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The Manchester firm of J.A. Pattreiouex, later a part of Gallaher Ltd, produced various sets of interest to the football follower. Hundreds of photographic cards of footballers were produced around the mid to late 1920's. This was really a composite set, with series lettered F, FA, FB and FC, which suggests that the cards were issued over a considerable period. The picture quality is rather monotonous - black and white with a brownish tinge - and the selection of photographs is somewhat peculiar, but there is such a wealth of material that the set is very collectable.

Football Series F

Sepia, unnumbered series off 144 picture stamps. Issued in envelopes as 12 adhesive paper sheets of 12 sportsmen. Envelope inscribed "Boys Magazine". Special album issued, titled "Football & Sports Favourites and Sports Fan Photo Stamp Album.

Size: When cut along dotted line each picture is about 40x40mm.

PRICE GUIDE: £8:00 - Rare

boys001 - William Cope



Black and white, numbered series of 242 photographic cards, Series F. Inscribed on reverse "These Real Photos of Famous Footballers are issued with Casket Cigarettes"


patt001 - W James patt002 - West Ham Team

F.74 William James

Size 69x40mm


F.218 West Ham United

Size 79x58mm


patt003 - WHU v. Southampton

Football Series FA

F.A. 77

West Ham pressing Southampton in Cup Tie 1923

Black and white, numbered series of 96 photographic cards, Series F.A. Inscribed on reverse "These Copyright Photos are issued with Casket Cigarettes Sweet and Mild"

Size: 69x40mm     PRICE GUIDE: £7.00

sppi002 - East London


Paper Cut-out


Footballers and Sportsmen


Sepia, unnumbered series of 64 pictures. Inscribed on front "Presented with Boys' Magazine" Issued as 16 sheets of 4 pictures.

Sheet size 142x92mm, size when cut 71x46mm     PRICE GUIDE: £4.00

Syd Puddefoot - Falkirk,

Featured in a West Ham shirt

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Postcard : Brighton v. West Ham United

F.A. Cup Second Round 1-1



Issued with the "Racing and Football Leader" Periodical 24 April 1923 on the occassion of West Ham United reaching the first F.A. Cup Final at Wembley Stadium

West Ham's Wonderful Cup Fighting Team

amal001 Shea


Famous Football Captains

Black and white glossy photographs, numbered series of 66, of which only 62 relate to football. Inscribed on reverse "Presented with THE CHAMPION"

Size 70x44mm    PRICE GUIDE £1.00

53. Danny Shea

Although playing for Fulham when this set was released, Shea is shown wearing a West Ham United shirt.

Button 1923 FA Cup

1923 F.A. Cup Final

Wembley Stadium


Associated with the First ever

Cup Final at Wembley Stadium

On 3rd February 1923 Brighton & Hove Albion met the Hammers in an FA Cup tie at the Goldstone Ground. Before each home game, various sections of the crowd were treated to the sight of a familiar character, carrying a camera and a wooden board, approach them. He would stop, set up his camera and then proceed to place the board with an identifying number on the wooden fence, against which the crowd were now pressing. He would return to his camera and release the shutter. He would then repeat the procedure at another part of the ground, shooting a fresh group of victims. Days after the game numerous shops displayed a selection of postcards of the crowd, on sale for a few (old) pence. The photographer, G.A. Wiles was active in Brighton just before and after the First World War leaving the Seagulls one of the most photographed football clubs of the period.

Cricketers and Footballers

D.C. THOMSON & Co. Ltd

Black glossy photographs in an unnumbered series of 145, of which 8 relate to cricketers. Anonymous issue given free with "The Rover". Framelime on reverse, issued as pairs.

Size: 70x45mm (when cut 45x35mm)     Price Guide: £3.00 - when cut £0.70

thom001 - Victor Watson thom002 - Jack Tresadern

Vic Watson / ?


Issue No.23

5th August 1922


Jack Tresadern / McCandless : Rangers


Issue No.35

28th October 1922


1923-24 Season 1921-22 Season


The Real Photograph Post Card

The Real Photograph Post Card (RPPC) is a cross-over point where the collection of old photographs and post card collection meet. Essentially the RPPC has a photograph on one side and a postcard back. The photographic image might be of anything, but the most common subjects are views, portraits and events.


After the picture postcard was introduced on 1st September 1894, commercial photographers offered clients an option to have their portraits or other prints on photographic paper, the back of which was pre-printed as a postcard.

It would seem that the client (Victor Watson) permitted such use as a post card. The card reverse shows that the photographic paper used is from a roll with pre-printed postcard back. As in this case (K Ltd) Kodak photographic paper manufacturer.

K Ltd

kltd001 - Victor Watson (front) kltd001 - Victor Watson (back)

Victor Watson

December 23, 1922

Images courtesy of Trevor Cotterell