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Joe Mercer's Great Britain Soccer Squad 1971. Series of 16 busts featuring top players available from Cleveland Petrol outlets.

The collection fitted into a black plastic display stand.

Colured photographic Jam Jar lids issued by Hartley Jam. Display folder issued to accompany the series of 12 lids.

fks006 - Page 02 fks006 - Page 03 fks006 - Page 01 mach001 - Page keym003 - Four Pack

1971-72 Season Memorabilia ...

tota001 - Geoff Hurst

Total Oil (GB Ltd)

Big League

Big league football stars of the 70's, a free collectable set given away by Total petrol. There are eleven in the set, which you could store and display in a cardboard display box.


abc035 abc035 wrapper

Numbered series of 290 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. PURPLE and BLACK back.

Issued in 3 series. Series 1 (1-109),  Series 2 (110-219), Series 3 (220-290).

Inscribed on reverse "Did You Know".

Size: 81x56mm



18. Bobby Moore                   40. Alan Stephenson             63. Tommy Taylor                    84. Bryan Robson                  105. Jimmy Lindsay




123. Bobby Ferguson            130. Clyde Best                        149. Billy Bonds                    182. Geoff Hurst                     215. Harry Redknapp



256. Bobby Howe                  283. Frank Lampard

Footballer 1971-72

Scottish Footballer 1971-72


Numbered series of 144 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. PURPLE and BLACK back. Issued in 2 series. Series 1 (1-73), Series 2 (74-144).

Inscribed on reverse "Did You Know".

Size 81x56mm

136. Bobby Ferguson

Star Players & Football Club Crests

Unnumbered series of 23 Star Players and 23 Football Club Crests. Adhesive backs. Inscribed on reverse. There is a special album for these stamps Issued with Footballers 1971-72.

Size 63x44mm

abc040 dami005 - Follow the Hammers

Geoff Hurst


Follow the Hammers


Player Shields : Caricatures

Anonymous coloured shields with drawn player heads. The quality of the player drawings is not up to the previous BAB standard, raising questions about whether or not this is a BAB production.


bab029 - Pop Robson

Pop Robson                                                Bobby Moore


"Century" Series of Sticker Stamps : Soccer Favourites  

bab021 - Sheet bab016 - Bobby Moore bab017 - Jimmy Greaves bab018 - Geoff Hurst bab019 - Pop Robson bab020 - Trevor Brooking

1. Bobby Moore                                        27. Jimmy Greaves

51. Geoff Hurst

80. Pop Robson                                      90. Trevor Brooking

Image courtesy of Nigel Mercer

esso010 - FA Coin


FA Cup Centenary 1872-1972

Series of 31 aluminium coins 27mm in dia . Each coin came in an envelope 45x43mm and was given free with every four gallons of petrol. Special folder issued to accompany the series. Special brass coin 32mm dia issued to commemorate the 1972 F.A. Cup winners.


"Century" Series of Sticker Stamps

Clubs, Crests and Colours

bab023 - Sheet bab022 Stamp

85. West Ham United


Football Shields - Straight sided

(1970 - 1972)

Straight sided badges with club crest. 4 known versions printed with either a brown or white backs, suggesting perhaps that they were produced over a number of years. The white backs have 'FasPrint', Fasson, Leiden, Holland inscribed on the backing paper. The sides to the shields are sharp, as opposed to the rounded sides set .

Size 64x47mm

bab010 bab011 bab012 bab014

Image courtesy of Mark Hughesdon

Size 87x47mm

barr047 - Bobby Moore


Goldflake Famous Sportsmen

Coloured, numbered series of 50 of hand drawn portraits of famous sportsmen. Including Football, Athletics, Boxing, Cricket and Golf. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size 66x35mm



41. Bobby Moore


The same image was used again for the series "Soccer Stars" issued in 1973

cadb001 - Jam Jar Moore cadb002 - Jam Jar Hurst cadb003 - Jam Jar Peters


Hartley's Football Stars 1971-72

CLEVELAND (Petrol Stations)

clps001 - Bobby Moore 01 clps002 - Geoff Hurst 01 clps003 - Martin Peters 01

Joe Mercer's Great Britain Soccer Squad


Wonderful World of Soccer Stars 1971-72

Coloured, numbered series of 352 player portraits. Anonymous issue, reverse has a small Black & White insert of the player. Album editor was Jack Rollin with the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) endorsing the collection.

Club badge was introduced for each team. Each packet contained one self adhesive club badge and seven player stickers. Album issued to accompany the series priced 15p.



fks006t - Album fks006m - Wrapper fks006m Redknapp back


My Favourite Soccer Stars

Coloured numbered series of 32 player cards. Red backs. Issued as four strips of eight cards with either of the following magazines "Valiant & TV21, Scorcher & Scorer, Tiger, Buster & Jet or Lion & Thunder"

 Size when cut 63x44mm

ipc006 - Bobby Moore ipc007 - Tommy Taylor


Football Series

Keym001 - Bobby Moore West Ham Keym002 - Bobby Moore England Keym001 - Bobby Moore back


Cloth Badge

kiff001 - Cloth Badge

Size: 74x52mm


letr002 - Wrapper letr002 - Bobby Moore letr002 - Bobby Moore 2 letr001 - Geoff Hurst

Soccer Action Replay

Coloured, numbered series of 24 soccer scenes with Soccer Action transfers. Inscribed on transfer sheet "Action Transfers"

Size 159x134mm - Transfer sheet 125x61mm

1. Geoff Hurst - Great Goal                                                                        13. Bobby Moore - International Clash



England's 1966 World Cup triumph spawned the merchanding boom which still continues today whereby a successful player or team was used to sell a product.

One such company to jump on the merchandising bandwagon was the confectionary 'Jam' giants Cadbury Schweppes Foods Ltd with their Hartley brand. The introduction of twelve of Britain's most famous footballers to their jam jar lids during the 1971-72 season was marketing genius.


A stellar line-up of football stars included West Ham and England pair Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters Tottenham Hotspur. Other stars of the day included England’s Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks, Alan Ball, Colin Bell and Peter Osgood. Wales was represented by Ron Davis, Scotland by Billy Bremner and Jimmy Johnstone and George Best for Northern Ireland.


The humble 'jam sandwich' was also one of those culinary treats you could prepare without parental guidance, and the more you slapped between the slices of bread the nearer you were to completing your fantastic lid collection.

mirr005 - Soccer Sides mirr005 - Soccer Sides back mirr004 - My Club



Coloured,numbered series of 100 soccer side cards. Inscibed on reverse "Mirrorcard".

Special booklet titled "Bobby Moore's Gallery of Soccer Sides" issued to accompany the series along with a wallchart for you to stick the team group on to.

Size 77x45mm

Coloured, unnumbered series of 96 team groups, anonymous plain backs. The 'My Club' cards were able to be ordered separately from the Mirror. All 92 Football League teams are represented along with England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Size 151x100mm  PRICE GUIDE: £ Rare

My Club

tuf001 - Wallchart tuf001 - Bobby Moore section

TUF (Boots)

Top Internationals from

Tuf Boys Internationals

Wall chart measures 700x215mm. Footnote at bottom reads

"All illustrations copyright A & R Coffer Ltd"

Enlarged section showing Bobby Moore from wallchart right

1972-73 Season 1970-71 Season


Book of Football Top Teams

Coloured, numbered series of 320 paper inserts, for mounting into special "Top Team" album. Issued with the "Book of Football" partworks numbers 1 to 20. Issued in sheet format each with 16 players.

44 players were already pre-printed inside the album with the total number of players 364.

Size when cut 67x46mm

Pre-printed inside album

Bobby Moore

Geoff Hurst

Martin Peters

esso010a - Album

1964 West Ham United v. Preston North End

Sticker reverse

1. Bobby Moore

20. Tommy Taylor

mach002 - Page mach003 - Page mach017 - Album

Pre-printed inside album

21. West Ham United

301. Clyde Best                                         302. Billy Bonds                                         303. Ron Boyce

304. Trevor Brooking                                305. Peter Eustace                                     306. Bobby Ferguson

307. Bobby Howe                                      308. Geoff Hurst                                          309. Frank Lampard

310. John McDowell                                311. Bobby Moore                                       312. Harry Redknapp

313. Bryan Robson                                   314. Alan Stephenson                                315. Tommy Taylor

This Bobby Moore die-cast figure was featured in both West Ham United and England strip. Issued in the early 1970’s these footballing stance figures in their specific football team colours were part of a football set entitled “Keymen Football Series”.


Keymen, an unusual name for memorabilia, so called because these vintage 7cm scale models were hand-painted by inmates serving at Her Majesty’s pleasure in Walton Jail, Liverpool under lock and key – consequently being known as ‘key-men’.


Other famous footballers of the time included Bobby Charlton, George Best, Francis Lee, Colin Bell, Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, Billy Bremner, Martin Peters, Peter Osgood and Frank McLintock.



mirr006 - Gallery Book mirr006a - Wallchart



Paper trade cut-out


Club Colours

charbens001 - Cut out Nabisco007a Nabisco006 - Bobby Moore


Bob Wilson's Shredded Wheat Soccer Action Collection

Coloured, numbered series of 30 stickers. Issued in strips of 3 stickers inside special Shredded Wheat packs. Special collector album issued to accompany the series.

Size when cut 70x55mm

19. Bobby Moore / Gordon Banks

25. Geoff Hurst


barth002 barth001 - History Map


Football History Map of England & Wales

Part of their series of pictorial and historical maps. Created by John Carvosso, the stylised square kits depicts where the club was located in the country. The re-rendered club crests were often cut from the map and sold as singles.

Size when cut 47x29mm

Fold-out pictorial map



sun010 - Pages

THE SUN (Newspaper)

Football Encyclopaedia & Soccerstamp Album 1971-72

Coloured, series of 504 stamps. Collect the tokens printed in the newspaper in exchange for packets of stamps, The tokens appeared in the newspaper each day. The Sun only accepted tokens in lots of six, plus 5p, to get your 12 Soccerstamps by return post. Special 164-page album issued to accompany the series.

Size and shapes various

sun018 - Album barr047 - Bobby Moore Goldflake back

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Super Stars of '72


Coloured, numbered series of 24 cards. Issued as 5 sheets over 2 weeks (26 February and 4 March 1972)

Presented free with "The Victor" dated 4 March 1972

Plastic wallet issued to accompany the series.

Size when cut from sheet 65x47mm

thom060 thom060a - Wallet

Plastic wallet

Clyde Best