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1961-62 Season Memorabilia ...

Great Moments of Sport


Coloured numbered series of ?? cards. These were cut-outs from Quaker Oats cereal packets and are very scarce.

Size 76x62mm


22.  Bolton Wanderers v. West Ham United

1923 F.A. Cup Final Wembley

fisher001 - WHU v. WBA



West Ham United v. West Bromwich Albion 3-3

Boleyn Gorund 11 November 1961


Goal the Soccer Card Game

Coloured, anonymous football card game. Action pictures of famous clubs. Two printings are recorded (see also 1963-64 season)  distinguished on the reverse by two shades of green colouring (Olive and Bright Green) and also the "ball" image printed upside down. Rounded corners.

Size 88x58mm

pepys002 box pepys002

Olive Green Back


Famous Footballers (A9)    

Coloured, numbered series of 50 portraits of famous footballers with facsimile autographs to base. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size: 66x35mm

barr032 Phil Woosnam lol001 - Johnny Byrne

LQL (Chile)

World Cup 1962

Coloured, small paper insert. Issued for the 1962 World Cup Finals.


Photos of World Cup Stars

Black and White varnished photographs. Unnumbered series of 20 anonymous plain backs. Exchanged for tokens printed on Quaker Oats cereal packets.

Size 138x83mm

PRICE GUIDE: £20.00 - Extremly Rare Autographed example £300.00

quak002 BOND John

John Bond

212. Johnny Byrne

27. Phil Woosnam

quak003 - Magazine advert 1962-63 Season 1960-61 Season

Editora J. D. Campos (Spain)

Campeonato Mundial de Futbol 1962

Anonymous unnumbered plain-backed

Editora001 - Johnny Byrne Editora001 - Johnny Byrne back Editora001 - Album

Johnny Byrne

Spain flag Chile flag


editor002 - Johnny Byrne editor002 - Johnny Byrne back

Johnny Byrne

coll002 - Woosnam coll003 - Team Group



Black and white team groups and player portraits issued in 1962 in a series of 50 postcards.

Prices range from 1/- each (5p), 10 for 7/- (35p) and the complete set for 30/- (£1.50)

Size 139x88mm

PRICE GUIDE: £5.00 each

260 Nationale en Internationale Voetlbalclubemblemen

Coloured, series of 260 cards. First released as 78 cards in 1959 (no West Ham) the series was extended to 200 and by the time this 3rd set was released the set reached 260.

The West Ham United card 227 was also featured in the '300' series in 1963.

Size: 30x26mm


Please note:

These cards first appeared in 1959 as a series of 78 cards and this was further extended to 200. In 1962 the cards totalled 260 and a year later reached 300.

Each series can be identified by the information printed on the backs of the small cards ie '200' , '260' or '300'

theo001 Netherlands flag

227. West Ham United