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1960-61 Season Memorabilia ...


Famous Soccer Clubs

Numbered series of 72. Wax paper issue depicting club colours and crest. Given with "Bellboy" Bubble Gum. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size 67x45mm   PRICE GUIDE: £2.00


6. West Ham United

leaf001 - Noel Cantwell



Black and white, unnumbered series of 30 portraits or Portrait / Caricarture cards. Plain, anonymous backs.


Famous Footballers    

SERIES A8 : Coloured, numbered series of 50 portraits of famous footballers with facsimile autographs to base. Album issued to accompany the series.

barr030 Woosnam & Brown

29. Phil Woosnam                            50. Ken Brown


Tiger Album of Football Club Badges


12 page booklet with spaces for 110 numbered club badges.

Issued and cut from gummed sheets inscribed "Tiger".

106. West Ham United


Newfooty was the fore-runner to the popular Subbuteo Table Soccer game, and can lay claim to being the original finger flicking table soccer game. The concept was first produced in 1929 by William Keeling.

The game played with self-righting men quickly became popular with football enthusiasts of the time. The comprehensive rules were based on those of Association Football and formulated with the object or reproducing as closely as possible the events of the football field.

Newfooty was also a bitter rival to Subbuteo in the 1950s, and advertised itself as "the Original Game". There was certainly the feeling that Peter Adolph creator of “Subbuteo” had borrowed heavily from Newfooty when producing his own table top game. The games looked pretty similar in the 1950’s, with regard to the size of the pieces and the methods of play.

In both cases the players were made of card and slotted into curved bases. The card figures from Newfooty seemed to be a simple attempt to add some 3-D to the style of game as the figures had an action pose, oppossed to the ‘Stan-up’ Subbuteo figures which illustrated a front and rear view of the player.

Table Soccer

Newfooty figures Newfooty Handbook Newfooty Advertisement nech002 - Malcolm Musgrove


Paper Trade

1961-62 Season 1959-60 Season BellBoyalbum soccer clubs series 1


Commencing on 30 November 1960, the Evening Standard newspaper told the story of the Hammers in 50 picture format strips. The artist, Gary Keane depicts the story from their early development as Thames Ironworks, and concludes with the Second Division promotion winning campaign of 1958.

The 132 pictures consisted of either two or three pictures per strip and issued from 50 consecutive issues of the newspaper. The strips had to be cut and pasted into the appropriate spaces within the album which was priced at One Shilling (10p in today’s money).

It is interesting to note that some of the strips are on pink newsprint instead of the usual white, indicating that they were from the old evening 'classified' edition that was on sale a couple of hours after the matches played on the Saturday afternoon.

The West Ham United Story

The West Ham Story album