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1966 FIFA World Cup : England ...

The 1966 FIFA World Cup, the eighth staging of the World Cup, was held in England from 11 July to 30 July. England was chosen as hosts by FIFA in August 1960 to celebrate the centenary of the standardisation of football in England. London's Wembley Stadium provided the venue for the final, and 98,000 people crammed inside to watch. After 12 minutes 32 seconds Helmut Haller had put West Germany ahead, but the score was levelled by Geoff Hurst four minutes later. Martin Peters put England in the lead in the 78th minute; England looked set to claim the title when the referee awarded a free kick to West Germany with one minute left.



Printers Block

1966 emblem

The ball was launched goalward and Wolfgang Weber managed to poke it across the line, with England appealing in vain for handball as the ball came through the crowded penalty area. With the score level at 2–2 at the end of 90 minutes, the game went to extra time. In the 98th minute Hurst found himself on the score sheet again; his shot hit the crossbar, and bounced down and hit the ground either onto or just over the goal line. Whether the ball actually crossed the goal line or not has been a matter of discussion for decades. England's final goal was scored by Hurst again, during a pitch invasion and the goal should therefore not have stood. This made Geoff Hurst the only player ever to have scored three times in a World Cup final. However, the fact of the illegality of the goal is illustrated by BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme, whose description of the match's closing moments has gone down in history: "Some people are on the pitch. They think it's all over ... [Hurst scores] It is now!".

ARAL (Germany)

royaFDC 1966

Special Commemorative First Day Cover


First Day of Issue Commemorative Cover signed by Bobby Moore


royaPC 1966

Coloured postcard with "England Winners commemorative World Cup stamp. Cancelled with the First Day of Issue postmark. Published by "The Photographic Greeting Card Co Ltd"

Size 140x89mm


Autographed by Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst & Martin Peters

Commemorative Postcard

Teams: 16

Date: 11 July 1966 to 30 July 1966

Final: 30 July 1966

Matches: 32

Goals Scored: 89 (average 2.8 per match)

Attendance: 1,635,000 (average 51,093)

Winner: England

Runners-Up: West Germany

Third: Portugal

Fourth: Soviet Union

Golden Shoe: EUSEBIO (Eusebio da Silva Ferreira) Portugal

derasco001 - Bobby Moore


Willie Football

Image courtesy of Russ Rimington

WC Willie Coins

Weltmeisterschaft 1966 Fussball Album

aral001 - Bobby Moore aral001 - Bobby Moore back aral002 - Album aral002 - Album page

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore text on Album page

Album Book

A Full Colour Picture Gallery of World Cup Stars


Anonymous album, unnumbered series of 330 coloured player portraits printed on team pages, these are not stickers as they were printed within the album pages. The album is not marked as FKS but is attributed to them and was clearly the forerunner to the FKS sticker sets that followed. The Brazilian footballer on the front of the album was used for both the 1974 and 1978 World Cup albums.

Bobby Moore - England


Printed in Spain, but published in England

by World Distributors of Manchester.

abc037 Wrapper - World Cup

World Cup : Footballer Stickers


1966 was the pinnacle of English football, but surprisingly few cards were produced for the tournament which makes these 'World Cup Footballer Stickers', also known as World Cup stamps amongst the rarest sought after item from the period. The A&BC stickers can cause confusion as they look like stamps with their perforated edges, and sometimes listed and sold as stamps rather than stickers and cards in dealers catalogues.

For the price of 1d. you received a piece of bubble gum, plus one sticker with 50 in the series to collect, 35 player portraits in vertical format including world stars Uwe Seeler (West Germany), Pele (Brazil), Gianni Rivera (Italy) and Bobby Moore who was also depicted as one of the 15 horizontal stickers showing both player and national flag, though most collectors today would be happy to own just one or two from this series.

Their rarity is due to the fact that they had sticky backs, mine ended up on my bedroom door with my football posters, those that do turn up are often found stuck to school books and scrapbooks which were the most common items.

Do you have one of these relics from your childhood, a stuck down version would put a smile on your face at £15, an unwrapped stamp would widen your grin at a whopping £50.


Unnumbered series of 50 stickers. Anonymous plain gummed backs. Issued as 35 vertical format and 15 horizontal national flags and players.


66_07_30 World Cup Final


Autographed by hat-trick hero Geoff Hurst

England 1966 - Horizontal german001 - 1966 WC Postcard german001 - 1966 WC Postcard back

Vize-Fubball Weltmister Deutschland 1966


1970 World Cup 1962 World Cup seat cars 001 - Bobby Moore front seat cars 001 - Bobby Moore back

SEAT Cars (Spain)

Co-sponsored by Cibels Chocolates & Seat Cars

World Cup 1966

TEMPO (Italy)

World Cup 1966

tempo002 - Bobby Moore 1966

Size: 75x47mm

Germany flag

1966 World Cup

FEDORA (Canary Islands)

Numbered series of 256 stickers. Issued in the Canary Islands and like so many other promotional releases during the lead up to the 1966 Finals the same image of Bobby Morre was used.

72. Bobby Moore (Inglaterra)

Germany flag

133. Bobby Moore (Inglaterra)

Campeonato Mundial De Futebol 1966

A FRANCESA (Caramelos) Portugal

Series of 256 stickers issued in Portugal with Chocolate / Caramel sweets.

Special album issued to accompany the series

afran002 - Wrapper

Image courtesy of Mark Avenell

Bobby Moore advert


Campionato Mondiale di Calcio

Bobby Moore (Inglaterra)

afran002 - Bobby Moore fks0001b Album fedora001 - Bobby Moore tempo001 - Martin Peters 1966 Italy flag Spain flag fks (66-67) 01 Portugal flag Italy flag Corriere001 - Moore Spain flag

EPOCA magazine (Italy)

Coppa Del Mondo 1966

epoca002 - Album epoca001 - Bobby Moore (Back) epoca001 - Bobby Moore (Front)

Coloured, series of 190 paper cut outs. Issued inside EPOCA magazine and published by MONDADORI over several weeks prior to the 1966 World Cup. The album for the collection is a hard back book which tells the World Cup story. The album is divided into the competing countries with spaces for the cut outs.

Bobby Moore (Inghilterra)

Coloured, unnumbered series of 36 borderless, postcard-size cards plus 1 large card (showing the England and West Germany teams, along with the referee and linesmen lining up before kick-off at Wembley, at the Final of the 1966 World Cup tournament).  Backs have Aral logo in blue and player name.

Size: 148x105mm.

MONTY GUM (Netherlands)

World Cup 1966

monty003 - Bobby Moore monty003 - Bobby Moore back Netherlands flag

Coloured, unnumbered series of 72 cards. Issued in the Netherlands

Bobby Moore (Engeland)

Italy flag

The Corriere dei Piccoli (Italian for "Courier of the Little Ones"), later nicknamed Corrierino ("Little Courier"), was a weekly magazine for children published in Italy.

Coloured inserts of 114 hand drawn footballers from 9 of the competiting countries in the 1966 World Cup Finals. Cut from four different issues of the magazine (Nos. 25 to 28) in June and July 1966. The England team shared the same page as Uruguay, Issue No.25 dated 19 June 1966.

Springett (Inghilterra)

J. Charlton (Inghilterra)

Venables (Inghilterra)

Hunter (Inghilterra)

Peacock (Inghilterra)

Bobby Charlton (Inghilterra)

Moore (Inghilterra)

Connelly (Inghilterra)

Wilson (Inghilterra)

Thompson (Inghilterra)

Greaves (Inghilterra)

Cohen (Inghilterra)

Corriere002 - Album