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1920-21 Season Memorabilia ...


Famous Figures Series

buns001 - Percy Allen

Bunsen Confectionery Co. Was based at Victoria Park, London. Possibly some of the rarest and most highly valued individual trade cards today.

They issued a large set of cards depicting players from all London Football League Clubs, including a few non-league teams. Included within the subject range are Boxers,  Australian and English Cricketers, but it is the Footballers who command the highest value when coming to Auction.


Sepia photograph, number 646 in a series of Famous Figures of the time. Inscribed on reverse "Presented with the Compliments of The Bunsen Confectionery Company. "ALWAYS PLAY THE GAME"

Size 64x39mm   PRICE GUIDE: £90.00

buns002 - Hampson buns003 - Leafe buns004 - Robinson buns005 - Ruffell

646. P.W. Allen

653. T. Hampson

663. A.R. Leafe

675. L. Robinson

687. J. Ruffell

Images courtesy of Tony Dodd

phgo001 Team Group phgo002 - Silk Large

Two variations of this team group exist, with and without the year season. There are thought to be 86 different 'redemption' team groups issued and as expected they are EXTREMELY  RARE

Size 180x127mm   PRICE GUIDE: £350

BDV Silks issued in two sizes.

Size Large: 150x100mm    Size Small: 68x47mm

PRICE GUIDE: £8.00 large  £4.00 small

“Cigarette Silks” are woven lithographs and were issued with their popular BDV cigarette brand, initially made to attract the new market of female smokers who would collect these colourful images and sew them together creating pillows or quilt covers. Although there were many different subject matters the outbreak of World War One saw the rise in themes such as Military Badges, Regimental Colours, Uniforms, Medals and Warships became the order of the day especially for the male smokers. By 1921 one of the last sets produced in this format was their football series entitled “League Colours” produced in two sizes with the larger version fetching £8 with the smaller equivalent half the value.

1921-22 Season 1919-20 Season


Football League Teams


BDV Silks : League Colours



The London based Godfrey Philips Ltd was founded in 1884 and was one of the first tobacco companies to issue cigarette cards to the UK market. Godfrey Philips were universally known as ‘Pinnace’ after a specific brand name. At the begining of the 1920’s the tobacco giants initially produced a set of 400 cards, but this rose to over 2462 by 1924. If you add in all the different varieties of cards, both error and team changes, they amount to well over 3000, making these probably one of the biggest series of football cigarette cards ever.

They were unusual in that they were produced in three different size – small, large and cabinet size. The cabinet size are the prized ones to collect as they were only availble with boxes of fifty cigarettes or in exchange for twenty-five of the smaller cards returned to the manufacture in reusable condition.


Bishop SMALL Bishop LARGE Bishop CABINET

Small size 45mm x 35mm issued inside a packet of 10 cigarettes.
















The backs tell us that in exchange for 25 of the small size you would receive a ‘Cabinet photo’ of one of the series of footballers and cricketers. or for 100 you could trade up for a League Team group which was nigh on impossible to find.



Large size 82mm x 58mm


The backs tell us that in exchange for 5 perfectly clean large cards a Cabinet photo will be sent. In exchange for 20 a group of any of the League Teams in the series will be sent.

Cabinet size 153mm x 101mm


These Cabinet sized cards are plain backed and extremley rare and command huge prices when they do become available

Small back Large back

Syd Bishop 'Pinnace' card - variation between the three sizes on offer

Black and white photographs in a numbered series of 2462. Five different backs are recorded for the small size, all inscribed to reverse "112 Commercial St. London E.1."

Series issued between 1922 - 23.


Size: Pinnace 45x35mm, Large 82x58mm, Cabinet 153x101mm


(Small) 45x35mm

In Exchange for 25 of these perfectly clean small cards a Cabinet size Photo of any one of the series of either Footballers or Cricketers will be sent by return.

Pinnace 01 Pinnace 02 Pinnace 03 Pinnace 04 Pinnace 05 Pinnace 06


'Pinnace: 941 - 2462 Footballers'

The 'higher number' cards are generally very rare and of much greater value than the 1-940 issues.


Pinnace 08 Pinnace 07 Pinnace050a - William Edwards 97 George Butcher (Luton Town) 98 James McCrae (Bury)

George Butcher : Luton Town                                                      James McCrae : Bury

Album Page

Pinnace001 - Charlton back Pinnace Album phgo000 - Album Page

Album Page


(Large) 82x58mm


In Exchange for 5 of these perfectly clean small cards a Cabinet size Photograph of any one of the 400 Photographs of the series will be sent Post Free.


(Cabinet) 153x101mm