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1965-66 Season Memorabilia ...

Campioni Sport 1966

pani001 - Campioni Bobby Moore

Panini is the brand name of the Italian company who are based in Modena and named after the Panini brothers Giuseppe and Benito Panini, having previously run the Panini Brothers Newspaper Distribution Agency (1955).

Panini became famous in the 1960s for its football collections, which soon became objects of wide interest and are now considered a juvenile cultural phenomenon. Rare stickers (figurine) can reach very high prices on the collectors' market.

161. Bobby Moore

spall001 - Bobby Moore


The Spall Ball

Image courtesy of Russ Rimington

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Top Cup Teams

Unnumbered series of 12 cards, Issued over a three week period between 22 January to 5 February 1966.

Plastic wallet issued to accompany the series.

Size: (when cut 151x94mm)

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Footballers - Stand up

Coloured, unnumbered series of 10 press out figures. Issued as 2 sheets. Each figure is made to stand up by fitting a cross-piece into the slot at the players base. Presented free with "The Hotspur".

Size 105x42mm   PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

Presented free with

"The Hotspur"


Famous Football Clubs : Packet Issue

Black and white, numbered series of 24 famous football clubs. Tea Packet design.

Two printings recorded, with and without Red overprinting "Second Series"

Size: 115x47mm   PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

typh001 - West Ham United typh002 - Overstamped typh003 - Team Group

23. West Ham United

Any 12 Football Teams from the Packet Issue in this series could be exchanged

for one team group from the large size Premium Issue

(West Ham United Team Group shown below)

Any 12 from the above Packet Issue series could be exchanged for one team group and rosette

Coloured, unnumbered series of 24 famous football clubs. Premium Issue design.

Size:     PRICE GUIDE: £10.00


The Champion Book of Football Stars

16 page Booklet given free with comic.

Size: 217x124mm  PRICE GUIDE: £3.00

fleet006 - Lawrie Leslie fleet006 - Inside

West Ham's Lawrie Leslie on the cover

pamlin001 - Locomotive Pamlin Prints


Postcard : West Ham United B17/6 61672

In 1927 The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) commissioned Sir Nigel Gresley to design a steam locomotive for hauling passenger services on the Great Eastern Main Line. In a ten year period a total 73 of the Class B17 were built. In July 1937 Locomotive 61672 was built and served the railway lines between London and Cambridge, Ipswich and Norwich for 13 years. By September 1950 most of the surviving member classes were rebuilt with boilers that had increased pressure and were designated class B17/6, 25 such locomotives were also named after football clubs including West Ham United. By March 1960 none of the class had survived into preservation, a few football clubs were presented with the name plates after the locomotives were scrapped. The name plate was photographed outside the old West Stand and was on display up until 2001 when the ground was redeveloped.


Jimmy Bloomfield


Stand Up Footballer

Corriere001 - Moore 1966-67 Season 1964-65 Season 1966 World Cup redd001 - Bobby Moore


International Footballers of Today

Coloured, numbered series of 25 caricatures. Inscribed on reverse "Issued by Reddish Maid"

Size 63x35mm  PRICE GUIDE: £7.50

9. Bobby Moore

Descriptive back:

England captain and World class Half Back, Bobby Moore led his "Hammers" to victory in European Cup Winners Cup last season.

Typhoo tea was launched in 1903 by John Sumner Jr. of Birmingham. Sumner’s criteria for choosing his brand name was, it had to be distinctive and would trip off the tongue. The name Typhoo derives from the Chinese word for “doctor”.


Typhoo was the first brand of tea to be sold pre-packaged rather than loose over the counter. In order to encourage his customers to purchase his tea Sumner inserted circulars into the tea packets to highlight its benefits. The company introduced cards on the side of their tea packets from the 1920s onwards on a variety of subjects like wild flowers, British history and characters from Shakespeare.


Football cards first appeared on the packets in 1963, and for the 1969-70 season Bobby Moore was one of a series of 24 International Football Stars. The quality and condition of these clipped from packet collectables, depends very much on the person who initially cut the cards. Some were cut neat to the borders with the accompanying text, while others were just snipped around the player only. Collectors were encouraged to return to Typhoo any 12 from the series in exchange for a larger colour version of your chosen player.


Italy flag Italy flag


Famous Footballers (Series A13)

Numbered series of 50 portraits of famous footballers with facsimile autographs to base. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size 66x35mm

barr041 - Geoff Hurst barr042 - Martin Peters

19. Geoff Hurst

22. Martin Peters

thom042 - Comic

West Ham United issued with "The Honet" No.124 dated 22 January 1966

thom042 Top Team thom042 Top Team back puma001 Postcard


Postcard : West Ham United

coll006 - Geoff Hurst




Famous Football Clubs - 2nd Series : Premium Issue

typh006 - Rosette typh003 - Redemption



unico001 - Bobby Moore Peru flag

274. Bobby Moore - England

Los Ases De Londres (The Aces of London)

unico004 - Album unico001 unico002

Coloured numbered series of 276 stickers. This collection was issued in Peru by Te Unico (Tea). The series depicts the World Cup History from 1930 until 1966

251. Los Campeonatos Mundiales

(The World Championships)

267. El Mindial de Londres

(The London World Cup)