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Banner Hammers Logo theyflysohigh wadd001 - Bobby Moore puzzle box fks (70-71) Set thom049h - Harry Redknapp A&BC Wrapper 70-71 series 3 bab007 - Bobby Moore

1970-71 Season Memorabilia ...

Team Group


Facsimile Autograph Sheet



Club Shop

Nest001a Nest001b nest001

Cup Winners Badges


Coloured Cup Winners Badges in a series of 18 stickers. Issued in pairs. 3 various collector mounting boards were issued, these were cut from the backs of ceral packets.

Size:   PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

BAB Souvenir Company

Footballing Shooting Stars

Shield-shaped stickers with the player's head, name and team name in a box.

Anonymous plain Brown backs.

Size 70x50mm

bab001 - Bobby Moore bab002 - Geoff Hurst bab003 - Geoff Hurst - Variation bab004 - Trevor Brooking

Anonymous series of 23 known stickers, Starburst player circles. Round stickers with the player's head and name.. The word "permanent" inscribed in red on back. This set is, apparently, also available with the team name on the sticker. Quite rare!

Size 60mm dia.   PRICE GUIDE: £10.00

Anonymous series of 27 known round stickers with the player's head, name and team name.

Plain white backs.

Size: 60mm dia

bab008 - Geoff Hurst bab009 - Jimmy Greaves


Anglo Confectionary

World - Famous Football Clubs

45. West Ham United

FKS Publishers Ltd

Soccer Stars Gala Collection 1970-71

fks005t - Album fks005s - Wrapper fks005r - Bobby Moore

Coloured, numbered series of 420 player portraits. This much larger sticker set, included a new Second Division Star Gallery, European Cup Finalists and the Best Players of Mexico 70 sections.

The phrase at the top of each sticker changed from 'Apply adhesive here only' to 'Glue here only'. Sold in envelope packets containing seven stamps for 6d. Album issued to accompany the series priced 2s 6d.

Size 72x50mm

PRICE GUIDE: £1.00   WRAPPER £10.00


Printed by: The Berkshire Printing Co. Ltd.

Reading, England


Published by: F.K.S. Publishers Ltd.,

FKS House, 175 Wardour Street, London


Star Players of Mexico 70



Numbered series of 255 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. ORANGE and BLACK back. Issued in 3 series. Inscribed on reverse "Rub Here with Edge of Coin".

Series 1 (1-84)

Size: 89x63mm

Footballer 1970-71 (Series 1)

abc082 plus abc086 plus

97. Frank Lampard

114. Geoff Hurst

117. Bobby Howe

133. Harry Redknapp

181. Trevor Brooking                        221. Jimmy Greaves                          242. Bobby Moore

Pin-Up Poster

Numbered series of 14 Pin-Up's on paper. Anonymous plain back, issued with "Footballer 1970/71"

Size: 140x108mm

abc089 Bobby Moore

Football Colour Tranparancies

Unnumbered series of 72 Letraset type transfers. Instructions read "Peel off back and rub picture with ball point". Issued with "Footballers 1970/71".

Size: 57x44mm


abc091 plus

Scottish Footballers

Numbered series of 171 cards. Head and shoulder portraits. Black frameline border to front, GREEN BACK. Issued in 2 series. Series 1 (1-85), Series 2 (86-171). Inscribed on reverse "Know Your Team".

Size: 81x56mm

abc096 Bobby Ferguson

125. Bobby Ferguson

A&BC Wrapper 70-71 series 1

Head and shoulder portraits. ORANGE and BLACK back. Issued in 3 series.

Inscribed on reverse "Rub Here with Edge of Coin".

Series 2 (85-169).

Size: 89x63mm

Series 1 Wrapper

Included an anonymous plain back  'pin-up' poster.

Numbered between 1 and 14


Poster 8. Bobby Moore

Shown below

Head and shoulder portraits. ORANGE and BLACK back. Issued in 3 series. Inscribed on reverse "Rub Here with Edge of Coin".

Series 3 (170-255).

Size: 89x63mm

Footballer 1970-71 (Series 3)

A&BC Wrapper 70-71 series 2

Series 2 Wrapper

Included an anonymous plain back  'action transfer'

Unnumbered series of 72 (1 to 36)

Series 3 Wrapper

Included an anonymous plain back  

'action transfer'

Unnumbered series of 72 (37 to 72)

abc077 abc078 Peter Eustace abc079 Clyde Best abc080 Alan Stephenson abc081 Bobby Ferguson

56. Clyde Best                                           64. Alan Stephenson                                 82. Bobby Ferguson

TAF Games Advert 1970


Geoff Hurst : Advertisement


The HP Football Stars Collection

hp001 - Bobby Moore jigsaw hp002 - Clyde Best jigsaw hp001 - Bobby Moore jigsaw back

Eight - 96 piece jigsaw puzzles were on offer from HP Baked Beans in 1970. A collector card was also issued shown (left) with each puzzle. Specially marked Baked Bean labels were printed which featured the autographs as well as footballing hints which can be inserted onto the card.

Size of puzzle 297 x 207mm  PRICE GUIDE: £15.00

bab007a - Geoff Hurst sun001 - Team Group sun002 - Bobby Moore sun003 - Jimmy Greaves

Football Swap Cards

Coloured, numbered series of 134 cards. Collect 12 tokens printed in "The Sun" newspaper and send 1 shillings to obtain 12 cards of your choice from the series.

Special album titled "Scrapbook Encyclopaedia of Football" issued to accompany the series.

Size 69x51mm     PRICE GUIDE: £0.35

coffer011a - Bobby Moore Jigsaw wrapper

COFFER (London)

Famous Teams - Great Stars

Extremely rare Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst jigsaw puzzles. Coloured portrait depicting Bobby Moore in England strip with Geoff Hurst wearing the Hammers colours. These 250 piece jigsaw puzzles also contain the same image on the reverse as a seperate pin-up poster.

The wrapping has no markers name, but is attributed to Coffer as it clearly follows their same numbering system.

Size 428x295mm   PRICE GUIDE: £40.00

1971-72 Season 1969-70 Season


Set of Four Exciting Jigsaws

wadd001 - Bobby Moore puzzle

THE SUN (Newspaper)

The Rover comic was issued by D.C.Thomson of Dundee. Throughout the 1950's, 60's and 70's they regularly published colourful photos and sometimes drawings of footballers, or other sportsmen, on the comic cover. Invariably showing 11 footballers per cover, the complete set covers over 700 subjects.  The photos were usually cut out by collectors and have become quite rare.



Rover Comic - Footballers

Harry Redknapp

Issue No.2360

19 September 1970

Peter Eustace

Issue No.2350


thom049h - Comic thom049f - Peter Eustace

Rover comic cover courtesy of Jim Donnelly

Footballer 1970-71 (Series 2)

8. Bobby Moore


BAB Souvenir Company

Player Circles

BAB Souvenir Company

Football Badges (Starburst)

Coloured numbered series of 72 wax wrappers.

Issued wrapped around little squares of chewing gum

301. Clyde Best

302. Billy Bonds

303. Ron Boyce

304. John Charles

305. Peter Eustace

306. Bobby Ferguson

307. Jimmy Greaves

308. Peter Grotier

309. Pat Holland

310. Bobby Howe

311. Geoff Hurst

312. Frank Lampard

(actually Roger Cross)

313. Bobby Moore

314. Harry Redknapp

315. Alan Stephenson

414. Bobby Moore

lyon001 - Bobby Moore lyon002 - Geoff Hurst lyon003 - Martin Peters

Soccer Stars

LYONS MAID (Ice Cream)

Coloured, numbered series of 40 cards. Issued with Lyons Maid ice cream. Green text on reverse. Soccer Star chart issued collecting special soccer tokens.

Size 75x37mm   PRICE GUIDE: £4.00 (with Tabs)

12. Bobby Moore

30. Geoff Hurst

32. Martin Peters

sun015 - Album sun016 - Token

21. West Ham United

89. Bobby Moore

111. Jimmy Greaves

Collect 12 Tokens


Box of 4 jigsaw puzzles feature, Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore and George Best

bab009a - Bobby Moore bab007 - Display wallet

Bobby Moore puzzle

Geoff Hurst puzzle

Posters - Great Stars

coffer010 - Bobby Moore coffer009 - Geoff Hurst