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1958-59 Season Memorabilia ...

whu5859tg abc001 - John Bond abc002 - Malcolm Allison abc003 - Noel Cantwell


Footballer 1958/59 (Series 1)

Numbered series of 46 cards (1-46). Head and shoulder portraits with club crest.

Front inscribed at top "Send your name... to Planet Ltd" Reverse printed in BLACK and RED.

Size: 94x64mm    PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

15. John Bond

39. Malcolm Allison

Footballers 1958/59 (Series 2)

Numbered series of 46 cards (47-92). Head and shoulder portraits with club crest. Front inscribed at top "Send your name... to Planet Ltd" Reverse printed in BLACK and RED.

Size: 94x64mm      PRICE GUIDE: £4.00

79. Noel Cantwell

 (Planet Address at top)

Footballers 1958/59 (Series 1)

(without Planet address...)

Numbered series of 46 cards (1-46). Head and shoulder portraits with club crest.

Without the "Planet inscription at top" Reverse printed in BLUE and RED.

Size: 94x64mm    PRICE GUIDE: £2.00

abc004 John Bond abc005 Malcolm Allison

15. John Bond

39. Malcolm Allison


Cards from FOOTBALLERS 1958/59 (Series 2)

were NOT issued without the Planet address at the top.


If you see the Noel Cantwell card for sale, without the Planet Address it will be the Series 1 card trimmed


Famous Footballers (1958)    


SERIES A6 : Black and White, numbered series of 60 portraits of famous footballers with facsimile autographs to base. Album issued to accompany the series.

Size 66x35mm    PRICE GUIDE: £5.00

8. John Bond                              9. Vic Keeble

Coloured, numbered series of 48 team groups. Anonymous series, inscribed on reverse "2-4 Scutton Street, London E.C.2." Special album issued to accompany the series.

Size 97x50mm


Soccer Teams : Soccer Bubble Gum

merry002 - Team group merry002 - Team group back

Soccer No.2 Series

20. West Ham United


Coloured, unnumbered series of large Action transfers.

Size: 175x100mm

Action Transfers

bail001 Transfer

West Bromwich Albion v. West Ham United


letts001 - John Bond


Diary Page



Football Teams

Black and white team group, anonymous ununmbered series of 28.

Issued with "The Tiger" magazine in pairs or as blocks of four. Caption followed by "1958-59"

Size: 115x89mm



Facsimile Autograph Sheet


1959-60 Season 1957-58 Season

The Bailey family have been involved with the ceramic transfer industry since 1948 when Kenneth Bailey started the company of K.H.Bailey & Sons Ltd. The company continues to this day as Bailey Decal Ltd and is still owned and run by the family.

bail002 - WHU v. Chelsea Transfer

West Ham United v. Chelsea

Soccer Bubble Gum album 1958-59

Club Issue Team Group

The name Letts has been synonymous with diaries since the beginning of the nineteenth century.  In  1796, the founder, John, established a stationery business in the arcades of London's Royal Exchange.


The merchants and traders who frequently purchased stationery items from this shop needed a means of recording the movements of stock and controlling their finances.  John Letts responded to the needs of his merchant customers in 1812 by creating the world's first Commercial Diary.


The diary soon established itself as an essential feature of commercial life.  The rapid refinement of the product, with the introduction of detailed information sections, meant that by the 1820's the first modern style diary ranges were published.

mavd004 - Noel Cantwell mavd004 - Noel Cantwell back mavd002 - John Bond mavd002 - John Bond back

In 1958 a set of fifty Cardmaster football Tips were issued with Bubble Gum by the Master Vending Machine Company Ltd.

Number twenty six featured John Bond. The card gave no information about the player apart from the name of his club -

instead it offered advice on "How to take the ball".

"If it is a ground ball, don't stop it but take it in your stride or kick it as it comes. If it is a high ball and if opponents are near, head it away from danger. Otherwise receive it on the chest bent back or trap it and clear. Low balls in the air should be received in the stomach well back or on the chest bent forward. Either of these will bring the ball down at your feet. Then initiate an attack."


John Bond left the Hammers to play for Torquay United and went on to manage Bournemouth - he guided them to promotion from Division Four in 1971 – Norwich City, Manchester City, Burnley, Swansea City, Birmingham City and Shrewsbury Town.


Cardmaster Football Tips

26. John Bond

47. Noel Cantwell

mavd001 - Noel Cantwell mavd001 - Noel Cantwell back mavd003 - John Bond mavd003 - John Bond back

41. John Bond

16.  Noel Cantwell

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Stars of Sport and Entertainment

18. John Dick

Black and white numbered series of 48 cards. Issued in horizontal strips of 4.

Two series each numbered 1-24 (48) inscribed on reverse with either "Presented with

The (Rover or Hotspur) The Famous Boys Paper"

John Dick was issued on Sheet 5 with The Rover issue number 1741, dated 8 November 1958

thom031a - John Dick

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

World Footballers of Tomorrow

Black and white sheets of gummed stickers given away with Adventure, 42 sportsman to be cut from the sheet, along the printed dotted lines and stuck in it's place in the album.

25 footballers plus 17 stars from the 1958 Empire & Commonwealth Games, held in Cardiff.

Issued with Adventure during March and April 1959.

thom030b - World Footballers of Tomorrow Album thom030 - John Bond thom030a - Phil Woosnam


Roy of the Rovers Annual

12 cut-out League Club Badges. Size when cut 54x52mm

fleet001B Roy of the Rovers Annual 1958 - League Club Badges fleet001A

TIP TOP (Malta)

Football - Series A

MT-flag tipt001 - WHU v Norwich tipt001 - WHU v Norwich back

Series of 25 highly collectable black and white action images.

Size 73x45mm : Price Guide £15.00

The Tip Top Sales Company Valletta - Malta was set up by Joseph Xuereb.

Born in Valletta in 1931, Mr. Joseph Xuereb emigrated to Canada in 1950. Upon his return to Malta in 1956, he opened a small shop in Valletta selling souvenirs and Tip Top was founded that year.

21. West Ham United v. Norwich City

soiree001 - Front soiree001 - Back

Coloured, numbered series of 48 Famous Footballers.


Famous Footballers


37. Noel Cantwell

Image courtesy of Trevor Cotterell


Playfair's Football Annual 1958-59

playfair002 - Cover playfair001 - Team Group