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1962 FIFA World Cup : Chile ...

The 1962 FIFA World Cup was the 7th FIFA World Cup. It was held from 30 May to 17 June 1962 in Chile. Teams representing 57 national football associations from all six populated continents entered the competition, with its qualification process beginning in August 1960. Fourteen teams qualified from this process, along with the host nation Chile and defending champion Brazil, for the finals tournament.

Teams: 16

Date: 30 May 1962 to 17 June 1962

Final: 17 June 1962

Matches: 32

Goals Scored: 89 (average 2.8 per match)

Attendance: 893,172 (average 27,912)

Winner: Brazil

Runners-Up: Czechoslovakia

Third: Chile

Fourth: Yugoslavia

Best Player: Florian Albert - Hungary


Campeonato Mundial de Futbol 1962

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149. Malcolm Musgrove

150. Johnny Byrne

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