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1924-25 Season Memorabilia ...


Black and white, numbered series of 96 photographic cards, Series F.B. Inscribed on reverse "These Copyright Photos are issued with Casket Cigarettes Sweet and Mild"

Size: 69x40mm

Football Series F.C.

patt008 - Young patt010 - Kay captain


Young Left Full Back


Edwards Outside Right


Kay Captain & Centre Half


Capewell Aston Villa

v. West Ham United

The Triumph 1st Division English League Photo-Album


Slate blue tinted Series of 1st Division Team Groups issued in booklet form comprising teams from the 1924/25 season.


amal001 Team Triumph Photo Album


Famous Footballers - First Series

Coloured, numbered series of 50 portraits of famous footballers.

Anonymous issue grey-brown front with player profile printed in brown on reverse.

Size: 63x38mm

batc001 - William Thirlaway batc002 - George Kay batc003 - Victor Watson batc004 - John Tresadern

7. William Thirlaway

19. George Kay

25. Victor Watson

31. John Tresadern

butr001 - Team Group


Islanders Fags - Special Clubs

Coloured, numbered series of 50 team group cards. Matt fronts, with anonymous back. Inscribed to reverse "Islanders Fags Special Clubs"

Size: 70x46mm


Comptons (Gravy Salt)

comp001 - Colour comp001 - Colour back

Coloured, numbered series of 22 cards. Descriptive backs, inscribed "Comptons Gravy Salt"    

The history of the Comptons Gravy Salt brand goes back many years and was originally manufactured by the Sheffield based Carters of Attercliffe Road in the early 1920’s before being taken over by Bonds of London & Penguin Confectionary and subsequently moved to Carlisle, Cumbria in 1994.

These highly collectable football cards were released in 1924 and were printed over several series. The three West Ham United cards if you can find them were issued in “Series A, B & D”. One card was given free inside special tins and packets and in turn the cards could be saved up and exchanged for a gift. Umpteen Sunday dinners and Thirty cards later would get you a Pocket Knife, Tennis Ball or even a Hair comb in a case. At auction the cards can now command a hefty £45 each, how much for a comb or tennis ball?

In 2004 Teasdales Confectionary bought the Comptons brand, the condiments and seasonings company that has been on the lips of great Sunday dinner chef’s for over 80 years relocated in Carlisle. Unsurprisingly, the chief use of Comptons gravy salt is for making wonderful, rich-tasting gravy.

1925-26 Season 1923-24 Season

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd


Black halftones with gilt borders, unnumbered anonymous series of 8 portraits. Inscribed on reverse "Presented with The Vanguard". Given free with issue No.50 dated 20 September 1924

Size: 91x67mm

thom013 - Syd Bishop

22. West Ham United


Cricket & Football Cards

Coloured, unnumbered series of 108 cards on a white background of which 54 relate to cricket and 54 to football. Only eight basic designs were used. Back inscribed "Buy Battock's Cards and save the set".


Back inscriptions


"Battocks Football & Jersey Cards"

"Battocks Painting & Crayoning Competition"

"Cover cards"

"Guessing Numbers"

"Save Battock's cards"

"Skimmer cards"

"Snap cards"

"We will send you a football or jersey"

batt001 - Jersey card front batt001 - Jersey card back


Paper Trade

Paper Trade 01

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Adventure Album : Great Players of Today

thom009 - Cup Fighters 1925 thom009 - Cup Fighters 1925 back

Adventure Album : The Cup Fighters of 1925

Coloured booklet Presented with "Adventure" magazine on 17 January 1925

Part 1 in a series of 3 issued over consecutive weeks.

Coloured booklet Presented with "Adventure" magazine on 31 January 1925

Part 3 in a series of 3 issued over consecutive weeks


Syd Bishop

George Kay

Part 2. 'Star Footballers of 1925' - No West Ham United content

thom010 - Team Group thom010a - Cover