescott002 - Wrapper

Series of 40 coloured pennants.




Famous Football Shirts

Series of 25 coloured plastic shirts.

prescott006 - Wrapper



purnell001 - book page

Book page


The All-Star Ring

Given free with Issue No. 476 of The Hornet comic, dated 21 October 1972 included an All-Star Ring and a sheet of stickers featuring 20 stars of the day, including 12 footballers.

thom065a - Hornet comic thom065 - All Star Ring

Bobby Moore

Jackie Stewart

Bobby Moore

Tom Jones

Martin Chivers

Asa Hartford

Charlie George

Jimmy Johnstone

Denis Law

Ron Davies

Ken Buchanan

Roy McFarland

Sean Connery

Cliff Richard

Peter Osgood

Derek Dougan

Steve McQueen

John Toshack

Billy Bremner

Jonah (cartoon)

Elvis Presley

No. 476 21 October 1972