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City Bakeries (Glasgow)

Football Club Shields

Paper item, gold framed, two sided footballer "cards" Colour to front, Black and White picture and text to reverse.  Originally published in booklet form.

Size when cut: 82x72mm    PRICE GUIDE: £50.00

city001 - West Ham United city001A - West Ham United

At the beginning of the 20th Century, City Bakeries Ltd was one of Glasgow’s leading chains of bakeries and tea-rooms. Based in St George’s Road in the heart of the City. The Company ran a recreation ground with putting green, bowling greens and tennis courts. There were social events, theatre outings and a crafts club.

Similar it would seem, if not on such a grand scale as that envisage by Thames Ironworks founder Arnold Hills with his West Ham federated clubs. Arnold Hills’ Memorial Grounds were regularly used for Sports Meetings including cycling and motorcycle races which would often attracted crowds in excess of 16,000.

By the 1930s City Bakeries had more than sixty branches and, besides Lyons tea rooms, was the largest retail baker in Britain. Over a six-year period Glasgow’s top bakers issued a series of 300 ‘Football Club Shields’ with their pastry delights which helped fuel the “Flicksy” card crazy, where children would flick their cards against a wall to see which bounced back the furthest and therefore to win the game and the cards thrown. Inevitably many of these shield-shaped game cards today would be found in poor condition, but will still set you back the best part of £50 for the West Ham versions.