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In between the two World Wars “Boys Magazine” was one of a number of weekly story papers produced for boys aged between 8 and 16. Magazines from this period were often referred to as Penny Dreadful or Tuppenny Blood a term derived from the cover price (one or two old pennies) and normally printed on cheap pulp newsprint with a coloured front cover. Other ‘story papers’ to appear in Britain around the same time include Nelson Lee, The Magnet and The Gem. These magazines all featured short stories with illustrations in serial form, with little or no factual articles.


The West Ham United and Liverpool sepia team groups were part of a series of 24 teams published by DC Thomson and given free with “Boys Magazine” in March 1930. The two clubs shared the points on offer that season with Liverpool winning 3-1 at Anfield and the Hammers exacting revenge by 4-1 at the Boleyn Ground. West Ham striker Victor Watson scored in both games and ended the 1929-30 campaign as leading First Division goalscorer with 41 goals, helping the Hammers into seventh place with The Reds finishing in twelfth spot. By the end of the 20th century, many of these magazines had become collector's items. From being worthless paper, the magazine and free gift are becaming highly collectable.

Great Goalies

1929-30 Season Memorabilia ...


The Champion Album of Famous Footballers

Sepia inset pictures cut from sheets and inserted into special album, issued to accompany the series. Pictures were cut to fit into the various shaped insets within the album, hence the irregular shape of the Hufton image.

Size:     PRICE GUIDE: £7.00

amal004 - cutouts


Photo's of Football Stars

Sepia, numbered series of 25 cards. Inscribed on reverse "Smoke Trawler. Critic. Club Member. Casket Cigarettes"

Size: 68x37mm    PRICE GUIDE: £75.00

patt013 - Edward Hufton


Famous Footballers Series

boys009 - Stanley Earle boys010 - WHU and Liverpool

10. Stanley Earle


Famous Footballers Series

4. A.E. Hufton

Sepia gravures, unnumbered series of 24 team groups, issued as 2 teams per sheet.

Plain backs, inscribed to front "Presented with Boys Magazine". Given free with issue No419 March 15, 1930

Sheet Size: 204x152mm   PRICE GUIDE: £20.00

boys009 back


A Series of Sporting Celebrities

Sepia, numbered series of 27 photographic cards. Depicting sporting celebrities. Inscribed on reverse "Issued by Simonets Ltd. Cigarette Manufacturers Jersey C.I."

Size: 67x34mm  PRICE GUIDE: £20.00

sits001 - Syd Puddefoot

9. S. Puddefoot

1930-31 Season 1928-29 Season Champion Album

Great Goalies

London Favourites

Wizards of the Wing

Boys Magazine Comic

Series of 12 cigarette type cards. Issued free with 'Boys Magazine' over a 12-week period starting October 1929. The Stanley Earle card was inside issue No.406 dated 12 December 1929